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Fishing is a passion that starts out as a hobby and slowly becomes an extension of one’s life. There are millions of Americans that love fishing. Such men and women do their very best in order to learn new tricks and determine which instruments to use whenever they go out fishing. Out of the many fishing instruments that people need to have by their side whenever they go out down the river bank, one is very important: fishing reel. This is why we are not surprised to see thousands of fishermen search for efficient fishing reels, which can enhance the whole experience. Reading the latest best fishing reels reviews would help anyone to find the most efficient model.


Okuma Avenger fishing reel


Best fishing reels under $100As you probably have noticed the market is filled with various models of fishing reels that can become with ease your fishing “assistant”. Out of those products, you can use with confidence Okuma Avenger fishing reel, a carefully designed bait feeder that will roll in more and more fish as the hours pass. Considered one of the best fishing reels under $50, this model allows for the precise disengagement of the spool and also free-running line without opening the bail. You will have tighter control over the fishing line, controlling the basic movement of the target, due to the multi-disk drag system.

“This light and reliable fishing reel from Okuma has been in my possession for some months now and I have never lost a fish because of it so far. It is light as well thanks to the materials from which it is built and I am satisfied about how it works for my fishing.” – Henry Thompson

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Shimano Spin fishing reel


When it comes to fishing people are very attentive about their actions in order experience quality results. This is where, one of the best fishing reels under $100, comes into play: Shimano Spin Reel Clam fishing reel, a model very popular among American fishermen. This advanced fishing reel comes with the following line capacity: 6/170, 8/120 and 10/100. Furthermore the maximum drag is 7 lbs, supports a weight of 8.6 oz and has an impressive gear ration of 4.1:1. Once you go out fishing with this reel you will be able to control better the fishing experience and thus pill up fish after fish.

“Shimano has a very good reputation in the fishing world and based on it I purchased for myself the Shimano Spin fishing reel. The 4:1:1 gear ratio is really something and helps me control better the fish when I catch it so it doesn’t get away.” – Gregg Withers

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Penn Battle fishing reel


Every professional fisherman knows that without an advanced reel, the line won’t hold. This is why upon reviewing some of the top products currently available on the market, we recommend Penn Battle fishing reel. It is considered one of the best fishing reels under $100, designed to help the quality of each fishing trip. The fishing reel was created for heavy duty actions, coming with solid full metal body and also sideplates that keep the gear alignment. Furthermore the reel features superline spool which keeps the line from slipping. It was also machined and anodized with aluminum for added security.

“The Penn Battle fishing reel was bought by me after I saw a lot of user reviews about it and they  convinced me it was a solid reel. In the time I have used it I have learnt that it has quality and it allows me to have full control over the fish, thus not losing it.” – Jake Morrison

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Abu Garcia Pro fishing reel (B00DHJJOIA)


Are you searching for a reliable fishing reel that will enhance the quality of your fishing trips? Well, if you are then getting to know more things about how Abu Garcia Pro fishing reel works, is an important step ahead. It’s time to develop greater control over your fishing skills and try to determine what to do with all the extra fish. With a low profile, this Baitcast reel is ideal for right-hand fishermen. Using the fishing reel offers an impressive 12 pound and an impressive 145 yard mono spool capacity. The fishing reel is lightweight and was made out of one piece graphite frame with side plates.

“For open sea fishing this reel from Abu Garcia is ideal and I have it in my tool kit whenever I do this type of fishing. The moon spool capacity is of 145 yards which is very impressive for a reel of this size and with this price range.” – Robert Cole

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Daiwa Giant fishing reel


It’s very important to have with you a professional fishing reel, capable of maintaining heightened control during fishing trips. Which is the most efficient fishing reel out of the many available on the market? Today, a growing number of experienced fishermen use with confidence Daiwa Giant fishing reel. Being one of the world’s largest spinner, the reel doesn’t take too much money from your pocket. The model delivers a super line capacity which makes it the ideal choice to have around when fish on river cats, saltwater piers or beach fishing. You will be able to fish with more efficiency!

“The Daiwa Giant fishing reel is simple and has a smooth and solid performance when I use it. What I like most about this reel is the very large spinner, which is unusual for one that has this size and of course the very affordable price range.” – Chris Williams

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