Best Dual Alarm Clock radio reviews


Top Dual Alarm Clock radios in 2018


Are you having trouble waking up on time? Still haven’t found a reliable alarm clock? Well look no more! Below are some of the best alarm clocks that are guaranteed to wake you.  These also incorporate a built in FM radio and other features like music players. You no longer have to wake up to a boring alarm buzzer! If you are always stressed out about being punctual, then the Best Dual Alarm Clock radio reviews will surely alleviate some of that tension. Below you will find five of the best models available on the market. Take a look and decide which best fits your needs!


HMDX JAM ZZZ  HX-B510PU Wireless Alarm Clock


Best Dual Alarm Clock radio reviewsThe JAM ZZZ Bluetooth Bedside Sound System has a connection range of up to 30 feet. It can work with most Bluetooth devices such as your smartphone, tablet or PC. Apart from the Clock and alarm clock function, you can use it to listen to Fm radio as well. It has a gradual wake option that makes the alarm gradually get louder and louder until you are up to eventually turn it off. The Best Dual Alarm Clock radio reviews also mention that the Jam ZZZ has a built-in speaker and microphone which, when connected to your phone, allow you to receive calls.

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Jensen JCR-310 Dual Alarm Clock Radio


As a Top rated Dual Alarm Clock radio in 2018, this Jensen model has a sleek design and wired speaker connectivity. It is small, measuring five by five inches, and it weighs only 4 pounds, making it very portable. It is a sleep timer as well as a radio. The tuning for AM & FM frequencies is digital and with a relatively large LCD to display the numerals. If you don’t like the conventional alarm tones, you can also wake up to your favorite CD.

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Timex Decorative XBBU Dual Alarm Clock


The Timex decorative XBBU clock gives you the option to set dual alarms for two separate wake times. You can now set the alarm and not worry about it; the auto repeat option will cause it to ring after every 24 hours. The programmable snooze option allows you to set the snooze interval from anywhere between 1 to 29 minutes. The 0.9” LED display lets you easily read the time even when sleepy. Other features include the auto shutoff, nap function and loud or soft electronic buzzer alarm.

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Magnasonic MAG-MM178K AM/FM Projection Clock Radio


The Magnasonic has a touch free motion activated display, snooze and sleep. It can also project time on the ceiling of your room and wall. You no longer have to worry about setting the time every day, since it automatically sets the time/date and even restores the set alarm after a power loss. A White LCD display shows the time, day and indoor temperature. You have the option to wake up to a time projection, a radio or the buzzer alarm. No wonder it is one of the best Dual Alarm Clock radio in 2018.

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Sony ICF-C318 Clock Radio with Dual Alarm


If you have an ever changing schedule, you need this particular alarm clock. It has the ability to set dual alarms for two different times. It can be easily charged using a USB and it also has a 24-hour set-&-forget alarm. In case of a power shut-off, it resumes ringing on the time already set in the system. A Daylight saving time switch automatically registers fall and spring timings. The programmable snooze button allows you to change the snooze timing according to your preference. In addition you can also choose from a loud or soft electronic buzz.Thanks to these great features, the Sony ICF-C318 is considered one of the best Dual Alarm Clock radio in 2018.

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