Best Electric Toothbrushes reviews

Top electric toothbrushes in 2018


Oral hygiene is important for millions of people in the US today, because a bright smile can open many doors. Young or old, men and women are putting in extensive lengths in taking care of their teeth and improving their health. There are many ways that can enhance the teeth’s whiteness and structure. Oral hygienists and dentists are recommending people to use with confidence electric toothbrushes, designed especially for teeth. Reading some of the current best electric toothbrushes reviews represents the best way to find a great device, capable of improving the teeth health and strength within a short period of time.


Philips Oral Healthcare HX5610


Best Electric Toothbrushes reviewsEveryone knows that Philips creates high quality electric toothbrushes, with the capacity to improve the teeth health. To this end, HX5610 toothbrush represents a shining example of high quality and precision in cleaning teeth. According to recent studies, this electric toothbrush manages to reduce by up to 2x plaque which is very important for the health of the teeth. It has a soft grip handle which allows you be comfortable while cleaning your teeth, while the contoured brush head takes care of the plaque. Within 2 minutes of using the device, you’ll get the oral hygiene recommended by dentists.

“Oral hygiene is very important to me and this is why I have the Philips Oral HX5619 toothbrush, not ony for myself but also for the entire family. It takes 2 minutes for it to clean properly my teeth and because my dentist says our teeth are in excellent condition, I recommend it.” Mary Walters

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Oral B Professional Precision


Oral B is recognized for its expertise in cleaning teeth and removing plaque. To this end, Professional Precision electric toothbrush is recommended by dentists worldwide, impressing through its set of positive results. The electric toothbrush incorporates efficient technology that pulsates in order to break down the plaque and afterwards it oscillates and rotates thus sweeping away the plaque. You should also know that the toothbrush maintains a precise cleaning; reaching even those areas those regular toothbrushes can’t touch. The toothbrush has a battery that allows you to use it by up to 7 days, for around 2 minutes, 2 times per day.

“I had to read some reviews about this Oral B electric toothbrush before I bought it and I really liked the positive opinions about it. I bought it based on these opinions and a couple of months into using it I can declare I have made a solid choice and my teeth are cleaned properly everytime.” Luke James

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Sonicare HX9382/05


Most of the present best electric toothbrushes reviews emphasizes on the fluid functionality of Sonicare HX9382/05, a model which seems to be recommended by thousands of dentists. Taking care of your teeth will become a lot easier, incorporating the high efficient DiamondClean technology. The device features the patented Sonic technology, a precise brush head with diamond-shaped bristles that adds extra efficiency in cleaning plaque. It has five cleaning modes in order accommodate the user’s needs. The toothbrush is equipped with Sonic technology that cleans with around 31.000 brush strokes per minute thus improving the regular cleaning process with ease.

“I bought for myself this electric toothbrush from Sonicare and I am really impressed with the way my teeth look after I have used it for some time now. The advantages over a regular toothbrush are imense and I recommend it to other people.” Helene Huntington

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Waterpik Pik


If you want to use one of the best cleaning toothbrushes out there, then you should use with confidence Waterpik Pik, a model that keeps your teeth clean and white. More than just a simple electric toothbrush, this device was designed to deliver a powerful and gentle plaque removal. It has an impressive bristle speed that significantly removes plaque, thus enjoying superior stain removal option. Due to the ergonomic design, the toothbrush is very easy to control, delivering a 2 minute brushing system with positive results. The model comes with 2 year warranty and is rechargeable, thus setting aside the need for batteries.

“I have had excellent results since I have started using this toothbrush and besed on my whiter than ever theeth I recommend it as a solid solution. The only thing I have to do is turn it on, run it through my mouth for 2 minutes and the result is amazing.” George Cruise

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Spinbrush Pro


It’s important to have by your side a professional electric toothbrush in order to have clean teeth without plaque or yellow stains. According to the latest best electric toothbrushes reviews it seems that Spinbrush Pro can help users obtain clean teeth fast while enjoying a comfortable cleaning process. The toothbrush needs to be charged 30 hours straight before you use it the first time. This powerful model comes with 2 precise moving heads that can clean and thus remove plaque fast. You should also know that the brush can precisely clean deep between teeth and deliver healthier gums and a whiter smile.

“The advantages of using a electic toothbrush were clear to me so the only thing I needed to do was to choose one model and I went for the Spinbrush Pro. I like it more than others because it had 2 moving heads instead of one, so twice the fun.” Rachel Brown

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