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Top fire pits in 2017


If you want to spend the night  in the great outdoors during a winter night, the thing you certainly need is a fire pit to get warmth, and prepare foods on it like marshmallows, grills or barbeque. While going through the best fire pits reviews, you will know about different types of fire pits of different price ranges. It’s only you who makes the decision which one to get. We have made the top five list of best fire pits in the market. Behold the list!


Heininger 5995


Best Fire Pits ReviewsThis is a nice looking portable fire pit and gives off a good amount of heat. You will need to bring a propane tank along with the fire pit. This pit produces a moderate level of flames which is enough for a family. You can pack it within 10 minutes after you have finished using it. It burns very clean and does not emit any smell. The length of hose pipe is sufficient and you will be able to keep the propane tank in a safe distance from the flame. This unit topped of best fire pits reviews provides great quality service for a low price.

“For whenever I go camping with my friends we always take with us my fire pit, the Heininger 5995. Because it doesn’t produce a smell and emits a lot of heat, makes me consider it to be extremley useful for any camping group. I recommend its use for the great outdoors.” – Henry Woods

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Landmann 28925


The Landmann 28925 is an amazing outdoor fire pit. It’s too easy to assemble and manage. You can add wood through a large pivoting door, and also it is very easy to clean the ashes. The spherical fire pit looks like a floating fire ball in the air when filled with flame at midnight. This item offers you a 360 degree view of the flame. You can prepare grills, barbeque, or marshmallows in the flames of the pit. This whole thing is made of sturdy steel material ensuring durability and support. The price is reasonable making it a top choice.

“I think this fire pit from Landmann is the perfect thing from camping and among the things it has over other fire pits is its metal ball construction which surrounds the actual fire. With it I can even prepare food, making it for me the ideal choice.” – William Burns

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Strathwood JDT-799-42


The Strathwood used cast-aluminum managed to make this durable yet surprisingly lightweight round dining table shaped fire pit. The pit is kept in the center of the table to delight guests and family members. It is an A category item for those customers who investigate a lot before making a purchase. When you read best fire pits reviews, you will have some idea about the appropriate outdoor fire pit that you need. You can have this round dining table along with fire pit option only spending around $300.

“Searching for a reliable fire pit I came across this table with a fire pit in the middle, which I just had to have. Its style is absolutely magnificent and for a complete metal frame it is surprisingly light. Even when it rains this table can keep the fire burning.” – Chris Dudly

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Char-Broil 10501573


If you want to set fire outside on a winter night, sit around the fire with your family, and warm your hands while talking, then get a Char-Broil fire pit for camping outside with your family. Easy to fill in option allows you to place three nicely sized logs without removing the top screen. The fire bowl is made with high quality stainless steel with black powder paint on it. You can set this thing up without any difficulty. This authentic piece has a very low price, surprising for its great features.

“This Char-Broil fire pit from my point of view has all the characteristics a top fire pit should have. It allows a three log fire to burn inside its classical looking frame which is painted with a nice coat of powder paint. The affordable price made it a bargain for me.” – Jack Landis

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AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC


The AZ Patio Heater fire pit comes out in the size of a nice looking table with the ability to produce heat very well. The fire looks very real with the extra logs and puts out wonderful warmth with a great glow. Antique bronze finish is used on the table. It is a little bit complicated to assemble the whole thing. Overall, it is a great thing to have in your home during winter. You have to spend not that much to purchase this fire pit.

“For my patio this heater does its job like no other, keeping it warm when we are outisde and the temperature drops a little bit under the comfort zone. I must also point out that the design is very modern as well.” – Erick Andrews

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