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Top DJ controllers in 2017


To be a Dj is a wonderful profession, dedicating yourself to music and to mixing it as well. But if you choose this path in life and you are prepared to work hard in order to succeed you must search long and hard for the best type of equipment. The Dj controller will be the central piece of your mixing arsenal and if you are an inexperienced upstart then you need the advice of the best Dj controller reviews which will bring to your knowledge some top models.


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ProductSerato DJ SoftwareKey informationPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Pioneer DDJ-SX Digital Performance DJ Controller
Best Dj Controller reviews
Included8 soft-touch rubber controller/trigger pads$$$$$A+Amazon
Numark NS6 Professional DJ Controller
Serato ITCH includedTouch-sensitive 6-Inch illuminated platters$$$$AAmazon
Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V DJ Controller
NoIncluded Virtual DJ LE software$$$$B+Amazon
Numark Mixtrack Pro II USB DJ Controller
Serato DJ IntroIncludes Numark Remix Toolkit download$$$B+Amazon
Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller
Serato DJ IntroSupports MIDI over USB$$BAmazon



Pioneer DDJ-SX Digital Performance


Best Dj Controller reviewsFor professional DJs the Pioneer DDH is viewed as one of the best DJ controllers in 2017 because it gives out a 4 channel performance like no other. Deck and loop/sample can be activated through one of its 8 soft-touch rubber controller/trigger pads. The nicely designed jog wheels will also allow you to show your skills to a live audience or to practice the art of djing for when you will be at those huge live venues. And the Serato DJ software will definitely spice things up for you.



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Numark NS6 Professional


The top DJ controller reviews have been impressed with the results of the test they did on the Numark NS6. With it you will have at your disposal 6 illuminated platters which are touch sensitive with a superior resolution. Also a whole world of opportunities will open to you with the 24 bit digital which is integrated in the Numark NS6. The High Res MIDI will ensure you can connect it with no problem to a Mac or PC device. Improve your work speed with the strip search work navigation.



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Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V


When it comes to state-of-the-art DJ equipment Pioneer is a world renowned brand which has also developed the DDJ-ERGO-V DJ controller. From a first glance this controller looks set to impress with its very modern design which is compact as well so it is easily carried from venue to venue. The Virtual DJ LE software will see you mix your way into the dance floor making your name more and more known. You can simply charge it with a USB cable so you can play on the spot.



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Numark Mixtrack Pro II


The Numark Mixtrack Pro II has been very well reviewed by the best DJ controllers reviews which admire its top features for a very accessible price, perfect for an up and coming DJ who is at the start, which hopefully will be a very long and successful career. Your mix has to turn out the way you want it to be with the help of the dedicated FX and EQ fine tune controls. You will get the perfect grip for scratching with the illuminated platters. Connect a microphone to it to tell the crowd how you feel.



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Numark Mixtrack Pro



For your very first DJ controller the NUmark Mixtrack Pro is the one already accomplished DJs recommend so you get the hang of things and pick up more tricks as you go. Some have even gone so far as to name it one of the best DJ controllers in 2017. Put your mix together with this controller which will give you the ability to do the scratches you want or the effects you want. There are very few exceptions of DJ software which don’t work with this controller.



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