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Top fire starters in 2017


There are thousands of campers that love going in the heart of nature for days. For them such trips represent a chance to relax and enjoy quality moments with friends and family members. Still, any responsible camper understands the importance of having proper equipment. Starting fire is vital to the overall camping experience and for this reason many individuals want to find the best fire starters out there. In order to help people discover the ideal product we attentively tested 30 efficient fire starters. After 80 hours of tests we managed to draft the best fire starter reviews on five specially selected products.



The Friendly Swede Magnesium every camping trip someone has to have a professional fire starter. We recommend The Friendly Swede Magnesium fire starter, a product very popular among campers. This is a useful tool that can help people easily start fire. The package contains the following pieces: 3 x flints with magnesium, 3 x serrated metal strikers and also 3 x 17.5” long chains. The fire starter should be used in a contained campfire. It is very easy to use, providing people the chance to start up fire within a short period of time. The sparks will fall on the magnesium pile and safely start the fire!



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Light my Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army


According to the present best fire starter reviews, it seems that any responsible camper could use the Light my Fire Original FireSteel Armywithout reservations. This fire starter is simply amazing! Designed to replace traditional methods of starting fires such as matchbooks and lighters, this professional fire starter delivers an impressive 3.000 degrees C spark! The FireSteel can build fires in just a matter of seconds, irrespective of weather conditions. This unique fire starter can deliver up to 12.000 strikes! Furthermore it is approved by the International Survival Instructors Association. Hunters, campers, survival experts and even fishermen will find this tool more than useful!



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Gerber 31-000699 Bear Grylls Survival Series


With the best fire starter in 2017 anyone can stay warm during camping trips. We are not surprised to see so many people use the 31-000699 Bear Grylls from Gerber. Designed in direct collaboration with survival expert Bear Grylls, this fire starter is perfect for camping, scouting and also hiking trips. This tool has a small and compact design which makes it very easy to use. It is good to know that the fire starter features a metal striker and special ferrocerium rod! Furthermore in the package there’s also a complete air rescue instruction and Bear Grylls survival pocket guide, which come in handy during rough camping trips.



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UST BlastMatch


Selecting a top rated fire starter in 2017 can take some time given the multitude of options out there. For quality results and unmatched fire starting sparks we recommend the UST BlastMatch Fire starter. This powerful device can produce fast super-heated sparks! It can also deliver 3 times more heat than standard matches. The fire starter can be used to safely light up wood, paper, bark, tinder and cloth. Due to its unique construction the fire starter can ignite an impressive fire irrespective of the weather conditions. In order to prevent accidental ignitions, the fire starter has a safety thumb button which needs to be pushed for fast sparks!



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UST Sparkie


How to find the best fire starter in 2017? Well, more and more campers use the Sparkie fire starter from UST. This powerful lightweight fire starter has an easy one-handed operation! It can be used even in harsh weather conditions due to the waterproof construction. This fire starter weighs 0.8 oz with a special rubberized grip, offering heightened control during each fire ignition system. Almost anyone can use this high quality device in order to easy start fires. Made in the United States of America the fire starter from UST has a built in carbide striker and special spring loaded flint!



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