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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best fishing boats? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best fishing boats on the market by looking at reviews written by owners and experts alike, overall value for the money, brand reputation and social media comments. Out of the products we have looked at, the Intex Seahawk 4 came up on top of all the other fishing boats available for sale. Made of tough PVC that resists punctures and abrasion, this is the type of fishing or leisure boat you can really count on, no matter where you choose to spend your vacation. The model comes with its own inflation pump, so having it up and ready is done really fast and easy. You will notice that there are two holders for rods, so two people can fish at the same time, without stepping on each other’s toes. In case the Intex Seahawk 4 is no longer available or it is out of stock, you can always go for the Intex Excursion 4, which is similar in quality and performance, and it can serve as a reliable fishing boat.



How to Choose a New Fishing Boat


Fishing is a great pastime and one that you can enjoy together with your friends and family without spending a great deal of money. However, certain gear and equipment are needed and you cannot go fishing without rods and reels. While not as essential as rods and reels, a fishing boat can make your vacation time so much more enjoyable, because it will allow you to move from the shore and on the water, in your pursuit of that elusive fish that you may take home as a trophy. Many anglers do not even think about leaving home without their fishing boat in tow. This buying guide will help you identify the type of fishing boat you want and you will be able to enjoy your next fishing adventures more if you pick one of the models selected by us.

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A fishing boat is usually smaller than other boats but this does not mean that it does not take up some room. A good recommendation would be to get one the many inflatable models, currently available on the market. They are easy to store away when not in use and they are easy to inflate and put to work once you get to your fishing destination. Plus, carrying it around does not require anything special, since you can store it inside the trunk of your vehicle. As far as size and capacity are concerned, we recommend getting a model that can accommodate several people, since you may not want to go alone on your fishing trips. Out of all the models we read about, those with four people capacity appeared to be the most popular, since they allow you to put together a group of friends and embark on a great fishing adventure.


Find the best boat:


ProductLengthMax capacityPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat
113 inches480 lbs$$$A+Amazon
KL Industries Sun Dolphin Pro Fishing Boat
102 inches550 lbs$$AAmazon
KL Industries American 12 Jon Fishing Boat
Best Fishing Boats Reviews
144 inches510 lbs$$$$B+Amazon
Pelican Bass Rider 10E Fishing Boat
122 inches515 lbs$$$$$BAmazon
KL Industries Sun Dolphin Sportsman Fishing Boat
113 inches480 lbs$$$$$CAmazon




A fishing boat is quite a small investment, so you surely do not want one that will not resist to some wear and tear. Salt water can cause some damage, and occasional punctures can also lead to unfortunate incidents, so you need to make sure that the model you want to purchase will not let you down when you least expect it. If you go for an inflatable model, see if it is made of high quality materials capable of withstanding wear and tear. Resistance to abrasion scores points in the favor, but it is best to look for manufacturers who care about their customers and use nothing but the best materials in their products.




A fishing boat is not a simple boat; what make it stand apart are the accessories and the features that come along with it. For instance, a fishing boat should have plenty of open space, to allow you to cast your line without being hampered by anything. A nice storage space for all your catch would be great, as well. A few rod holders work like a charm, because they allow you to bait more fish at the same time. Oar holders are a must have, because you will put less effort into moving the boat, in case you are going for a model that does not have a motor and it needs your power to move over water. For inflatable models, an inflation pump is needed and it is a good point for the manufacturer who includes one with the total price of the boat.

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Fishing boats can be simple, manually operated, or models with an electric motor that delivers more power and help you cover a lot of water within a short time. Especially if you go to fish on large bodies of water, you may want to consider an electric model. Here you can find different models, as well. Some have the motor mounted inside the hull, others have to motor outside, while others have jetboat engines.

We hope that the above information will help you find a fishing boat exactly to your liking. You will find showcased below the best fishing boats currently available on the market. Sporting great performance and convenience, they will make any fishing trip a much more enjoyable experience.



Top fishing boats in 2017


Do you love boating? Or maybe, do you love fishing? Regardless of the case, the rest of this article can prove to be helpful. You will gain insights about some of the models that have been recommended in the best fishing boats reviews, including the models that will be mentioned below.



Intex Seahawk 4


1.Intex Seahawk 4

This is a nice fishing boat that you can use for fishing on lakes, as well as for leisure trips on calm waters. The material the Intex Seahawk 4 is made of is 30-gauge PVC vinyl, which is very durable and it successfully resists abrasion and any kind of impact. Capable of accommodating 4 people at the same time, this is quite a spacious boat you can easily carry with you on trips, because it is easy to store inside the trunk of a car. The two pole holders and the inflation pump are great additions that make this model really great.



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Intex Excursion 4


2.Intex Excursion 4

Another reliable fishing boat from Intex, the Intex Excursion 4 is renowned for its superior comfort and sturdiness. The available two fishing rod folders allow two people to fish at the same time or for you to leave some rods on standby, while you are trying to lure in other fish. The seat cushions come with backrest and they are very comfortable, so it is a real pleasure to use this boat. Other nice accessories and features include motor mount fittings, oar holders and a gear pouch. For people who want to take a small dive in the water, the all around grab line allows them to stay close to the boat.


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KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat


This is another option that has received favorable feedbacks in many of the best fishing boats reviews that have been published in the past. The versatility of this product is one thing that makes it an exceptional choice. Aside from being useful as a fishing boat, it can also function as dinghy and utility rowboat, among others. More so, another thing that has been a reason for the high level of satisfaction of its users is the rugged construction of the unit that makes it able to withstand even tough boating conditions. It also helps in extending its functional life.



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KL Industries Sun Dolphin Pro Fishing Boat


This is one of the most economical choices found in the market, which is one of the reasons on why it is commonly chosen by those who do not have a lot to spend in a fishing boat. It is a good choice if you are looking for something that is compact and light. This means that it is not too bulky. Hence, you will not have too much of a problem in transporting it to your boating destination. In different reviews about the product, there were also many people who have expressed their satisfaction with the fact that it is built using high quality materials that are reflective of its durability.



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KL Industries American 12 Jon Fishing Boat


Best Fishing Boats ReviewsAmong other things, the generous seating area of this fishing boat is one thing that makes it highly recommended in many of the reviews that have been published in the past. This means that it is excellent in terms of comfort as there is sufficient leg room for you to move. Another thing that makes it good is its ability to meet all of the US Coast Guard requirements, which mean that there is no need for you to doubt the safety of such. It is also a good thing that it is lightweight, making it easy to transport wherever you plan to go on your next boating trip.



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Pelican Bass Rider 10E Fishing Boat


This model is designed with two swiveling and molded seats that will allow you to easily move while you are in the boat. It is also designed with tackle compartment that will provide you with space for some of the accessories that you need to bring in your fishing trip. There are also rod holders that will keep the rods within access. It is also integrated with beverage holders that can keep the container of your drink in a stable position, and hence, preventing spillage. As you read the top rated fishing boats reviews, you will easily realize how this is able to transcend other models in the market.



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KL Industries Sun Dolphin Sportsman Fishing Boat


If you are still evaluating the different choices that are available when it comes to the best fishing boats in 2017, this is another option that you will surely not regret choosing. From the way that it looks like, you can easily tell that it is sturdy. It has an adjustable and removable swivel seat that can be positioned based on what is most comfortable for you. For sure, every boating trip will be a memorable one, whether you are on your own or with someone else. It also has protective handrails on the side and it offers generous amount of space for your legs.



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