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In a rush? Don’t have the time to read detailed information about the best drum thrones? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer enough information for you to make a smart choice. We’ve gathered a lot of info in regards to the best drum thrones by analyzing the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, the sales figures, as well as what several expert review sites are saying about these models. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Gibraltar 9608-SF is the best, because it comes with a 5-inch cushion that’s comfortable and efficient. In actuality, the cushion of the Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne is thicker compared to other products that are available in the same line. The rubber foot support makes it impossible for the unit ever to lose stability. What’s more, this option is easily adjustable, as it features the same spindle system that one would get to see in a typical drum throne nowadays. If the Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne is out of stock, you could also consider the PDP By DW PDDT70 as it is the second best alternative.



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Buying guide


If you want to purchase a drum throne either for heavy drummers or beginners but have little to no idea about which features are crucial and which are not, you’ve come to the right place. We recommend you to have a look at the guide we’ve put together for your consideration as we have invested a lot of time and effort in collecting the right factors that should have an impact on your decision. Always remember that your needs and preferences have to come first and that you’re buying the drum throne primarily for yourself.

1.Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne


One of the first questions you ought to ask yourself is whether or not you’re prone to having long drumming sessions. Perhaps you’re just beginning your drumming journey and thus practice for around fifteen to thirty minutes per day. Why is this so important? The fact of the matter is that the longer the amount of time you sit on your drum throne, the more comfortable it needs to be. On this account, we recommend adequate padding and a backrest considering that these two can significantly decrease the strain you might feel on your back. The vast majority of ergonomic seats that are now available on the market are designed for bad backs and stage performers who have a long history of playing for hours on end. Whatever you do, if you have ever had back problems, don’t avoid choosing a drum throne that comes with a back rest attachment just because it isn’t cool or costs some more money. This feature can mean the world when it comes to preventing discomfort, particularly in the lower back area.




The sturdier the construction, the less likely it is for a drum throne to break ahead of its time. If you’re a bit on the heavy side but still want to feel comfortable while sitting on your drum throne, it sure wouldn’t hurt if you asked around, read some reviews and even went to a store and asked for the opinion of a consultant. The structure is crucial if you’re usually engaged in long sessions. Most models you will come across have legs that are made of metal. However, if the tripod structure isn’t the best one in the world, you’ll soon enough realize that you risk tripping or falling off the chair, in spite the fact that the legs are made of metal. Nothing can beat a good balancing system, which is why we recommend buying from well-known brands that have been in the industry for quite some time and actually have an idea of how it is to construct a good drum throne.

Stability also comes from the foot support. Does the product you’re thinking of buying come with a rubber foot support that allows you to avoid gliding on the floor and thus, prevent getting too close or too far from your drums?



Ease of use

Technically, there are models destined for short people and for tall people. However, this is mostly a myth. Sure, there’s a minimum and a maximum drum throne height that you can use to perform adjustments so that you can utilize the product for two or more different people. Nevertheless, there’s little to no chance of discovering a particular item that strictly speaks to a physical feature of a prospective buyer.

You simply must pay attention to details such as how easy it is for you to use the product in the first place and if you’re able to do the customization with as little effort as possible. Since it’s difficult to understand usability when shopping online, we recommend you go to a store and ask around and even give a ‘test drive’ to some models. If your time doesn’t allow you to go to a shop, it might be a good idea to at least read the many customer reviews the item has gathered. Sites such as Amazon and other online marketplaces can make the difference between an excellent product and a not-so-good one just by presenting the ratings of past buyers.

2.Pacific Drums and Percussion 700


Top rated options are so acclaimed for good reason. Even so, you need to consider that your requirements or personal preferences might differ from the ones of another drummer. When it comes to comfort, things mostly revolve around the cushion. The layer of plush, the sitting surface, the height of the cushion per se – all of these details matter and can be deal-breakers if you don’t take them into account from the beginning. Plus, when buying a drum throne for kids, you have to pay a lot of attention on the item safety.



Top drum thrones in 2017


Playing drums is actually very difficult and can only be mastered if you continue to practice hard day in and day out. You also must have the right position and this implies that you have to own a comfortable drum throne. If you go to any music shop you will be presented with a lot of different options but in order to have a heads up about certain thrones it is indicated that you invest a bit of time in reading the best drum throne reviews.



Gibraltar 9608-SFT


Best Drum Throne reviewsGoing for a professional drum throne will lead you to the Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne which gets a lot of recommendations from the top drum throne reviews. The high level of comfort is sustained by the 5 inch thick cushion which is actually thicker than most other thrones which come in its price range. The spindle height adjustment will spin its way into position so you have the perfect playing stance which won’t be uncomfortable one bit. Also the rubber foot support will not allow the throne to slide and lose stability.



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When it comes to popularity very few drum thrones compare to the sales figures of the Pacific Drums and Percussions 700 series drum throne. A top comfort level is brought to you for a very affordable price being one of the main reasons why it is such a successful model. The superior stability is also ensured by the metal legs which are double-braced. The legs also fold so you will easily find it a storage space. All its features and more give it the reputation of one of the best drum thrones in 2017.



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Cannon UP197


1.Cannon UP197 Drum Throne

If budget is an issue for you, you need to consider this model as quickly as possible. For one, it costs around sixty-five dollars, no matter the internet retailer you will choose for your purchase. Secondly, it features a heavy-duty padded seat that makes it a breeze for users to both feel comfortable and have enough stability. The seat has a diameter that measures 10 inches. It might be worth noting that the maximum weight allowed for this product is 150 pounds, which means that it is best used for youth or children. Since over 200 people think it’s worth every penny, the Cannon UP197 definitely looks like an option to consider.



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Mapex Double Brace


The best drum thrones reviews have been impressed with the Mapes Double Brace Thick Cushion which they think is an extremely reliable choice, which will help you concentrate on playing those drums of yours with a lot of energy. The cushion which incases its metal frame has 4 inches in thickness so you don’t feel uncomfortable one bit. Also extra stability is assured by the double brace stool base. You know it is a high quality drum throne because it comes with a 5 year warranty.



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DW Drum Workshop DWCP3100


Don’t miss out on a very comfortable drum throne by turning down the chance to buy the DWCP3100 model from Drum Workshop. This easy adjustable drum throne will go as high or as low as you want it to so you can play your drum set in the most comfortable position you can find. The sturdy metal frame with its three legs has a solid base so you don’t have any problems with its stability. The rubber feet will make it not slip on any surface. There is no doubt that it is one of the best drum thrones in 2017.



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Pork Pie Round Drum Throne – Not available


If you are uncomfortable then you can concentrate 100% on playing the drums and this way you won’t manage to give your best, but if you purchase the Pork Pie Round drum throne this problem will no longer be felt. The cushion which fits it will make sure you won’t have problems adjusting to it. Being fitted with double-braced legs which are made from durable metal will make sure this drum throne can support a lot of weight.