Best Electric Cars for Kids under $300


Top rated cheap electric cars for kids


Families are trying to provide the very best when it comes to fun to their little bundles of joy and to this extent, seeing moms and dads searching for advanced electric cars comes as no surprise. A high quality electric car represents a potent source of fun and excitement, because it allows the little ones to reach various places in just a couple of minutes. Getting information from the current best electric cars for kids reviews represents a clear way to identify the most efficient model. You have to get your kid an advanced electric car that combines safety with elegance.


Fisher-Price Power Wheels electric car


Best Electric Cars for Kids under $300One of the best electric cars for kids under $300 is Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler from Fisher-Price, a model that impresses through its qualitative design and solid structure. It is equipped with a talking microphone which includes fun sound effects, rockin’ tunes and a real voice speaker. The model is powered by a 12-volt which enhances the quality of the driving fun a real adventure. It is recommended for children from the age 3 and up, and that weigh only 130 lbs. The electric car is a stunning driving machine, covering two speeds forward of 2.5 and 5 mph maximum.

“I don’t think there can be a better toy for a little boy than an electric car which he can drive around till the battery runs out. The Fresh-Prince Power Wheels is what I have for my son and he can not get enough of it. It makes me a really happy parent when I see my little one enjoy himself.” – Adam Oliver

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Fisher-Price Jeep Wrangler Rubicon electric car


If you want a high quality electric car for the little one, then you should consider with more attention Fisher-Price Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, a model that children simply love. The car allows the little one to enjoy real adventures in their backyard. It can fit with ease 2 riders between the ages of 3 and more, weighing around 130lbs. It comes with rugged grab bars and pretend seatbelts for role-play excitement and a spacious rear storage compartment where the kids can carry around their toys. This electric car is powered by 12-volts of battery power and can reach two speeds forward of around 2.5 and also 5 mph.

“This little Jeep Rangler was bought by my husband for our little boy and it proved to be the best gift we have made for him yet. In the rear he puts his favorite toys and then he is off around the yard. He is excited every time I let him play with the Jeep.” – Michele Johnson

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Fisher-Price Wheels Ford Mustang electric car


Your girls need a touch of elegance and incentive to learn how to drive, and thus we present Fisher-Price Wheels Ford Mustang electric car. This fun and carefully designed Barbie theme car is equipped with sporty chrome wheels that make every drive very delightful. The user can select from two speeds forward and one in reverse. Furthermore besides the modern design and solid structure, it comes with a pretend radio and also superb pre-recorded music and roar-like engine sounds. The girls can even use the car’s lights flash and dance on the dashboard whenever the music plays, so the fun grows.

“Through this electric car, shaped like a Ford Mustang and coming with a pink color, I have managed to make my daughter have a smile on her face everytime she drives it. You could say this is her first car, which she actually takes great care of.” – Jack Ross

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Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer electric car


One of the best electric cars for kids under $300, according to thousands of satisfied parents is Fisher-Price Dora, a model that children simply adore. This electric car creates a real wave of fun and excitement while driving around the house. It creates the perfect adventure for girls to share and remember later one. The model includes a Map and also a delightful backpack for various fun adventures. Furthermore the car includes various colors and graphics for added fun and excitement, just the way the little ones deserves. The car give the user the possibility to drive two speeds forward of 2.5 and 5 mph maximum.

“The Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer electric car was my choice for my little daughter, because I considered it would be very fun for her to drive around in it. I was right and she absolutely loves it. I even take her to the park in it, driving at a steady 2.5 mph.” – Alice Madsen

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Fisher-Price Volkswagen electric car


It’s time to choose elegance while driving for the little one! Choose one of the best electric cars for kids under $150, Fisher-Price Volkswagen Barbie styled model is certainly a great addition to any home. This Barbie styled car is the ideal fun source for your girl; battery 6-volt powered the device will keep the fun going. The ride can reach speeds of around 2.5 MPH and has a weight capacity of around 50 lbs. It is a stunning example of electric pleasure and excitement. You will be able to deliver to your girls a reliable source of fun, accessible whenever they want.

“At her age my daughter can’t get enough of Barbie toys and seeing that she is into them so much I decided to go a step further and get her this Barbie Volkswagen Beetle electric car. You should have seen the expression on her face when she first saw it and even now after a few months of having it she still has fun with it.” – Samantha Larkin

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