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Every cook, irrespective of his experience knows that one type of food simply delights everyone: smoked food. Either we are talking about vegetables, chicken, fish, stakes or other dishes, people love that special flavour of smokiness that comes from a high quality smoker. In order to prepare delicious food with a twist of smoked taste you have to be in the possession of a reliable electric smoker, capable of enhancing your existing culinary skills. Because there are so many products available on the market, it can be pretty difficult to find a pro model. Still, if you manage to read some of the current best electric smokers reviews you will be able to find a great device.


MasterBuilt 20070910 electric smoker


There are thousands of Americans that use with confidence MasterBuilt 20070910 electric smoker in order to enhance the quality of their cooking and impress friends and family with delicious treats. Designed with durable materials and powder coated with solid steel exterior, this smoker delivers a 2-1/2 cubic foot of cooking space which more than enough to place 2 large chickens. It comes with 4 smoking racks, an user-friendly digital controlled panel and also a thermostat electric temperature that allows you to set the heat. The device incorporates a removable drip pan and also a rear-mounted grease pan, letting you manage better the whole cooking process.

“I am a sucker from steam meat and vegetables and this is why I invested in the MasterBuilt 20070910 electric smoker. It is excellent, the taste of the meat being genuine, plus it has a large capacity so I can smoke 2 whole chickens at a time.” – Frank Burnley

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MasterBuilt 20070210 electric smoker


Today, more and more families want in their homes an advanced electric smoker that can help them prepare delicious smoked food. To this particular extent you can use with confidence MasterBuilt 20070210, one of the best electric smokers under $200, a model that will impress you at first try. The device is equipped with 3 chrome plated smoking racks where you can place the food you want to be prepare. It also comes with a customizable thermostat-controlled temperature system that allows you regulate the heat. The smoker is ideal for persons that love to eat delicious smoked chicken, stakes and many others.

“For this very affordable price I have managed to bring to my home an excellent device from MasterBuilt which makes me and my family the best tasting smoked meat. My advice to other smoked meat lovers is to get it because it really doesn’t cost much.” – Jack Thompson

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Brinkman 810-5290 electric smoker


In order to prepare tasty food with a special smoked flavour, you should use an advanced electric smoker. According to the present user testimonials coming from all over US, it seems that more and more people use Brinkman 810-5290 electric smoker. Regarded as one of the very best electric smokers under $100, the device is UL-listed and comes equipped with two chrome-plated steel grills that can hold an impressive 50 pounds of food. It has powerful 1500-watt heating power and also lava rocks that adds an extra flavour to whatever you want to cook. You won’t regret taking this smoker into your home.

“What more can I want from a electric smoker like this which has such a cheap price. I can fit inside 50 pounds of food in one go so I can smoke a huge quality of meat and vegetable that really taste amaizingly. I have made a great choice by buying it.” – Albert Rost

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Emsco Group 5QT electric smoker


The time has come to cook delicious smoked food whenever you desire! How? Use one of the best electric smokers under $200, Emsco Group 5QT model and thus safely prepare food with great ease. This model can cook up by up to 4 pound of food at once thus helping you save time when you want to eat. It is safe to use indoor and the cooking process is diminishes to 50 percent than the regular functionality of other cookers. You the possibility to manage the electric smoker’s features without dealing with any problems, just use the user-friendly digital control system.

“The Emson smoker is really something special, allowing me to smoke my food in a very short while, way superior than similar models. I can use it indoors with no problems because it doesn’t leave a distinct odor or anything like that.” – Chris Bolton

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Brinkman 810-7080 electric smoker


It is clear that people love to eat delicious types of smoked food and require the culinary assistance of a high quality smoker. Looking at the current statistics it comes as no surprise to see thousands of people use with confidence Brinkman 810-7080 electric smoker, a model very popular in the US and Canada alike. This model has a base heating power of 1500-watt and is also completed by specially selected lava rocks that keep the flavour truly special. It has 2 chromed-plated steel grills which can safely hold up around 50 pounds of food with no problems whatsoever.

“This smoker from Brinkmann is really something having a nice design finished with chrome plates and at the same time steaming for me and my family a great quantity of food, which has a quality taste. I recommend it for other families as well because it has a very decent price.” – Luke Horner

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