Best Fishing Reel under 100


How to Select One of the Best Fishing Reels under 100


Buying the best fishing reel under 100 is a tricky thing to do, particularly since the market is flooded with many models with different features. Users can often times feel befuddled and can risk picking the wrong unit on account of an incomplete research. Trust our advice and try to spend as many hours as possible on reading reviews and specifications of various fishing reels. Consider your needs and preferences before anything.

Best fishing reel under 100

Fishing reel body

Even though the body of the reel can be made of a large variety of materials, some of the most high-quality ones are graphite and cast aluminum. The material can impact the overall cost of a fishing reel. Gear-box housing, support arm and a mounting foot are included in the body, so it’s better to stick to a top-notch one.



Some cranks can be transferred from the left to the right side of the reel, thus allowing left-handed individuals to utilize them as well. One of the crucial features of the handle is the anti-reverse, which offers solid hook sinking and locks the crank so that it only turns forward.


Other details to consider

Look for info related to the spool, drag, bearings and gears.


Top Rated Fishing Reels under 100


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed models on the market today, which are considered to be the best fishing reels money can buy. All of the following units are dependable and durable and have gathered the appreciation of both American and worldwide customers alike.


Okuma Avenger ABF-65 Spinning Reel


1.Okuma Avenger ABFThe Okuma Avenger ABF is most likely to be the best fishing reel under 100 we have come across during our research. Both the construction and the materials that were utilized in manufacturing the unit are corrosion resistant. To make operation smoother, the reel has six sealed ball bearings, which are made with stainless steel. The bait feeding system is truly cutting-edge, as it allows fish to pick up the bait without experiencing the drag of the reel.

The Okuma Avenger ABF can be purchased in any size ranging from 20 to 90, thus accommodating various applications.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this product.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this reel. First of all, more than 75% of the people who have chosen this product were satisfied with their purchase and provided 5-star ratings. Buyers praise its smooth quality of reeling and sturdy craftsmanship. Various individuals claim they have been using this unit for more than a year and are still impressed with how well it runs.

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Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel


2.Zebco Omega ZO3PROThe Zebco model is one of the cheapest ones we have come across. Prospecting customers can safely purchase it on Amazon, as it is a trusted online retailer which sells it at a friendly price.

The unit features an ergonomic design. As previously stated in the buying guide, purchasing a reel that speaks both to left-handed and to right-handed individuals is a plus, and this particular item comes with this exact advantage.

Other appealing features include the 3X positive pickup system, the aircraft-grade aluminum covers as well as the triple-cam multi-disk drag system. All the gears of the reel are 100% made of metal.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on the Zebco Omega ZO3PRO.

Almost 90 buyers have been impressed with the quality standards set by this fishing reel, so much so that they thought it was worthy of a 5-star rating. Users praise its smooth cast, as well as the choice of handles. For the best results, some people recommend utilizing high-end Stren mono line.

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Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel


3.Shimano Spirex RGShimano is a world known brand, which takes pride in designing and developing many types of high-end products, from bicycle gears to fishing reels. From the three models we’ve decided to showcase, the Shimano is the most affordable one.

The unit is easy to use even for beginners and amateurs. This reel has a propulsion line management system. Additional attractive features include a power roller III, a quick fire II one-handed casting system and varispeed oscillation. As is the case with the ball bearings of the previously mentioned Okuma Avenger ABF, the ones on this reel are also stainless steel. The frame is lightweight and made with graphite.

A whopping 77% of the people who have purchased this item provided 5-star ratings. Buyers speak highly of how inexpensive it is and how they’ve managed to make bass/walleye fishing a breeze with the help of the Shimano Spirex RG. According to many individuals, the reel provides fast drag tuning, causes no wobble and is remarkably easy to use.

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