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If you’re here just  to find the best electric broom and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We conducted a thorough search, including customer reviews, expert opinions, price comparisons and sales figures, in order to identify the best model around. The one that appears to be the absolute best according to buyers and critics alike is the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A. Designed for cleaning hard floors, this one is very efficient in cleaning after pets. Especially in a house with multiple cats or dogs, this unit works wonders and even the finest debris, pet dander and occasional spills are removed with ease. What makes it stand out is the shape of the head that allows the user to easily clean around corners and furniture, where debris build ups are a common occurrence. This is a corded model, and it comes with a 20 foot power cord that gives you plenty of range to clean around the house, without having to plug and unplug the unit too often. If the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A is no longer available, we highly recommend the Hoover SH20030, which is a second great choice.



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With such a broad diversity of products that now exist on the market, it’s difficult to get the best electric broom out there. Often, a prospective buyer can end up feeling just a little baffled. If you want to purchase a new unit but have little to no idea regarding the features you should look for, you’ve come to the right place. Remember, it’s imperative to correlate your needs and requirements with the characteristics of the model you intend on buying.

Additionally, it might be worth noting that, if you are the owner of a large house and plan to use an electric broom to clean all of the floors and carpets in it, what you might actually need is a vacuum cleaner. Electric brooms are excellent alternatives for the occasional spill and for sweeping a large room at a time. However, they might not be the best choice for an entire house.

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One of the first details to consider when browsing the market for a new electric broom is its size. In theory, the larger and heavier the broom, the noisier it is. What this means is that heftier units have a powerful motor engine that can help you clean more surfaces. The size of an electric broom also refers to the dimensions of its head. Thus, many products out there are capable of cleaning a path measuring 10 inches.

Regrettably, the vast majority of the electric brooms we’ve come across do not feature the head size of upright vacuum cleaners, as they weren’t specifically designed to clean very large surfaces. Since they are so small and portable, electric brooms are also considerably more affordable compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. The greatest advantage of choosing such a product is that you’ll be able to store it conveniently somewhere around your apartment or house. Even if you forget to put it away, the model you end up choosing can rest in a corner of the room without bothering anyone.



Ease of use

Electric brooms are typically a lot easier to maneuver than vacuum cleaners. Since their heads aren’t very large, some of them can swivel, allowing the user to clean the surface under the furniture or the carpets without needing to stop and move objects away. Regardless of how easy it is to operate one of these units, it might be worth taking into account that the user has to pay attention to the furniture margins when sweeping, so that he or she avoids scratching them.

Usability is always a thing to analyze when getting a new appliance, so you might need to go through several customer reviews before understanding whether or not the model you want to buy is the right one for your expectations. Some people might need an electric broom for pet hair while others might intend to use it strictly for hardwood floors. It’s frustrating to realize that you’ve ordered the wrong product, so pay attention to these kinds of details.



Corded or cordless

Electric brooms can be powered either via a cord or an internal battery. Some people might think that a cordless electric broom is the best choice. It might be so if you want to get rid of a spill or some kibble your dog has thrown out of its bowl. Nevertheless, most of the models that can be bought nowadays feature batteries that last just about thirty to forty minutes. A corded alternative allows you to use it for as long as you like.

Charging the battery takes some time, so it might be counterproductive to choose a cordless option if you plan to utilize it continuously or on a daily basis.




Most of the common accessories that accompany an electric broom are a hose, a dust brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool. Depending on what you plan on cleaning with your chosen unit, you may want to purchase these attachments separately or choose a pack that includes them.



Price and brand recognition

There’s a myriad of products that are quite affordable. It’s up to you and your budget if you want to spend over fifty dollars on an electric broom.

As for the manufacturer, believe it or not, the brand is quite important. You don’t have to go for a high-end brand, but it might be a good idea to choose one that has a subsidiary in the United States or Canada, and even in the state you are living in. In the case of a return or refund, this detail can be reassuring.



Top Electric Brooms in 2018


When looking for the perfect cleaning products that can be used at home, an electric broom is one that can be taken into account. If you are undecided because of the multitude of choices that you can make, you can read the best electric brooms reviews that have identified some of the best products on the market, including the models that will be mentioned below.



BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A



The BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A is praised by the vast majority of buyers as the best electric broom around and for all the right reasons. It does a great job on hard floors and it even works on low pile area rugs with the same success. Especially pet owners are enthralled with the performance of this model.



The special technologies and design used for this unit provide it with superior suction power that no debris, not even the finest, will escape from the suction path.

You will not need any special attachments or to use a regular broom for picking up pet hair and dander, because this one is specifically designed to deal with such challenges.

The upright design makes it very convenient for cleaning all around the house, and particularly around furniture where dust and debris usually builds up.

The unit is easy to assemble and you will find no troubles putting it together. It is also easy to store away and you can pick it up when you need to pick up accidental spills.

The dirt cup is easy to release and easy to clean, so maintenance is a breeze for this unit.



There is no crevice tool included so you may need to put some extra work into cleaning the most difficult to reach corners.


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Hoover SH20030 Cyclonic


With its versatile and lightweight design, powerful suction and easy maneuverability, it’s not hard to see why the Hoover SH20030 is a top pick with consumers. It is able to effectively clean hard and carpeted surfaces, and this electric broom is incredibly easy to use. Perfect for sweeping up everyday messes, you’ll wonder how you ever kept your home clean before you owned this Hoover electric broom.



