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Are you shopping for the best electronic typewriter but you don’t want to waste any time? Here are the most important details you have to know to make the right decision. Our team focused on finding the best model available by comparing sales figures, positive reviews from buyers, and other data, and our conclusion is that the NAKAJIMA AE-800 is currently the electronic typewriter really worth the money. The wide carriage accommodates papers up to 17 inches, helping you pick whichever type of paper you want to use. Its 5-line correction memory comes in handy when you want to type quickly, but inevitable mistakes happen. The printing speed is 22 CPS and superior to many other models on the market, so you will feel like your typewriter really helps you be more creative and productive. If the NAKAJIMA AE-800 is out of stock, you would do almost just as well by purchasing the Nakajima AE-710, a model that also offers good performance for the price.



Buying Guide


An electronic typewriter can take you a long way if you just want to write and nothing else, and the purchase of a desktop computer for this purpose only seems like an unnecessary investment. Also, there are plenty of people who prefer working with a typewriter, because they find this kind of machine more reliable and more convenient for their needs. Whether you belong to one category or the other, you probably need a bit of guidance when it comes to what typewriter to buy. See below the most important recommendations for getting the best typewriter for writers.


If you decide to purchase an electronic typewriter, you may notice right off the bat that you have your work cut out for you, seeing that there are so many models available. However, one important aspect you can make use of to narrow down your search is performance. How fast is the machine? Is it reliable? Does it break often?

All these important questions are essential if you want a good typewriter to take home with you or have delivered to your door. A printing speed of 20 CPS and above is highly recommended because you don’t want to feel like writing with the help of your typewriter is a drag. The best electronic typewriter reviews consider performance above all else when they compare different models, so you can count on them to help you in your search.


Useful features

A typewriter is supposed to help you focus on your writing and offer you great features to make everything even fast, more productive and more convenient. For this reason, you should evaluate what features are provided with your purchase. For instance, a model capable of auto centering, underlining and bolding characters is quite handy because it will make no difference from how you would use a word processor on a computer.

While typewriters should not be in direct competition with computers in this area, since they present their unique advantages, you will find that the extras made available make a lot of sense. For instance, the total memory for the number of characters or pages is an essential feature for office work. The higher the number, the better, and you can rest assured that there are some excellent electronic typewriters available that are doing a very good job.

Automatic carriage return is another nice plus that your typewriter should have if you are aiming for nothing but the best. At the end of the line, the carriage will go back to its place without any help from you, which is a great advancement from the old typewriters who needed to be operated by hand. Changing the indent, the spacing, using the caps lock function, and other features can be found on a high-performance machine.


Mistake-free writing

Most cool typewriters on the market will help you with mistake-free writing. They have a memory for correcting a certain number of characters, and they are quite handy for those who like to have a clean manuscript at the end of the day.



Top Electronic Typewriters in 2018


If you do not want to spend a lot of precious time searching for the best electronic typewriters for sale, take a quick look below. These models are highly praised by their buyers because they are easy to use, they are dependable, and they will help you with your office work or writing your next novel.





The NAKAJIMA AE-800 stands out from the electronic typewriters currently available on the market, especially through its broad range of available features. You might not expect a typewriter to do a lot of things, as they seem pretty straightforward machines, but this particular model will exceed all your expectations. The wide carriage typewriter has already managed to make a lasting impression, and its great features recommend it.

The machine can accommodate 17-inch documents, and it is versatile since you can pick what kind of document layout to use. One should take only one look at its printing speed and realize that this model is faster than most typewriters available today. The 22 CPS speed cannot be easily equaled and that says something about how much trust the manufacturer places in this specific product.

With a 5-line correction memory, this model is an excellent choice for error-free writing. Who doesn’t want to have a machine capable of such a feature? There is also a 30-position tabulation memory, for more customization and the best part is that the automatic carrier returns to its place with each line, making things extremely convenient for you.

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Nakajima AE-710


The 15-inch carriage is enough for working with standard layouts, and you will find this typewriter from Nakajima to be on par with all your requirements. The printing method is drop-in printwheel with a capacity of 100 characters, and the machine will help you type fast, as its printing speed is 20 CPS. While there may be faster models on the market, the Nakajima AE-710 strikes a great balance between pricing and performance, which means that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

The keystroke buffer is 30, allowing you plenty of convenience for fast typing. Productivity is key when you have to use a typewriter and, in this regard, the model reviewed here does not disappoint at all. The pitch selections are broad, so further customization is possible. Another thing that must be talked about is the correction memory.

Everyone loves mistake-free writing. This simple feature can make or break the decision to purchase a certain typewriter. In this case, the 700-character or 10-line correction memory capacity highly recommends this particular model as one that is really worth the money. You can also erase words or characters.

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IBM-WW-3 Wheelwriter


You may not expect much from a reconditioned typewriter, but the truth is the IBM-WW-3 still offers great performance, even if it is not produced anymore. Of course, it all depends on how well the machine is reconditioned, but the seller guarantees that their units are reconditioned and tested by specialized professionals. You don’t have to take their word for it, though; the seller includes a new machine warranty with your purchase.

That means that you get the same warranty as you would when purchasing a brand new typewriter and that says something about how much trust the seller has in the reconditioning work done by their technical team. Also, you must keep in mind that IBM is a name to be reckoned with and even one of their reconditioned series is still capable of surpassing other typewriters sold on the market.

One thing you should know about is that the IBM-WW-3 comes with a more than fair share of features. The 72-character correction memory is handy and reliable, and you can make use of the auto centering functionality, as well as its ability to work with standard tabulation and margins. All in all, this reconditioned model is really worth the money.

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