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If you’re here just  to find the best drywall sand and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have researched the best models on the market thoroughly, by reading customer reviews, expert opinions and running comparisons between different units based on price, features and other characteristics. According to our research, the best drywall sander on the market is the PORTER-CABLE 7800. While being very effective at what it does, it will not give you a good workout because it is more lightweight than similar models on the market. Weighing around 8.5 pounds, it is easy to carry around and see about your project. The model comes with a 13 foot vacuum hose, which gives you plenty of free range and the best part is that the hose prevents static for a thorough job. This drywall sander comes with its own hook and loop straps, so you do not have to purchase those separately. They make mounting the unit and using it really easy. If the PORTER-CABLE 7800 is not in stock anymore, we suggest trying the POWER PRO 2100, which is a close second.



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Buying guide


Purchasing a disc sander nowadays seems like a tricky endeavor, particularly if you’re one to have little to no experience in the field. We’ve decided to take the hassle out of your buying process and put together a guide that hopefully eliminates all the second thoughts you might have been having about using such a tool. Just remember, you should consider your needs and preferences. Take safety precautions and don’t refrain from using protective gear such as safety glasses and a dust mask. While it might look like a relatively safe activity, sanding can seriously damage your health, so be sure to protect yourself from inhaling dust. Check out the following tips if you want to learn how to sand drywall efficiently.1.PORTER-CABLE 7800


Sanders can be split into several categories depending on the type you prefer. We’ve seen that most of the models that can be found on the market today include types such as orbital, detail, finishing drum, belt, as well as detail sanders. It seems that, from the kinds we’ve just mentioned, finishing sanders are among the most versatile units, as is the case with detail sanders. The neat thing about these two is that they are extremely convenient, in that they can reach tight spaces and can be utilized for intricate work. These days, we’re witnessing the rise of electric drywall pole sanders, which are comfortable to use and have excellent performance, two of the reasons for which people are starting to prefer them over the other alternatives.



Ease of use

Most people don’t think that they’ll need the benefits of a sander when installing drywall. Soon enough, though, they come to the conclusion that it’s a crucial tool to have around the house, particularly if you take no pleasure in hiring a professional each time you have to repair the drywall in several rooms in your house. Regardless of whether you prefer to choose drywall corner sanders or drywall ceiling sanders, the bottom line is that your chosen model has to be easy to use. If you plan on purchasing the product online, you might have no chance of testing it, which is why we recommend going to a store and trying out a model before ordering it from an online retailer. Some people might not have enough time on their hands to have a talk with a consultant, in which case we recommend going through some drywall sander reviews.

Usability broadly refers to the weight of the product. If you’re looking for a fully functional yet compact alternative, we suggest a product of which the weight is around 8 pounds. This will allow you to operate it comfortably.



Weight and size

As previously mentioned, sometimes the weight of the drywall sander matters a great deal when it comes to ease of use. Believe it or not, you should also consider your physical features and capabilities before choosing a too heavy option. The lighter and more compact a unit, the less likely it is it has a lot of speed and power. Size is another detail to take into account if you’re feeling uneasy utilizing hefty, large appliances or tools.




There are two basic things you need to pay attention to if you want to get a really effective unit. One of them is power, which is expressed in watts. The higher the number of watts, the higher the performance of the model you might or might not be eyeing. The second factor is speed, expressed in rotations per minute. A drywall sander of which the speed is around 1000 to 2600 rpm is fit for tasks that have to be performed in a timely fashion. An example of a good power input is 800W, although some owners may find that they’re comfortable with 600W just as well.

2.ALEKO 690F

Price and recommendations

While many affordable units can be found for less than two hundred dollars, in our experience, many of the top-rated drywall sanders can be bought for as much as five hundred dollars. If you think that this price point is a little out of your budget, perhaps it’s a good idea to save some pennies in the long run and get a high-quality machine that you can use each time you have to perform any drywall repairs. Going through the owner feedback of a unit doesn’t cost you anything and gives you the opportunity to find out a lot in regards to the performance, convenience, and versatility of a model.

Some of the best drywall sanders are showcased below.



Top drywall sanders in 2018


When it comes to renovations around the house it comes as no surprise to see people trying to find the right tools for the job. After all the work is done, one important task is left: decorating the rooms with paint and drying off the respective paint in order to look appropriate and welcoming. This is where a professional drywall sander comes in handy and delivers high quality results. Getting information from the current best drywall sanders reviews will certainly guide you towards the most efficient product, capable of helping you get the job done fast.