One of the main advantages of the Hoover SH20030 is its ability to vacuum hard and carpeted surfaces. It comes with cyclonic technology that ensures continuous suction and the motorized brush easily runs over low pile rugs and carpets, along with bare floors.

With the 20 foot electrical cord you have plenty of room to move around, and it also comes with a convenient release function. The small wheels on the base ensure that you can easily sweep around furniture, and won’t leave any marks on your clean floors. The base also swivels for easy maneuverability so you can quickly finish cleaning without having to move any furniture.

This electric broom is designed to be easy to operate and keep your floors spotlessly clean. The dust collection cup is easy to remove and empty, and you can clearly see when it is full. The electric broom is also designed with a wider opening to quickly suction up dirt and debris. With a handle that reclines to reach under furniture and bristles that can remove dirt along the edges, it is easy to see why the Hoover SH20030 is a top choice with consumers.



Some consumers have mentioned that they wish it was also battery powered, but this does not affect its overall performance.


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Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B


1.1 Electrolux Ergorapido LithiumEven though this is listed as the second option it is still capable of providing you with reliable suction, plenty of running time, and is easy and convenient to use. Since the Electrolux Ergorapido relies on battery power you are never limited by the length of the electric cord. Affordably priced and able to keep your floors clean, this might be the perfect choice for budget conscious consumers.



You have the advantage of the cyclonic technology that ensures you have plenty of suction to keep your floors spotless. Not only does this provide you with continuous and reliable suction power, it also uses a convenient canister to collect the dirt and debris. The container is easy to remove and empty when full, and you will appreciate not having to deal with the mess traditional bags can make.

This cordless electric broom comes with a powerful lithium ion battery that is also rechargeable. The battery can provide you with up to 20 minutes of running time so you can easily sweep the entire floor. The battery also quickly recharges so the Ergorapido is always ready to vacuum up the latest mess.

Designed for convenience, this cordless sweeper is easy to use. It can be used on carpet or bare floors, and also converted into a handheld vacuum. Clean crumbs off of furniture and dust off of drapes, and with the swivel head you can easily maneuver around corners and sweep dirt up along edges.



There have been mentions that the dust canister on this electric broom is smaller than what some consumers would like. While a larger one might be more convenient, this does not detract from its exceptional performance capabilities.


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Dirt Devil SD20505



This model is designed to fit in small places and it is a good choice if you are looking for a secondary cleaning device to your regular vacuum cleaner. Equipped with a powerful motor, this electric broom does a good job at cleaning accidental spills and other mishaps.



Suction power is ensured by a 10 amp motor that makes this unit stand out above other similar items. The Dirt Devil SD20505 is a dependable model for this reason.

The bagless technology used makes things easier. There is a dirt cup where all the picked up mess is stored, and you only need to release it, empty it and wash it, without the need for expensive bags.

The brush has 11 inches in width, so you will need fewer passes in order to clean any kind of mess. The generous suction path is highly efficient and time saving.

Releasing the dirt cup is done by touching a single button, so you will be satisfied with how easy it is to clean and maintain this electric broom.

The model is lightweight and it can be easily stored in tight places, so you can have the cleaning device at your fingertips all the time.



This electric broom is quite noisy, which can be an issue for those who want to clean around without disturbing others.


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Bissell 81L2T Power Edge Pet Hard Floor


With the use of this electric broom, you can be assured that the entire area will be cleaned. It is especially designed to make sure that even tight spaces and edges are reachable. It has a V-shape head that makes it able to direct the dirt to the center and thus make sure that the suction or the power will not be affected. This innovative suction technology is a primary reason why it has the ability to capture dirt without exerting too much effort. It is also a good model when it comes to ease of use since it is a snap to maneuver.




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Electrolux EL1030A


Best Electric Brooms ReviewsAmong other things, the ionic power of this model is one thing that makes it a favorite in the top rated electric brooms reviews. This makes it able to deliver up to 50% more power compared to other models, while making sure that the battery is recharged 4 times faster. More so, while it has a commendable battery power, it is also worth mentioning that it is lightweight. This makes it easy to move around the area that needs cleaning. Lastly, it is also a good thing that it is designed with a LED light, which will provide you with the illumination that is needed in darker areas of the house.




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Eureka 169B Easy Clean 2-in-1


As you evaluate the different choices that are available when it comes to the best electric brooms in 2018, this model from Eureka is another vacuum model that should be taken into account. It has a telescopic handle, which will make it highly adaptable. It has a 10-inch cleaning path, which will allow you to clean a wider area within a short span of time. Many of its users were also happy with the integration of a 15-inch cord that will make it possible for you to clean even far away from the power source. Lastly, it has a washable dust cup filter that can prove to be economical.




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Dirt Devil BD20035RED Accu-Charge


With the use of this model, one thing that will make you happy is its excellence when it comes to energy efficiency. This is basically because of its Energy Star certification. More so, another thing that makes this product an excellent choice is the Accu-Charge Technology. This is responsible for making sure that the battery is charged faster while less energy is used. This is also helps make the battery able to withstand a longer period of use. The motorized brush is able to clean as thorough as possible and can clean a variety of surfaces without causing damage.




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