Best Family Game reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best family games money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. Family games are a classic way of engaging and having fun with the younger members of your family. With so many games for kids and families on the market, you may feel a bit at a loss when trying to find one that works simply great for everyone at home. We want to help you out in your endeavor, so we have gathered a lot of information on the best family games out there. According to the data we found, which includes owner’s feedback and social media comments, the following two games are, for sure, worth paying for.

The Say Anything Family Edition is our first choice for a lot of reasons. A game that has already amassed 30 awards under its belt, this one is very popular with kids and parents alike. You will find this game the ideal choice for birthday parties and evenings spent with the family. The average match duration is 30 minutes and the game is geared towards kids aged 8 years old and above.

If you cannot find the aforementioned fame, one of the best kid friendly games you can play with your young ones is the Beat The Parents. Offering kids the best opportunity to show their knowledge, this one is plenty of fun.



How to select a new family game


Family entertainment has changed tremendously over the last years, and board games and cards are not everyone’s favorites anymore. Video games are no longer just the realm of teenagers ready to shoot their way through whatever qualifies as enemies nowadays, from aliens to zombies. There are many video games that are perfectly capable of bringing families together and help parents and kids have fun together. Of course, planning a game night with the kids requires some preparation, and finding some suitable family video games is part of this process. The following buying guide will help you out with your selection.1.North Star Games Say Anything Family

Check the ERSB rating

One major concern for parents is finding a game that is appropriate for the age of their kids. They certainly do not want anything that is too violent or too scary. Your best guide in this respect is the ERSB rating that comes stamped on all the video games sold on the market. ERSB stands for Educational Software Review Board, and one of their responsibilities is to properly rate video games, based on the age group of players. Common ratings are “Early Childhood”, “Everyone”, “Teen” and “Mature”. By simply checking the label, you will be able to tell whether a game is suitable to play with your kids or not. The “Mature” rating refers to extreme violence of language or on screen, gore, sexual innuendo and so on, and such games should be played only by players of 17 years of age or older. More on each rating can be found on the ERSB’s official website.



Our top choices:


The best family games currently available

TitlePriceNumber of playersRatingBest price:
North Star Games Say Anything Family
$$3 - 6A+Amazon
Spin Master Games Beat the Parents Board Game
Family Pastimes Harvest Time
$$2 - 4BAmazon
Electronic Arts Hasbro Family Game Night 3
Electronic Arts Family Game Night 4: The Game Show



Encourage your kids to be more active

Luckily, gone are the days when playing video games meant only being stuck on a coach and fiddle with a remote so that the characters on the screen could engage in certain activities. Now, there are many games that encourage players to be active instead of passive. Video games like “Dance Dance Revolution” stimulate players to follow a sequence of moves so they can reach a higher score. With obesity among youngsters on the rise, it is a good thing that there are such video games available.

The Wii console is also a great choice for playing games that engage kids and adults in physical activities. These sports games are a lot of fun and they help lose weight in a healthy and fun manner; they help with the development of certain abilities, such as balance. As you can see, if you want your kids to be more active, you will have some games to choose from.



Go for educational gaming

The best part about video games created for children is that a good part of them are oriented towards educational purposes. You will be able to stimulate your kids’ abilities and have them learn new things, provided that you are bringing some game night games to the table that are capable of combining fun with education. There are many video games focused on teaching languages, math, and other sciences. If your kids see learning as a fun process, they will exercise their young minds and they may even discover that they like certain things. As a parent, you will be able to emphasize the importance of learning outside the classroom, through means that will not have your kids bored and constantly asking for something else to do.2.Spin Master Games Beat the Parents Board Game

Game genre

If you are going after the fun factor, then you should know that there are many different game genres to choose from. Here is a short list that will get you started.

Action and arcade games are the kind of game where a character you control is jumping, hopping, running and doing all kinds of stuff in order to collect cards, coins, special bonuses and so on. Such games can be a lot of fun for parents and kids, since they will be able to compete against one another.

Classic games are nothing but games that take after card and board games that until not so long ago were played in physical form. In case there are games you have a strong feeling about, you can now play them in digital format and have your kids enjoy them, too.

Racing games are another genre that is much loved by kids and parents alike. Fun surprises can be scattered along the way, in the form of prizes and bonuses, so not only the competition, but the ride is also very entertaining. Competing against other players, even online, is possible, and you will find yourself glued to the screen just like your little ones.

Find below the most popular family games that you can play with your kids on your special game night.



Top family games in 2017


There are many games that families can play during special reunions. The need for relaxation and fun is understandable. A good and interesting game can strengthen the bond between family members. We took the liberty to study the makings of over 30 family games. After over 3 days of extensive research, we drafted the best family game reviews on five major products that won’t let you down. Once you know exactly what each game has to offer, you will find one that respects your family’s uniqueness. You need a family game that offers interesting hours of fun and bonding joy.



North Star Games Say Anything Family


One of the top rated family game in 2017 was released by North Star Games: Say Anything Family. This game will get your family on a wave of fun, laughs and bonding. This popular adult party game offers players the possibility to settle questions. You will be able to debate interesting and spicy things. For instance, you will find questions like “what magical power would you like to have” and so on. With this game there are no wrong answers, only opinions worth respecting. Everyone will have the chance to say hilarious and interesting things. This is the game to play during adult parties!



Buy from for ($15.67)




Spin Master Games Beat the Parents Board Game


Most of the present best family game reviews underline the fun pack of Spin Master Games Beat the Parents Board Game. This superb family trivia game offers parents and children the chance to go head to head and discover their strengths and weaknesses. It is basically kids vs grown-ups one on one. Everyone has the opportunity to answer different questions about kids issues. Still, there are also questions to children from adults. The game includes 101 question cards, 32 kid wild cards, 32 parent wild cards, 1 player guide, 4 Mover pieces and 1 game board. You will be amazed by the stuff you’ll find out!



Buy from for ($11.89)




Family Pastimes Harvest Time


Are you searching for the best family game in 2017? If your answer is yes then you might want to use Family Pastimes Harvest Time. This family game offers an innovative gaming experience, offering to each player a chance to grow a small garden of 4 vegetables. Players need to harvest vegetables before winter period. The gardens are planted and everyone rolls the die in order to begin harvesting. It is a challenging game that packs intrigue and strategy. This game needs cooperation, so players have to help each other in order to harvest vegetables before the clock runs out and winter comes.



Buy from for ($14.92)




Electronic Arts Hasbro Family Game Night 3


According to recent testimonials it seems that more and more people use with Electronic Arts Hasbro Family Game Night 3 in order to have fun. As the best family game in 2017, this classic board game offers players the chance to experience fun moments. Each gameplay from Clue, The Game of Life, Yahtzee Hands Down, Mouse Trap and Twister, packs a lot of interesting and captivating moments. This game continues some of the most beloved board games with an interactive interpretation. Addictive and family friendly fun, the game guides players in a world of fun and enthusiasm. It offers multiplayer support for 4 players!



Buy from for ($68.91)




Electronic Arts Family Game Night 4: The Game Show


There are many games which your family can use in order to have fun. Looking at current statistics it is easy to understand why so many American families own Electronic Arts Family Game Night 4: The Game Show. This multiplayer party game contains reinterpretations of 5 classic board games like Sorry! Sliders, Connect 4 Basketbal, Scrabble Flash, Yahtzee! Bowling and Bop It Boptagon. The game contains in-game currency and optional PlayStation Move support for added fun and excitement. It also includes 2 person multiplayers, for head on confrontations and fun. You will be able to play the game right alongside friends and family members.



Buy from for ($36.01)