Porter-Cable 7800


Every professional worker or engineer knows of the high quality power tools from Porter-Cable. The 7800 drywall sander is lightweight and carefully designed, making it ideal for woodworkers and interior decorators. The model comes with a 13-foot vacuum hose which fully dissipates static and reaches various places of the wall. Easy to use and manage, this drywall sander weighs only 8.5 pound for easy handling, irrespective of room’s characteristics. The device has hook-and-loop straps which can be mounted and handled with more accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, the model includes a sanding pad, a detailed instruction manual and also a long 13-foot vacuum hose.

“This is a great device to have after I am done painting the walls, so they dry much quicker. I’m glad I bought it cause it is very light and very easy to use, making the waiting time for the paint to dry to not take that long. It even has different speeds for different types of paint.” – John Walters


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If you are looking for a reliable drywall sander that helps you sand ceilings with great efficiency, this model is what you should put on top of the list. The handle extends up to 5.5 feet, so you will not have to strain yourself to the extreme when you are working on ceilings. The manufacturer includes a carrying case with your purchase, and even sanding paper, so you will be able to start using this machine right from the get go. The plastic used is high quality and durable and the aluminum parts keep weight to a minimum.


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This is one of the most popular units we’ve come across, and that should not be a surprise considering the number of capabilities it has. For one, it’s both lightweight and easy to use, all thanks to the head that can be swiveled with little to no effort, so that it can be used on corners and angles. This is a 600-watt option, so it’s among the most preferred alternatives for home and personal use. Since its variable speed can be set for anything from 450 RPM to 1,050 RPM, it’s safe to say that the ARKSEN 6FT is rather convenient.



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Aleko 690F


If you want a high quality and efficient drywall sander every time you work around the house, then you should consider using the Aleko 690F, a model appreciated for sturdy structure and cleaning features. Most of the latest best drywall sanders reviews underline the efficiency of this sander that comes with a solid blow case and maintains variable speed varying from 450 to 1050 rpm. It delivers an impressive power output of 520w which is more than enough to work fast and without unwanted interruptions. This model is lightweight, of a length of 70 in and 50 in, thus helping you reach various places without problems of any kind.

“The Aleko 690F drywall sander was a great acquisition from my part which has proven so helpful in more than one occasion. I was impressed by its quality to price ratio and this was the main thing that pushed me to purchase it.” – Scott Lawrence


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Aleko 690E


It’s time to complete your workshop with a high quality drywall sander, capable of improving the quality of the home construction projects. Today, thousands of people are using with confidence the Aleko 690E drywall sander, a model featuring a powerful heavy-duty industrial motor which seems to fully get the job done. The device delivers precise and variable speed of 1000 to 2000 rpm speed, ideal for any project particularities, from the delicate one to the harder ones. It comes with a power input of 600W and also 6 sander discs in order to accommodate various obstacles during jobs. The model also has a 14 feet hose, thus letting you reach previously inaccessible places.

“After using the Aleko 690E on many jobs in the past months I can vouch for its quality and its smooth operation. It comes with a lot of useful gadgets, like 6 different discs, a long 14 m hose which can get anywere and all for a very affordable price.” – Richard Moyse


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Aleko 690D


Many people search to use a powerful and advanced drywall sander during various construction projects around the house. Yet, finding the best one may be pretty difficult without the right incentive. According to the present customer reviews and various technical reports it seems that the Aleko 690D drywall sander delivering and maintaining speeds of 1000-2600 rpm per minute. It has a power input of 800 w and weighs only 8Lb and incorporates 6 sanding discs, which enhances the quality of the work at hand. Lightweight and easy to manage, this sander is the right power tool to use during distinct jobs.

“ Reading a lot of reviwes about drywall sanders lead me to this model from Aleko, which I bought for myself. The overall weight is just 8 pounds so it is easy to carry around with me from place to place and the 800 W input power is something special as well for this price range.” – Luke Boyd


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Sky Enterprise USA 710 – Not available


The majority of the latest best drywall sanders reviews underline the efficiency of the Sky Enterprise USA 710, a model which allows you to get any job done around the house without problems. This advanced drywall sander will permit you to get the job done in a short period of time without having to create afterwards additional clean-up process. With a solid and durable aluminum frame and light-weight and a precise head that manages to swivel in order to reach even the hardest angle and corners. It is easy to hold and is accompanied by a screwdriver, vacuum hose and six round sanding pads for extra comfort while working.

“I know the advantages a reliable drywall sander brings and this is the reason why I invested in this particular one. Even though it has a very affordable price it comes with some excellent features, like variable speeds and a light aluminum frame.” – Andrew Parker