Best electric standing desk reviews

If you are searching for the best electric standing desk but you don’t have the needed time to go through all the reviews available, this short paragraph should be of great help. After analyzing numerous reviews of electric standing desks on your behalf, we have concluded that the VIVO Electric DESK-V000EB is the model for you. This 36” x 23.25” unit is spacious enough to allow its user easily accommodate a dual monitor as well as a laptop at the same time. As a plus, the unit enables the person using it to adjust it from a sitting position to a standing one with just the press of a button. Moreover, the product comes fitted with a dual-tier and it is said to be easy to put together. If the VIVO Electric DESK-V000EB is out of stock, please take a good look at the VIVO DESK-V102E as you might find it equally fitting.



Buying guide


Because we know too well that reading countless electric standing desk reviews is quite a dull task that not many like, we have composed a list of important features that you should pay attention to before purchasing a unit.

Tabletop design and material

According to specialized reviews, when considering what product to pick, it is prudent that one takes the time to consider the design of the model’s tabletop. Therefore, if you are the type of user that likes to have a lot of items on your desk, you should invest in a product that can efficiently accommodate all your belongings.

However, if you enjoy having an organized desk that does not include having a lot of stuff on it, a smaller, yet feasible product should be enough. As a plus, it is worth having in mind that not all tabletops are constructed from the same type of material.

At the current time, one can choose between tabletops made out of bamboo, plastic, steel, wood and other similar combinations. Consequently, before you make your decision, make sure that you have chosen a model that suits your needs from this point of view.


Consider the unit’s height

If you want to end up with a good electric standing desk, another aspect that should not be ignored has to do with the height of the product. Most of these units have a height that varies from 21 to 56 inches. However, if you are particularly tall, or if you are rather short, finding the appropriate product can be an issue.

Therefore, before you place any orders, it is wise to verify whether or not the model is fitting. In other words, make sure that when standing, the desk allows you to type effortlessly with your elbows at your sides and your forearms comfortably inclined towards the ground. Similarly, the monitor should be centered in such a manner so that it reaches your eye level.

If you want to be 100% certain that the electric standing desk frame and its other components are reliable and well made, we recommend that you read what current users of the product have to say about it.


Additional features

Another good way to select a quality model from the myriad of units that are up for sale is by checking to see what type of additional features (if any) the device has. For instance, some electric standing desk legs permit the users to control their height by operating a button, while others do not offer this option.

Likewise, if you intend to purchase a desk that you want to share with other family members or colleagues, keep in mind that some products come provided with special systems that actually memorize your height preferences. This way, you will no longer have to spend time adjusting the unit before using it.

Besides, some products are covered by warranty clauses that you might find useful in the long run. So, don’t forget to check this aspect out.



Top Electric Standing Desks in 2018


Let’s be honest, navigating through the many products available online is a task that requires a keen eye for details and plenty of patience. To make this process easier for you, we have put together a selection of high-quality items that you should consider before making up your mind.



VIVO Electric DESK-V000EB


If you are in the market for a spacious desk that comes fitted with plenty of feasible features, the DESK-V000EB model designed and produced by VIVO should make it to your shortlist. This desk features an impressive design that enables the user to switch between working in a sitting position to standing one in an instant.

What is more, the model was built using a steel construction that guarantees that the unit is sturdy enough and dependable when used for a prolonged period of time. In fact, the manufacturer claims that the strong frame and the firm tabletop can efficiently support no less than 33 pounds.

To further cater to its user’s needs, the desk was designed to make use of a powerful motor that adjusts the height of the product whenever the buyer pushes a certain button. An additional USB port is conveniently placed near the height-control slot.

The top of the desk measures 36” x 23.25” and, as a result, is wide enough to accommodate all your belongings. Likewise, the mouse and the keyboard can be placed on a separate surface that measures 35.5” x 11” so that you won’t run out of usable space.

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Another model designed by the same manufacturer is DESK-V102E. This height adjustable base stands out because it uses an innovative lift system. As a result, the powerful motor that the product includes can rise the desk in just a matter of seconds. Moreover, the unit’s legs are said to use what the manufacturer describes as a telescopic adjustment system that can transition the device’s height with just one touch.

Furthermore, this product can also be programmed to remind you to change your position so that you will pay attention to your position throughout the busy office days. Besides, the durable leg construction that the model includes can hold up to 176 lbs. at once.

When it comes to the model’s compatibility, you should know that this frame can be used with tabletops that have a length that varies between 41’ to 85’ and a width of 23 to 44 inches.

As a plus, this base also includes a cable management rack that you will surely appreciate. This way, your desk will be neatly organized at all times and your productivity will be increased. Previous buyers of the model are happy with its quality. Most of them have pointed to the fact that the product is easy to assemble and overall very practical and dependable.

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Ergopose “ePo” Workstation


If you are searching for a high-quality model and you are not against investing some extra dollars in order to get one, the Ergopose “ePo” Desk Frame Workstation might be just what you’ve been looking for. This device has received positive reviews from both previous buyers and the specialists and it is considered a sold investment.

This adjustable frame can modify its height from 2 to 4 feet so that its users can stay in a comfortable position. This product is particularly fitting for people that are over 6 feet tall, a reason why many recommend it to interested buyers that have had difficulties finding the right model due to their height.

Because it has strong legs, the model can support up to 352 pounds, making it the go-to item if you are used to keeping heavy items on your desk. Furthermore, this model also features a programmable system that can memorize up to 4 preset options. Therefore, if you share the desk with your loved ones or with a work colleague, this model can help you save time when it comes to adjusting it.

Last but not least, you might be interested to know that this item is covered by a 5-year warranty that applies to all the before mentioned features.

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