Best Dual Monitor Stands reviews


Top rated Dual Monitor Stands in 2018


All over the world, workers are looking for ways to maximize their desk space usage. The most feasible way of keeping two monitor screens at your desk while having a good amount of space left over is by using a Dual monitor Stand. After conducting a large amount of online research on these stands and reading up the best Dual Monitor Stand reviews, I can recommend the five best dual monitor stands to you. These stands are very handy and easy to set up in a few minutes only.  By using the rotating feature, it allows others to view the presentations in any direction at all.  Read below, to find out more about the features of these five models of dual monitor stands.


Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand


The Tyke Supply dual LCD monitor stand provides support to hold 24” LCD monitors. It frees up valuable work space on your desk. Two monitors can be mounted at the same time and the space between the monitors can be adjusted from five to eleven inches. The Double-link swing arm feature makes sure that the monitor is elevated and secure. As one of the best Dual Monitor Stand in 2018,  it is fully adjustable and can be rotated from side-to-side as well as from top to bottom. The tension settings of stand ensure an extremely comfortable and productive viewing position for the user.

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Planar 997-5253-00 Dual Monitor Stand


The Planar 997-5253-00 is one of the most carefully designed models. It incorporates both form and function in one single dual monitor stand. It’s high durability and enhanced usability makes it one of the top rated Dual Monitor Stand in 2018. It supports up to 24 inches of LCD screen. The stable configuration and elegant design makes it impossible for it to topple over. The use of superior quality material ensures that the screen can be moved up and down easily on the main support bar.

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Halter® Freestanding Dual/Two LCD Monitor Desk Stand


The Halter freestanding dual LCD monitor desk stand is able to hold two 24” LCD screens at the same time. It is fully flexible and and it’s adjustable arms can move in and out to give the extra support. The monitor has the flexibility to be rotated from landscape to portrait orientation. The heavy base weighing up to 10 lbs and measuring 12.25” wide and 13.5” deep, can hold two monitors quite steadily. The height of the monitors can be adjusted from 4.5” to 18”. These flexible features in Halter’s design makes it one of the best Dual Monitor Stand in 2018.

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LCD-6460 Dual LCD Monitor Stand


This monitor mounting riser can support up to two LCD screens at once. The LCD screens can be adjusted in a vertical, horizontal as well as planar direction. Yes you heard it right, now you can steer your monitor like a wheel in any direction you want. To bring the two monitors together both the arms can be brought in and then forward towards the user. The base is wide and heavy to provide additional support to the mounted screens.

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OFC Express Dual Monitor Stand


According to the latest best Dual Monitor Stand reviews,  the OFC express is known for the high-quality computer accessories that it produces. The dual monitor stand is able to raise two monitors side by side in a safe and secure way to avoid clutter on your desk. High strength metal inserts are used for easy assembly and high durability. ¾ inch high quality material is used to support up to 60 lbs. The wire mounting brackets present on the arms of the stand secure the power and video cables off the desk.

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