Best Electric String Trimmers under $100


Top rated cheap electric string trimmers


Every American knows the importance of having a beautiful garden and back yard in order to delight the eyes of anyone visiting. Still, taking care of the front and back yard is harder than it looks because without the proper instruments you won’t be able to experience quality results. In order to add a touch of style to your green home environment you need to use a professional electric string trimmer that can cut down the rebellious weeds, tree branches or grass which disrupt the general appearance. Once you manage to consult some of the current best electric string trimmers reviews, you will be able to find the one best suited to your needs.


Black & Decker NST2118 electric string trimmer


Gardening around the house can be harder than ever if you don’t own a pro electric string trimmer that can remove with efficiency weeds that grow along the patios, driveways or pathways. One of the best electric string trimmers under $100 that can precisely handle any type of grass or weed is NST2118 from Black & Decker. This model includes 2 18-volt batteries which allow you to safely get the job done with no unwanted interruptions. It features the unique PowerDrive Transmission that delivers power as the cutting string safely handles any form of the weed, even those located in hard to reach areas.

“So that I keep my garden in the best way possible, making it look stunning, I went and bought this string trimmer from Black & Decker because all the reviews recommended it. I found it easy to operate and right now it is working in a fantastic way for my garden.” – Rachel Rose

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GreenWorks 2121 electric string trimmer


There are millions of people around the world that are putting in a lot of work in protecting the environment. This is why they resort to gardening devices that can handle various jobs around the house but also keep the whole action eco-friendly. One of the best electric string trimmers under $50 is GreenWorks 2121, a model that has the necessary force to handle anything around the yard. It comes with a reliable auto line advanced technology that safely replenishes the worn line as you need to in order to evolve. You can rotate it at 180 degrees in order to edge around sidewalks and also driveways.

“I am satisfied with how this trimmer is working for myself and my garden, plus my yard. It is very maneuverable as well so I can avoid the edge of my driveway so that I don’t damage its blades. Another advantage it has is that it is cheap.” – Erick Moore

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Black & Decker ST1000 electric string trimmer


If you want a great electric string trimmer that combines efficiency with affordability then you should consider using ST1000 from Black & Decker, a model that received positive reviews from thousands of people. Regarded by many as one of the best electric string trimmers under 25$, this model is perfect for small yards or various light trimming projects around the house. The device is powered by a powerful 1.8 Amp motor that can safely operate at an impressive 11.000 rpm. Furthermore this electric string trimmer comes with a long 20 feet long line which is more than enough to go around the front or back yard.

“Simple, durable and efficient these are the 3 qualities which best describe for me the Black & Decker ST1000 electric string trimmer. I trimm everything to the exact length I desire so that my yard looks just like I want it to.” – Henry Carrie

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GreenWorks 21052 electric string trimmer


Trimming various weeds around the house can make the difference between a beautiful garden and an untidy one. This is where a pro efficient electric string trimmer can lend a helping hand. GreenWorks 21052 represents a device that needs considering, packing the power of a 5.5 amp motor which can tackle even the toughest of weeds. The device has a 15” cutting path which permits you to cover a long of ground and more importantly in a short amount of time. It comes with a precise one touch 3-position pivoting head that maintains extra comfort while you trim.

“The GreenWorks 21052 electric string trimmer managed to impressed me in the time that I have used it for my necessities around the yard and because to this point it hasn’t failed me once I recommend it to other people who enjoy to take care of their yard and garden.” – Will Brown

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Worx WG155 electric string trimmer


There are certain jobs around the yard that require more than a subtle touch, making you bring out the “big guns”. Well, today’s best electric string trimmers under $100, Worx WG155 will help you tackle various jobs with ease and without the presence of unwanted limitations. You have the possibility to convert the model into an in-line edger and can be used for a 1 straight before the next charging. The device includes an automatic line feeding system, a precise telescopic shaft and also a completely customizable trimming head. It also comes with a solid 2 year warranty.

“Gardening and taking care of my yard really relaxes me and so that I don’t have no stress while doing it I bought the best equipment like this trimmer from Worx which works for me like a charm. I definitely give it a thumbs up.” – John Stoner


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