Best Dual camera baby monitor reviews


Top Dual camera baby monitors in 2018


Mothers of newly born babies are usually very stressed about leaving their children unsupervised. That is when they turn to a baby monitor for help. Unfortunately the market is filled with a variety of models and choosing the most suitable device can be quite a challenge. We have decided to help new parents by listing the best dual camera baby monitor reviews available. Any of the five models discussed below will allow you to keep an eye on your children’s rooms and give you piece of mind when leaving them alone.


Summer Dual View Digital Video Monitor


Best Dual camera baby monitor reviewsThis digital monitor can monitor multiple children as it uses a dual viewing system. Parents can keep an eye on up to 4 rooms at the same time and use the screen and audio system to communicate with the child. The system employs digital technology to ensure privacy and security. The Best Dual camera baby monitor reviews tells us that thanks to the split screen technology, expandable system and a range of 600 feet, it is the most popular monitor on the market these days. It also features black and white night vision and a 35” high resolution color LCD video display.

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Summer Infant Complete Coverage Video Monitor


With a 7” LCD color flat screen, this video monitor has a swivel stand and multiple tilt option which can accommodate multiple angles. It has an extended range of 400 feet with an LED sound light, which lets you see and hear the baby’s call. The 2 inch hand held unit has a small screen installed as well, so one can easily carry it around and still keep an eye on the kids. It has a battery life of 10 hours, belt clip and flip stand. The large screen unit can be mounted anywhere such as over the mantel piece or under a kitchen cabinet. The communication that this video monitor offers makes it one of the best Dual camera baby monitor in 2018.

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Summer Dual Coverage Video Monitor Set


Equipped with a 2.3 inch color led video display, this model is able to provide high image quality and even night vision. You can remain connected with your child in a range of about 400 feet and keep a closer eye on them using the digital zoom option. The parents or caregivers can monitor the child at the same time by placing the monitors in different rooms of the house. They are extremely portable thanks to the built-in belt clip, rechargeable batteries, compact screen and the recharge docking base and kickstand for table top.

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Levana Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor


Being one of the best Dual camera baby monitor in 2018, the Levana digital baby monitor has an extended 72 hour battery life in PEEP mode. You don’t have to worry about charging it again and again. The PEEP mode will keep the monitor screen in “sleep” when there is no sound in the room and will activate as soon as the baby utters any sound. Unlike the traditional night vision LEDs, the discreet and invisible LEDs avoid unnecessary glow in your child’s room. A two-way intercom will keep your baby under surveillance so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Summer Infant Multiview Digital Video Monitor


Being one of the top rated Dual camera baby monitor in 2018, the Multiview digital model has the maximum range of up to 600 feet and can add up to 4 cameras to its loop. It uses an auto-scan feature (video and audio) while the usage of digital technology ensures privacy and full security of any content being transmitted. You can zoom in at any time. Background noise can be eliminated by using the auto-mute feature. Volume and brightness can be adjusted according to preferences and the adjustable camera can be fitted in a variety of viewing angles.

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