Best Electric Brooms with Cord Reviews


Vacuums are very popular all around the world for their high functionality, but full size devices may not be the most convenient. For instance, when you want to clean a nasty spill that just happened in the kitchen, a stick model could be handier. Electric brooms with cords are preferred as a second vacuum in a household because they are easy to store away and to use when small cleaning tasks appear. Being informed about  various models is very helpful, which is why we put together the following guide for buying the best electric broom on the market.


What to look for when buying an electric broom with cord?



Electric brooms are smaller in size than regular size vacuums, and they can be used every once in a while for small cleaning tasks. However, even among them, there are models that are lighter and smaller than the rest, and you may prefer them. To give you an idea about how lightweight they can be, some can weigh as little as 4 pounds. However, keep in mind that smaller models do not usually accommodate powerful motors, so their suction power may be just so and so. In case you have some demanding  tasks in store for your electric broom, picking a larger model may be the right choice.



The motor is the central piece of an electric broom, even if it is invisible to the naked eye, hiding under the hood. All those amps and volts and watts that you see written on the product description tell you the whole story about the motor that provides the necessary suction power to the electric broom. The basic rule is simple: the higher the numbers, the better the motor, and the more suction power is available.



Ease of maintenance is important when it comes to dealing with cleaning devices. Some electric brooms are bagless and they come equipped with a bin where the debris is collected. Other models have replaceable bags, and these are convenient, because you do not have to work on cleaning up the bin when it gets full. Each option has its advantages, as bin models do not require you to spend extra on bags for collecting debris.


What Are the Best Electric Brooms with Cord in 2018?


Hoover SH20030 Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum


1.Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick VacuumThis Hoover electric broom is a solid choice for anyone looking to acquire a stick vacuum with great performance. Equipped with Cyclonic Technology, it does a fine job both on hardwood floors, as well as on low carpeting and rugs.

Consumers appreciate having a good stick vacuum at their disposal, especially when they want to reach areas that are more difficult to clean. This electric broom comes with a handle with Extreme Recline capability, which means that going after those dust bunnies hidden under your furniture will become a breeze.

The SH20030 from Hoover is packed with various technologies. For instance, the Swivel Steering functionality allows you to navigate with ease around various pieces of furniture, in order to get the entire floor clean in no time.

This corded model is very easy to use, and its cord has 20 feet in length, allowing you plenty of space to navigate around the house, hunting any spill or debris on the floor.

The dirt disposal mechanism is very easy to use as well. The bottom cup will let you know when it is time to clean it, so that the stick vacuum can continue to do its job flawlessly.

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Bissell 81L2A PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum


2.BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded VacuumPet owners will definitely appreciate the 81L2A model from BISSELL. Geared towards cleaning hard floors and picking up any fur and hair left by your pets, it is a recommended option for all consumers with pets in the house.

Its particular design allows for easy maneuverability along the edges of your furniture and any tight spaces, so it is really a great idea to use it for hard floors. Actually, many consumers consider the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum to be a very reliable electric broom for hardwood floors.

You will notice the V shape of the broom. It is not by accident that the electric broom looks like this. The V shape allows the debris to be gathered towards the center, so it can get sucked in easily. The sides are very good at catching fine debris, so you will see nothing but a clean floor, after using this great electric broom.

The head swivels with ease, so you will encounter no issues when you will have to navigate around furniture legs. This means there will be no place for debris to hide, and you will have a clean home in no time. Easy to clean and to maintain, the BISSELL 81L2A is one of the best choices you can make right now.

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Fuller Brush Vacuums Spiffy Maid Broom Vacuum


3.Fuller Brush VAC, SPIFFY MAIDIt is a well known fact sticker vacuums are a great choice as companions to full size vacuums. However, there are certain models that simply are really good at what they do, and the SPIFFY MAID from Fuller Brush is one such option.

First of all, this electric broom comes with a powerful motor which ensures great suction, in order to deliver high quality cleaning. Especially when you are navigating around base boards, you will find the SPIFFY MAID to be very good at what it does. This bagless model has a bin where debris is collected which you will have to wash when it gets full. In case you prefer models with replaceable bags, you may not fall in love with this particular model, but, if cleaning the bin doesn’t bother you, you will not be disappointed with it.

The 30 foot power cord with release offers  enough operating range so you can clean around the house without having to switch wall sockets too often. The telescopic handle is adjustable, so you can reach areas you would not normally be able to clean very well. Another plus is represented by the rubber wheels that do not leave unsightly marks on your floors.

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