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If you’re here just to find the best evaporator cooler and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. After looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity we have concluded that the Honeywell CO60PM is the best unit for sale because it cools naturally and efficiently which is beneficial to the environment and helps you save money on your monthly electric bill. Since it fits easily into an open window there is no installation required, and it can even be used to keep you cool outdoors. It comes with a connection for the continuous water supply and this also makes it the best choice for hot arid climates. If the Honeywell CO60PM is not available, you could consider the Honeywell CO30XE as it is the second best option.



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An evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is a cooling appliance that uses the natural process of water evaporation to cool the air. It is an economical, low maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to your standard air conditioner, thanks to its lower acquisition and operating cost. This is a breakdown of the different aspects you should look into when buying an evaporative cooler.

1.Honeywell CO25MM


Right size

You will need to choose the right size evaporative cooler to ensure adequate cooling capability for your living space. Choosing a unit too small for the space will make the machine pull in a huge amount of energy just to keep up with the demand for cooling. On the other hand, a unit that’s too big may simply be overkill. When choosing the right size, look at the Cubic feet per Minute or CFM rating. The CFM denotes the amount of airflow passing through the cooler every minute. A higher CFM rating denotes faster air cooling as well as better space coverage.

To find the CFM rating, simply take the cubic footage of the specific room where the unit is to be placed and divide that value by 2. Meanwhile, the cubic footage of the cooling area is equivalent to the room’s square footage multiplied by the ceiling height. To ensure optimal; cooling, you will want the evaporative cooler to cool the air at the CFM rating you get in the computation. For best performance, do not go anywhere lower than what is needed, so a value slightly larger is preferred. Other factors that could nudge the CFM higher would be a higher than standard ceiling height than 8 feet, exposure of the room to direct sunlight during the day, more than 2 occupants in the space and the presence of heat-generating appliances in the room.



Right capacity

Should the CFM rating of the evaporative cooler not be specified by the manufacturer, you can always refer to the capacity of the appliance. Expressed in number of gallons, the unit’s capacity provides a general idea of the space size the evaporative cooler can handle. Water capacity is unlimited with models that are window mounted or that feature direct hose hook-ups, such as what large, portable units come with. Typically, small bedrooms, home offices, kitchens, sitting rooms and other small areas just need a model with 1 to 3 gallons capacity.

For medium-size areas including sunrooms, dens and living rooms, you will want a unit with 3 to 7 gallons capacity. Large areas and multiple rooms are best outfitted with a unit offering 7 to 12 gallons capacity. Outdoor living areas including pool areas, large decks and patios will do well with an evaporative cooler boasting from 12 to 16 gallons capacity, while commercial and industrial spaces such as restaurant decks, sports fields, construction sites, aircraft hangars, farming applications and manufacturing plants need over 16-gallon capacity evaporative coolers.

2.Honeywell CO25MM 52


Features and Maintenance

Convenience features make evaporative coolers easy to operate. Setting precisely to a specific cooling temperature is easier with a digital control panel. Multiple cooling speeds let you enjoy cool air faster by giving several options for you to choose from. Your can direct airflow to the exact spot to ensure optimal coverage when the unit is equipped with oscillating louvers that can either be manually or automatically adjusted. Weatherized cabinets allow both indoor and outdoor use. An ice compartment enables you to put ice cubes in it for an enhanced cooling effect.

Small models come with a removable water reservoir that can be emptied on the sink. Some units are equipped with a hose hookup or pour-in design for straight filling. A remote control system lets you adjust settings without the need to walk over to the evaporative cooler. You can program the unit to switch on and off at specific times of the day if it has a timer, which can also be a fantastic energy-saving feature.

Moving a portable unit is easy if it has casters that allow transfer from one room to another so every area of the house gets cooled. Models with ionizers can freshen the air up because they generate negative ions. Large allergy-causing particles can be captured effectively while you cool down your living space thanks to the air filtration in some models. Odor filtration can be achieved with activated carbon filters. Some models offer additional modes that enable multiple use as an air purifier, humidifier, fan or heater.

Although they need periodic cleaning just like humidifiers, evaporative coolers should be easy to clean. You will need to do seasonal or more frequent cleaning or replacement of the evaporative cooling pads, to prevent mineral buildup and ensure consistent maximum absorption of moisture. You may also have to replace or clean the air filters.

The market has plenty of evaporative coolers that consumers can choose from, which doesn’t make the buying process easy or enjoyable. Hopefully, the buying guide above has presented enough information you can use to simplify your buying journey. We have also highlighted the best products below.



