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There are millions of American families that have two kids that need to be walked in the park or around the block. This is where a professional double stroller can deliver the much needed assistance. There are a lot of models currently available on the market which can become a great addition to any young family. Still, finding the right model for your children can be hard without the proper information. It is important to read some of the current best double strollers reviews which can point out the advantages and disadvantages of each of the top models available on the market.


Joovy Caboose double stroller


Best Double Strollers under $250If you are searching for one of the best double strollers under $200 then you should take a closer look on Caboose double stroller from Joovy. This model is lightweight, made out of durable materials and you will be able to manoeuvre it irrespective of the terrain. The stroller has an oversized canopy with a subtle visor extension and also three positions reclining front seat for added comfort and safety. It comes with a large storage basket and also an advanced parent organizer which allows you to take along various things. The stroller is also completed by 2 cupholders and an universal car seat base adapter.

“For my two beautiful twins I have this stroller from Joovy which is comfortable for my little ones and has also a lot of other intresting features. The basket is essential for me so I have enough room to take everything my babies need.” – Christina Morgan

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand double stroller


It’s time to talk quality and efficiency while walking your children around the neighbourhood or in the park! This is where one of the best double strollers under $150 can lend a helping hand: Baby Trend Sit N Stand, a model used with confidence by thousands of satisfied parents. The model is beautifully crafted and can safely accommodate two children. It is also accompanied by a parent tray with 2 cup holders where you can place coffee, juice and milk with ease. Furthermore in regards to safety standards, the stroller has a powerful 5 point safety harness system that keeps the little ones safe and secured.

“Baby magazines recommended this double stroller and after my two sons were born I decided to buy it. Evethough it has a lightweight frame it feels like a very strong stroller, taking the weight of my sons easily. It even comes with cup holders and a tray so some nice drinks and some snacks are always in front of them.” – Anne Robson

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Contours Options LT double stroller


According to the present user feedback, coming from thousands of American families it seems that one of the best double strollers under $250 is Contours LT, a model that impresses through its high quality design and functionality. With a lightweight design and weighing in only 33.8 pounds, the stroller includes an infant car seat adapter that fully accommodates the majority of the current infant car seats on the market. The model has a stadium style seating system which delivers a better view, with six distinct seating features thus letting your children come together. It is safe and comfortable; anywhere you want to walk your children.

“The Contours Options LT double stroller is both comfortable for my twins and at the same time it is easy to push around by me, plus very maneuverable. The front wheels have a suspension system so my little boys have a nice and smooth ride.” – Natalie Paul

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Joovy Ergo Caboose double stroller


It is time to walk your children in complete style and security! How? Well, get to know better Joovy Caboose double stroller and realise that this is the perfect way to walk your children. Strolling will be a lot easier with this double stroller, being completed with a patented rear platform. It has a completed padded rear seat which is quite comfortable to the little ones. The model includes a solid and large storage basket, accompanied by a reliable child tray with 2 cup holders. You can also fold the stroller with ease and no problems at all.

“This stroller is not your avarage one, having a very special design with some great advantages. These were the main reasons why I took it instead of other more popular models. So far it has proven to be very realiable and I really recommend it for other parents.” – Mary Portman

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Elixer stroller


One of the best double strollers under $250 is, according to thousands of dads and moms, Sit N Stand from Baby Trend, a model which seems to impress through its solid structure and functionality. You can place the younger child in the front while the older you can sit in the rear with no problems whatsoever. The device comes with a covered parent tray and also 2 cup holders where you can place milk or juice bottles. The double stroller from Baby Trend is equipped with a solid 5 point child restraint safety harness system for additional control and mobility features.

“The Baby Trend Elixer double stroller is a really solid stroller and has never created a problem for me or my infants when we go for a little stroll through the park. Safety comes first, the 5 point harness system being one of the reasons why I bought it.” – Laura West   

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