Best Facial Steamer Reviews for 2018


Busy schedules and tricky finances often prevent people from going to high-end spa salons. Individuals who are interested in getting a facial from time to time can benefit from owning a facial steamer, that they can use just as if they had a spa in their own home.

Choosing one of the top 5 products of the line relates to estimating your own needs and preferences. Some steamers can be used both for hair and for facials, while others feature both hot and cold steam. Reading some of the best reviews out there can also let you know what features you need to look for.


Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer


1.Secura S-192This Secura model is an investment for people wanting to buy the best facial steamer on the market today. For the features it comes with, it provides great value, considering its somewhat friendly price of less than $130. The neat thing about the unit is that it can be used for your hair and for your face. It comes with a built-in ozone generator, which largely contributes to it being utilized as a room humidifier.

The model can be used with a variety of conditioners or face masks and moisturizers.

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Secura S-199 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer


2.Secura Nano IonicThis unit is destined for people wanting to benefit from the same services they would otherwise pay for in beauty parlors. The model is known to unclog pores and remove dirt, grime and even oil from the surface of the skin. The nanotechnology it comes with makes it the perfect alternative for individuals struggling with acne and other skin-related conditions.

Steam sessions of this one generally last around 10 minutes. After being plugged in, the machine manages to produce steam in a matter of seconds. It can be used with serums, oils and facial gels.

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Esthology Salon Facial Steamer


3.Esthology SalonAlthough it’s a little more expensive than the aforementioned Secura products, the model does a great job at cleaning users’ faces. Considering the fact that it comes with a 22oz water reservoir, it can even be used in spas. Regular tap water can be introduced in the device without it ever suffering from calcar clogging.

Since facial steamers open up pores, it’s imperious they are sterile. This model comes with a UV ozone production which protects users from any nasty microorganism. Buyers have characterized as being the best affordable professional model.

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Salon Sundry Tabletop Ozone Facial Steamer


4.Salon SundryDon’t be fooled by the basic looks of this Salon Sundry model. It’s one of the top rated facial steamers out there. It comes with a 14-ounce water reservoir, which largely contributes to the 30-minute steaming session users can benefit from. The heating power of this one is 450 watts. Since things can get a little messy while completing your beauty routine, the manufacturers have included an anti-drip nozzle.

Thanks to its small size, buyers claim they take the unit on the go. As characterized by various customers, it’s reliable and sturdy.

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Esthology Professional Salon Multi-Function Ozone Steamer


5.Esthology ProfessionalThis model is larger-sized than any of the previously described ones. It comes with a shipping weight of 44.4 pounds and its height is an inconvenience when it comes to home storage. Consequently, it addresses beauty salon owners and professionals. Users are advised to use distilled water with this one.

The net advantage of the product is that it comes with its own lamp, which can be used either as a light, a magnifier or the both at the same time. Steam and ozone functions are included. 1 year warranty with this one.

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Icarus Jocasta Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer


6.Icarus JocastaIn spite of its friendly price, the Icarus model comes with the same features of high-end professional devices. It even features a twistable arm. Vapor and ozone functions can be turned on and off separately. In case you forget about turning the unit off, it will do so on its own whenever the water reaches the minimum level. This contributes to the long lastingness of the item.

Thanks to an adjustable height and a run time of 30 minutes, this is one of the top 10 facial steamers on the US market.

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Silver Fox Portable Mini Facial Steamer


7.Silver FoxThis Silver Fox is among the most affordable products of the line. It’s been named one of the most reliable portable mini steamers. It comes with ozone and aromatherapy integration. Steam and ozone must be turned on and off separately. The arm model can be extended according to the preferences of the user. The product is lightweight and dependable and is known to dilate pores so they’re properly cleaned.

Even though the device is capable of producing steam for more than 10 minutes, people with dry skin are recommended to use it for less than that.

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Panasonic EH-SA33-P NanoCare Facial Steamer


8.Panasonic EH-SA33-PPanasonic is a world-known Japanese brand that’s been in the business of manufacturing electrical devices for almost a century. This one might look like a more expensive steamer, but it comes with amazing performance. Buyers claim that it does a great job at opening pores, and utilizing it with a moisturiser or a mask will undoubtedly increase the smoothness of the skin.

Users are advised to use distilled water with the unit, because tap water is likely to produce mineral clogging and eventually damage the device. This is a hot steamer.

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Giantex Aromatherapy Ozone Ionic Hot Facial Steamer


9.GiantexThis model is chic, slim and easy to use. Its height is adjustable easy to put together. Considering the fact that the unit creates ionogenic vapor, it can have a beneficial effect on skin suffering from a microcirculation deficit. As is the case with the Icarus Jocasta model we were describing above, this one is also capable of shutting itself off whenever the water reaches a dangerous level.

Based on the reviews it gathered, there really isn’t anything bad worth mentioning about this model. It’s said to be a great choice for facial massage.

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Kaito Nano Ionic Facial Steamer


10.KaitoIf you don’t want to spend a fortune on a facial steamer, this model’s for you. It can often be bought for a little less than $50 on Amazon and does a great job at providing facial comfort and increased moisturization, as well as room humidity. As for cleaning skin, it’s one of the most efficient units out there. It manages to get rid of dirt, grime and oil. Users are allowed to apply facial gels, moisturizers and serums on their skin.

The Kaito brand is offering a one year warranty with this model.

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