Top evaporative coolers in 2017


A growing number of people are currently searching for efficient evaporative cooler devices, capable of cooling down different areas. Evaporative technology delivers impressive cooling effects with minimal effort. Today’s market on coolers is impressive, offering people the chance to live in proper temperatures. Still, since there are so many devices available on the market, access to professional information can smooth down the selection process. This is why we tested 25 of the most popular evaporative coolers for 80 hours straight. After the test results came through we were able to draft the best evaporative cooler reviews on five high quality models.



Honeywell CO60PM


Searching for a professional evaporative cooler can be pretty difficult since there are so many products out there. Now, for smooth evaporative effects we recommend the CO60PM Commercial device from Honeywell. This powerful air cooler is ideal for rooms that need a cool breeze. The model is fully weather resistant and consumes less power than more traditional air conditioners. It is perfect to for rooms up to 850 square feet, delivering impressive cooling effects. This particular device can be used indoor and outdoor! It delivers very strong airflowwith the 16 inch fan blades!



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Honeywell CO30XE



Capable of cooling a room up to 320 square feet all while using less electricity than a standard air conditioner this portable unit is efficient and effective. Its sturdy construction allows it to be used indoors or outside so you can stay cool and comfortable wherever you are. It slides easily into almost any open window and it can also be placed in front of a door. The 7.9 gallon water tank will let you know when it needs to be refilled, and you will appreciate the convenience of the top loading ice compartment. Whether you need to add moisture to the air in a dry climate or simply cool down this evaporator cooler might be just what you are looking for.



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Hessaire MC37A



One of the first aspects you’ll notice are the sturdy wheels on the bottom, which makes it easy to move this evaporator cooler around. It is capable of cooling rooms up to 750 feet so you can stay comfortable without having to run your traditional air conditioner. You will appreciate being able to set the timer and the unit will shut off automatically when the cycle is finished. There is even a handy USB port for charging your handheld devices. What really sets this model apart is its oscillating design that ensures maximum cooling.



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Luma Comfort EC220W


Best evaporative cooler reviewstop rated evaporative cooler in 2017 comes from Luma Comfort, the EC220W High Power! This powerful device can deliver instant cooling to areas up to 650 square feet, which is quite impressive to say the least. It is one of the most powerful evaporative coolers out there, with a heavy-duty system which draws air from the outside and releases it through 3 cooling pads! Furthermore, the device also safely filters airborne particles and improves air quality. It is good to know that the device uses up to 80% less energy than a standard air conditioner. This particular device is designed out of UV-protected ABS plastic for extended use!



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Honeywell CO25MM


1.Honeywell CO25MM

Utilizing relatively less electricity than your standard air conditioner, the Honeywell CO25MM can cool a room measuring up to 462 square feet while also being usable outdoors. Designed for use in hot dry climates and where air humidity is low, this model comes with a non-compressor system that naturally cools the air efficiently with 1270 CFM airflow. It needs no permanent installation and works more effectively when operated with the doors and windows of the room open. Outfitted with a 6.6 gallon water tank along with a continuous water supply connection, this model offers direct filling and less frequent emptying. The built-in overflow protection prevents ugly spills and messes.



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Honeywell CL25AE


The current best evaporative cooler reviews underline the efficiency of the CL25AE from Honeywell. This powerful air cooler can be used to cool down homes and even workplaces in a natural manner. It is perfect for cooling down rooms of 250 square feet in offices or homes. Now, our tests showed that the air cooler consumes only 230 watts of power. The model has a user-friendlyinterface which helps people operate the device. It works absolutely wonderful in dry and hot conditions. Due to the 4 resistant caster wheels people can easily move it from one place to another.



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Luma Comfort EC110S


One of the best evaporative cooler in 2017 was released by Luma Comfort, the EC110S Portable model. This stunning device has a stylish design which permits people to place it anywhere in the room. The air cooler can cover 250 square feet, lowering temperatures to 20-30 degrees without problems. Because the cooler is portable, people can take it from living room, to bedroom, garage and office with ease. This particular device includes three different fan speeds, 7.5 hour timer and special 3 cooling modes for a customizable cooling experience. With this evaporative cooler people won’t have to worry anymore about hot days!



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Products that are no longer available -> models from 2015 or older



Living Basix LB400


Choosing the new evaporative cooler is easier than one might think. The LB400 portable air cooler from Living Basix has helped thousands of Americans to enjoy cool temperatures. It can be used in homes and offices, covering areas of 250 square feet! The device is a safer and cheaper alternative to air conditioners. Due to the advanced cooling system, the evaporative air cooler circulates fresh and cool air in any room. Everyone will absolutely enjoy the refreshing breeze that goes around the room every day. ETL-listed, the air cooler includes advanced ultra-absorbent cooling media with precise easy to use digital interface.