Best Electric Broom Reviews for 2018


Top rated electric brooms come in various shapes and sizes, and any buyer can get confused from all the alternatives that now exist on the market. Manufacturers aren’t making it easy for customers, and people often times have a hard time figuring out exactly what they need from a unit.

All things considered, your preferences matter the most when picking a model over another. That’s why we’ve tried to make things easier by putting together a list of the top 10 electric brooms out there. Since reading a little more information never hurt anyone, be sure to do a proper research before making up your mind.


Hoover Linx BH50010 Vacuum Cleaner


1.Hoover LinxHoover is a world-known brand, which has been producing electric brooms and vacuum cleaners for a very long time. This model can often be bought for a little less than $200, but on sale it’ll cost you less than $130. It comes with an interchangeable 18-volt Lithium Ion battery, complete with a 2 year warranty both for the battery and for the charger. The unit has a 11-inch-wide nozzle and can be used for bare floor cleaning.

This is one of the most versatile models we’ve come across. It’s easy to install and simple to use.

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Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Corded Vacuum


2.Bissell PowerEdgeThis Bissell unit is undoubtedly one of the top 5 products of the line. Thanks to its V-shape, it’s capable of capturing dirt and small-sized debris even from narrow spaces. When it comes to usability, the Bissell is a winner, since it comes with a large-sized dirt cup that’s actually part of the unit. The model was especially developed for people who own pets.

According to various buyers, it does a great job at cleaning hard floors filled with kibble and pet hair. With more than 2000 5-star ratings, this electric broom is definitely hard to say no to.

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Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick SD20000RED Vacuum


3.Dirt Devil Simpli-StickThe Dirt Devil model has anything a buyer might wish for. It comes with its own removable dirt cup and it’s very easy to use. It is said that it is among the most lightweight products of the line. Although it looks rather basic, it’s actually one of the most complex ones, considering the fact that it can be used both as a utility vac and as a handheld one. It’s affordable, easy to put together and is known for doing a great cleaning job.

The manufacturers are offering a one year warranty on this model.

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Hoover Cyclonic SH20030 Stick Vacuum


4.Hoover CordedThe Hoover model can usually be purchased for less than $100, and for the friendly price it comes with, it offers great value. It’s equipped with a 20-inch power cord which users can easily release. Unlike other models, it features Extreme Recline, which helps buyers reach narrow spaces such as the ones from under their furniture.

The dirt cup of this one is at the bottom of the unit, and individuals can check on the dirt level and realize when they need to empty it. The item has gathered more than 990 5-star ratings.

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Bissell Perfect Sweep 2880A Sweeper


5.Bissell Perfect SweepIf you’re looking for a simple way of cleaning your floors, this product is definitely for you. It’s one of the cheapest electric brooms out there, but it does a great job at what it’s meant to do. It can clean anything from regular dust and small-sized debris to pet hair and is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The battery coming with the unit has a recharged life of 60 minutes.

The manufacturers are offering a one year warranty on this Bissell device. Buyers speak highly of its quality.

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Bissell 3106 Featherweight


6.Bissell 3106This product is by far the best electric broom for the money. It can be purchased online for a little less than $30. The unit can be used for cleaning anything from carpets to upholstery. It’s a lightweight, versatile device, which can be used both as a stick vacuum and as a hand one. The crevice tool is included in the price. Customers are advised that the power cord of this one is a little shorter than the one belonging to other models: 16 feet.

The Bissel model is a dependable bagless vacuum cleaner.

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Dirt Devil power Air SD20505 Stick Vacuum


7.Dirt Devil power Air cordedThis Dirt Devil model comes with a 10 Amp motor. The unit can be used for cleaning hard floors. It’s a rather versatile alternative, considering its small size and how neatly it can be packed or stored somewhere around the house. It comes with a two year warranty and a great design. As is the case of other products manufactured by Dirt Devil, this one is also glossy red.

According to various buyers, this is a powerful vacuum cleaner that does a decent job at cleaning hardwood floors and even carpets.

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Eureka Quick-up 96H 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum


8.Eureka Quick-upYet another relatively cheap electric broom, this Eureka unit can be bought for a little less than $50. Be advised that the battery of this one lasts for only 12 minutes when it’s used on high. Aside from the battery-related inconvenience, it comes with all the features of a dependable unit, including a telescopic handle and an on/off brushroll system. This is a simple cordless vacuum that comes with a one year warranty.

It is bagless. It’s compatible with a variety of Eureka accessories, such as filters or replacement batteries.

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Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Bagless Broom Vacuum Cleaner


9.Fuller Brush SpiffyAlthough it’s a little more expensive than the aforementioned models, the Fuller broom comes with a nice set of features that can impress any individual that’s keen on cleanliness. Among its most esteemed functions are the following: the HEPA filter, which is known for capturing anything from dander to pollen, the very long cord of 30 feet it comes with and the telescopic handle. Compared to other units, it can also be used on carpets, not only on hard floor.

Buyers speak highly of the suction power belonging to the Fuller.

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Karcher K55 Cordless Electric Broom


10.Karcher K55 4.8VVersatility is an innate feature of the Karcher model. Buyers can utilize it for cleaning hard floors and any textile surfaces. If you’re unsure about where you’re going to store the electric broom after having bought it, you don’t have to worry about anything with this one. It even comes with its own wall mount. Other noteworthy features are the telescopic handle and the ergonomic hand grip.

This is a cordless electric broom which comes with its own rechargeable battery and charger. The battery can work for 30 minutes at a time, depending on the surface.