Best Fish Finders with through Hull transducer


Furunu LS4100 Fish Finder w/Dual Frequency Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer


As someone who makes a living out of catching fish, I need a device that can help me find the perfect spot for a great catch. That’s why I am really excited about this fish finder device that can locate fish underwater through detection of reflected pulses of sound energy. I checked the internet to find out which products would be great for me to use and the top rated portable fishfinders reviews helped me a lot. I compared the most popular items and I have here a list of five of the best products I found.




According to the top rated portable fishfinders reviews, the Furunu LS4100 is a convenient and efficient fishfinder that is ideal for fishermen and fishing hobbyists alike. It is a fish finder that is designed for small scale fishing which has dual frequency properties. The bright LCD screen produces high-definition display and is waterproof and it provides remarkably detailed images. Its dual frequency function accommodates 50 and 200 KHz, and it has a 300 W RMS output power which is very impressive.


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The reason why this is one of the best fish finders with through Hull transducer is because it has basic display modes allow you to choose between single Low or High Frequency, A-scope, Bottom-Lock expansion, Dual, Bottom Zoom, Marker Zoom, as well as Nav Data display. You can choose from these operating modes or you can also choose manual mode. There is also an option for two auto modes where you can choose between fishing or cruising. The cruising mode is better than the fishing mode because, unlike the latter, the cruising mode utilizes clutter reflection setting which is higher than the other, making it useful to track the bottom even while you are cruising.


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You can change the range for the Furunu LS4100 either manually or automatically. It has the ability to redraw the whole echogram and show the contour seamlessly. This is why it is one of the most innovative and the best fish finders with through hull transducer. It has a very special ability to be a convenient organizer for navigational purposes that you can connect to specific sensors. It displays the necessary information such as the temperature of the water, direction and speed of the wind, The latitude and longitude details, XTE, distance travelled, and other details in either a text or graphical format. Its Mini-Navigator function allows it to store a maximum of 12 waypoints with a customizable programmed name. It is made of high quality materials and it has waterproof properties. It has a picture resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and it presents the target in 4 gray tones.

Considering a very competitive market, the Furunu LS4100 has done well in keeping its place as one of the best portable fish finders in 2018. It has great features, it does its job very well, and is sold for a very affordable price.


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