Best DJ Professional Headphones


What are the best headphones for DJs?


Finding the best headphones on the market is easy if you have been loyal to a particular brand. But there are actually even greater products out there that you haven’t heard about. And, trust me, once you learn about all of them, you will never go back to knowing just one brand again. I have listed here five of the best products I found. You can also check out the most popular headphones reviews and see that every single item I enlisted here has been mentioned.


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Headphones


1This is one of the most impressive headphone units ever. Its sonic performance is critically acclaimed by top audio engineers and professional audio reviewers. With the ATH-M50x, you can experience exceptional clarity of your audio files throughout an extended frequency range, coupled with a very deep and accurate bass response. According to the most popular headphones reviews, this is a very comfortable headphone to wear because of its circumaural design contours all around the ears, perfect for sound isolation.

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Pioneer HDJ-2000 Reference Professional DJ Headphones


2This magnesium set of headphones that produces excellent sound actually has a redesigned sound definition which now gives a fuller and clearer sound. The Pioneer HDJ-2000 has a very comfortable fit that can minimize fatigue especially when you use it for extremely long periods. It is very durable as well and can withstand demanding conditions and even touring. This headphone is designed for professional DJ use and is considered as one of the best DJ professional headphones.

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Shure SRH940 Professional Reference Headphones


3The silver appearance creates a really futuristic vibe that is fit for a unique professional DJ style. But this Shure SRH940 is more than just the look, it is also very functional, and that is why it is considered one of the best DJ professional headphones. It delivers accurate frequency response with minimal distortion and a very tight bass. The closed-back, circumaural design is very comfortable for the user and it makes for convenient storage and portability.

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Pioneer HDJ-1000K Limited Edition Professional DJ headphones


4If you are looking for a professional headphone which is tuned to produce more impact in the lower bass frequencies, the Pioneer HDJ-1000K is for you. It has been enhanced for better fit and maximum comfort with its easy fold-away structure design. There are two interchangeable cords in the headphones, providing it with free movement during use. With all its amazing qualities for a very affordable price, this is indeed one of the best headphones in 2017.

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Pioneer HDJ_1000G Limited Edition Professional DJ headphones


5The golden case is just a display of swag, perfect not just for professional DJs, but to any hip-hop inspired individual. Appearance is also a factor in this profession and that’s the reason why DJs are very particular with their looks. But more to its stylish design is the functionality that only a few brands exhibit. This HDJ-1000G headphone produces high quality sounds for a price that is very reasonable for its value.

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