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Expert Buying Guide on Electronic Pulse Massagers


A pulse massager is a useful medical therapy device that everyone can benefit from using regularly. These devices stop pain by sending electronic “pulses” to the affected area using electrodes in order to stimulate them. But pulse massagers do not only help people who are suffering from chronic pain, but also help athletes avoid injury by relaxing their muscles and can even act as a strength-training aid. If you are interested in purchasing your own pulse massager, you need to do your homework before you make your choice, to ensure that you are getting a unit that meets your requirements. Here are some of the features you need to be aware of:

Best Pulse Massager

What modes are available?

There are two types of pulse massagers – Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulators (TENS) and Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS). TENS work stimulating the nerves in the affected areas in order to release pain-alleviating endorphins while EMS stimulates the muscles to relax them.


What setting features are available?

If more than one person will be using the massager, you should make sure that it has different feature settings so that it can accommodate their individual requirements. For example, you should be able to choose the current level of the pulse you will send to affected areas. You can also consider looking for a unit with channel control so that two persons can use the pulse massager simultaneously. Another useful feature is a timer setting allowing you to determine how long the massager will do its work before it turns itself off.


Is it easy to use?

The pulse massager should have a control panel that is easy to navigate so you will readily be able to access the features without too much effort. The best devices have a control panel with a LED screen that displays the settings.


Is it portable?

This is not necessarily a vital feature but can be a useful one. If you need a quick massage while at work or on the road, you should look for a unit that is small enough to be carried around and has its own carrying case.


Top Electronic Pulse Massagers in 2017


Now that you know what questions you need to answer when you are searching for a pulse massager, you can start shopping for one with confidence. Take a look at our recommendations for the best electronic pulse massager to see if there is one that fits your needs.


TruMedic PL-009 Electronic Pulse Massager


1.TruMedic PL-009The PL-009 has earned some of the best pulse massager reviews mainly for being able to address a wide range of chronic pains and aches. The device uses TENS therapy not only for pain relief but also for stress management, stiff muscles and joints and a variety of other medical conditions. Electronic pulses are applied to the site of the condition using easy-to-attach electrode pads. There are two independent channels that you can use to treat the left or right sides of your body, or two people can enjoy massage therapy at the same time. The device features two independent channels that you can use to treat either the left or right side of your body, or both. Two people can also use the device simultaneously to enjoy massage therapy.

The therapy is controlled using an easy-to-navigate control unit with LED screen. The PL-009 comes pre-programmed with three therapy programs (Knead, Massage and Beat), and you can choose from ten intensity levels based on the level of pain you are feeling. You can also set the timer to deliver the length of treatment time desired. You can easily access the various features using buttons as well as the intensity wheels.

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Santamedical LFM-110


2.Santamedical LFM-110The Santamedical LFM-110 has been recognized by its users as one of the best pulse massager 2017 models for pain relief. It is a professional-quality device available for home use, delivering TENS therapy to affected areas to ensure quick pain alleviation. The LFM-110 features two separate channels that can be used to target certain parts of your body, a wide area or deliver massage therapy to two patients simultaneously. It is appropriate for use not just for those who suffer from chronic pain but also athletes and other physically-active individuals who suffer from habitual muscle pains as a result of exercise.

The control unit allows users to easily access the various features, including five pre-programmed massages as well as settings such as speed and intensity. You can even change functions in the middle of therapy using the clearly-labeled function buttons. The status of the therapy is displayed in the easy-to-read LED screen that also displays the battery level so you’ll know when it’s time to change the four AAA batteries the device uses. The LFM-110 comes with four electrode pads that you attach to the affected area and is highly portable since it weighs just over five pounds.

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HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS Unit


3.HealthmateForever YK15ABThe YK15AB is one of the top rated pulse massagers 2017, with numerous users testifying to its effectiveness in helping them manage a range of health conditions. It has won some of the best pulse massager reviews due to being able to deliver both TENS and ENS therapies. It features fifteen massage modes as well as twenty intensity levels which can easily be accessed from the control device. You can choose from massages like Cupping, Knead, Acupuncture and Scraping and the timer has a default setting of eighty minutes. You can also choose the area of the body to apply therapy on by using the appropriate button. The oversized LED screen displays the modes being used and features backlighting to make it easier to read.

The YK15AB comes with eight electrode outputs that allow you to apply massage therapy to more areas of the body simultaneously or allow two people to enjoy a massage simultaneously. The electrodes are designed to deliver a comparable level of massage therapy to ensure that the benefits are equally enjoyed. The control unit is easy to carry around since it weighs just over four pounds, allowing you to use it at the office or anywhere you need quick pain relief.

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