Best Earthlite Luna Massage Table


How to Find the Best Earthlite Luna Massage Table


Whether the massage therapist is just starting out or is a professional, making a choice among the best massage tables on the market can still be an overwhelming experience. If a client is to benefit from energy therapy or the treatment of illnesses, negative ailments and conditions, it is best to do massage practice on a quality massage table.

Best Earthlite Luna massage table


Fortunately, if you’re considering getting an Earthlite Luna massage table, you are assured that it will be wide and long enough to accommodate a variety of clients while being narrow enough to ensure optimum body positioning for you. Massage table widths of 70 and 76 centimeters are the most common choices. Standard length is 186 centimeters, but there are shorter (180 cm) and longer (195 cm) ones. The extending face cradle extends the length by 20cm.


Adjustable Height

Every Earthlite Luna massage table is equipped with height adjustable legs to ensure a wide height range for all sizes of therapists as well as a variety of therapies. The most popular height range is 60 to 83 centimeters. Changing the table height can be carried out via telescopic height adjustment.


Padding Thickness

Higher density foam ensures greater substance between the foam’s air pockets, thus providing non-sag performance and long life for the massage table. A foam thickness of 5 cm is standard and more than adequate, but make sure the foam is high density.



PVC Vinyl leather is synthetic leather and is common. It is durable, strong, water and oil proof, and wipes clean easily.

PU leather is also synthetic while coming as close to genuine leather as possible. It feels nice and very soft while being strong, but is not really that resistant to water and oil.


Top Rated Earthlite Luna Massage Tables in 2018


Giving your clients great massages while on a quality massage table ensures that they will keep coming back. To ensure consistent massage experience, you will have to make a sensible choice from among the many massage tables on the market. We present three products that should bolster your massage practice easily.


Earthlite Luna 06601FLX Portable Massage Table Package


1.Earthlite Luna Portable MassageThe Earthlite Luna Portable Massage Table boasts an innovative Reiki-ready aluminum frame that is super light. Expertly designed through the advanced engineering by the Earthlite team, the massage table is lightweight at 28 pounds, making it easy to transport. The massage therapist gets greater client access to do specific massage work. Inarguably the most stable, strongest, lightest and most comfortable full-size unit on the market, the Earthlite Luna Portable Massage Table Package includes the Flex-Rest™ Self Adjusting Facecradle with Form-fit™ Memory Cushion plus a durable carry case.

The table is built with innovative dual post leg stabilizers called the Shimmy-Lok™ Leg Brace System, which eliminates leg instability that is a common issue with other aluminum frame designs. This works superbly well with the Patented Cradle-Lock™ cabling system, which utilizes 1000-pound rated aircraft grade steel cables to ensure greater frame strength. The exclusive Pro-Lite™ Cushioning System is geared with eco-friendly, extra soft Natursoft™ upholstery. The massage table is 30 inches wide and 73 inches long and adjusts from 24 inches to 34 inches high.

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Earthlite Luna Portable Massage Table Only


2.Earthlite Luna Portable Massage Table OnlyWeighing in at only 28 pounds, the Luna Portable Massage Table offers excellent portability to the massage therapy practitioner. The massage table boasts the exclusive and innovative Reiki-ready aluminum frame to ensure long life and reliable durability. The exceptional Pro-Lite cushioning system ensures that the massage table is comfortable despite its portable features. The table utilizes a full-length piano hinge that ensures flawless foldability. This portable table is also geared with patent-pending Shimmy-Lok Leg Brace System that serves as an effective solution to instability issues that other aluminum massage tables are known to have.

The lightweight frame, padding and brace system combine to create an extra-lightweight yet comfortable portable massage table that is also the strongest and most stable on the market today. The table’s mid-brace component comprises a cradle-lock Cabling System outfitted with 1,000-pound rated test cables to prevent the unit from rocking backwards or forwards while providing greater strength and stability. The table has a maximum working weight of 750 pounds during normal treatments, which is significantly higher than the standard of 450 pounds.

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Earthlite Luna Massage Table


3.Earthlite Luna Massage TableUpholstered in luxurious eco-friendly, extra soft Natursoft™ fabric, the Earthlite Luna Massage Table provides an awesome massage experience for every client, ensuring steady business for the massage therapist. The Earthlite Luna Massage Table adjusts in height in one-inch increments to help the therapist find the best level possible to administer client care. The height adjustment ranges between 24 and 34 inches, giving the therapist leverage and greater client access. The table is 73 inches long, ensuring that the client can lay down without any part of the body hanging out at the top and bottom.

This massage table can be outfitted with a separately purchased face cradle that can extend the length. It is outfitted with rubber feet that ensure a secure grip on wood and tile floors. The exclusive Shimmy – Lok Leg Brace System is a revolutionary dual post leg stabilizer that effectively addresses the issue of leg instability that is most common in plenty of aluminum-frame massage tables. This massage table has a working weight capacity of 450 pounds to ensure adequate support during normal treatments.

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