Best external hard drives under $100


Top rated cheap external hard drives


There are millions of Americans that have personal computers and need additional devices in order to enhance their daily computing experience. The live connection with the internet has made it pretty hard to store all the stuff that people consider interesting. This is why, a growing number of men and women are searching for external hard drives in order to make room on their primary PC memory. Fortunately the market is packed with a lot of models, from which people choose one from. Consulting a few of the latest best external hard drives reviews represent the quickest way to find a high quality product, capable of providing additional memory.


Western Digital My Passport external hard drive


Best external hard drives under $100It is imperative for you to have a high quality external hard drive, capable of storing movies, games, documentaries and TV shows with ease. Today, a growing number of people use with confidence Western Digital My Passport external 1 TB hard drive. This reliable device would be a great addition to your PC. It offers USB 3.0 connectivity port, automatic and cloud backup system. The data you store on the hard drive is password protected and includes hardware encryption for added security. As one of the best external hard drives under $100, this device works great with Windows 7 and 8.

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Seagate STBU1000100 external hard drive


You can never have enough space to store various files such as movies, TV shows, documentaries, games, music and documents. This is why you should have a closer look on Seagate STBU1000100 external hard drive. Considered one of the best external hard drives under $100, this device can keep copies of everything you need protect. All of your digital files will be kept in a protected space, far from prying eyes. The hard drive gives you 1 TB of storage capacity and also an impressive Spindle Speed 5400 RPM. It also features 3.0 USB port which permits people to maintain quick data transfer rate.

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Toshiba HDTC610XK3B1 external hard drive


Toshiba electronic devices are known for their high quality and efficiency. To this end, seeing Toshiba HDtC610XK3B1 among the best external hard drives under $75 comes as no surprise. Thousands of men and women use this hard drive in order to store various files, important but that don’t have room on the primary PC memory. The device offers a roomy 1 TB of storage capacity and you can transfer files ultra-fast through the 3.0 USB port. You should also know that the hard drive includes Internal Shock Sensor and Ramp Loading technology for additional security and stability to your hard drive.

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WD Elements external hard drive


When it comes to your daily computing experience, nothing less than high quality can be accepted. Out of the many external hard drives available on the market, we recommend you use without hesitation WD Elements external hard drive, a product very popular within the PC communities in the US. Simple, reliable and easy to use, this product helps you transfer various data from one place to another without problems. Designed by Western Digital engineers, the device incorporates USB 2.0 interface for easy access and storage system. It utilizes WD GreenPower technology and also is EnergyStar certified, meaning that the power output will be small.

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Buffalo HD-PCT500U2/B external hard drive


Are you searching for a high quality external hard drive that will help people store various files? If you are, then you should consider using Buffalo Technology Inc. HD0PCT500U2/B external hard drive, a reliable device which keeps files safe and secure. This model comes with a super-slim design helping you take the hard drive wherever you need. The hard drive from Buffalo Technology includes Turbo PC that enhances file transfer rates by up to 2x times faster than the regular USB 2.0 portable drive. It also includes ECO manager system that conserves energy and also battery power for a long period of time.

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