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Top fitness trackers in 2018


In order to keep in shape and stay away from unpleasant situations you need to address some common issues which if not managed properly can really do some damage with time. A fitness tracker lets you know what modifications you need to make when it comes to your lifestyle. Choosing the proper device will be hard especially if you don’t know the first thing about anatomy. Our experts have addressed this issue by going through dozens of the best fitness tracker reviews currently available both on and offline. After thorough research they’ve made a list of five products, each destined to provide as much useful info as possible.


5 models to consider:


ProductImportant featuresPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker
Best fitness tracker reviews
Steps, calories, distance
Caller ID
Continuous heart rate
Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
Sleep quality & silent alarm
Active minutes
Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band
Fitness tracker
Sleep monitor
Polar Loop Activity Tracker
120h average battery life
0.13 lbs weight
Basis Health Tracker for Fitness
Track heart rate
Syncs via Bluetooth with iOS
Advanced sleep Track



Fitbit One


Best fitness tracker reviewsThe device manufactured by Fitbit is currently among the top rated fitness trackers in 2018. It is the smallest one you will find. Even so it still manages to register all important activities including how many stairs you’ve climbed and how much distance you’ve covered. It will tell you how much calories you’ve burned even while walking. It monitors your sleeping pattern and it can act as a silent alarm so as not to wake up the other person sleeping next to you. It even allows you to register certain goals you need to reach. All the info can be downloaded or read on any Bluetooth supporting media device.



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Fitbit Zip


This is Fitbit’s entry-level fitness tracker which despite having a minimalistic design it still comes with many interesting features. It is perfect for both men and women because it comes in four different colors including pink. It is very compact has a generous display. It can easily be attached to any piece of clothing and it will not fall off even when you run. It tracks how many calories you’ve consumed and it also keeps track of things like distance or the number of steps you’ve gone up and down a particular day. It can work with both Android and iOS and it can sync with your computer through its 4.0 Bluetooth technology.



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Garmin Vivofit


This is according to many of the best fitness tracker reviews, one of the most practical and efficient devices of its kind. It is an investment worth making as it is durable and very well-built. It will handle stress and it will not deteriorate or stop working even while coming into contact with water. It will let you know when you stopped being active thus motivating you to at least take a few steps every hour. It is a great sleep monitor as well, being capable of providing useful information regarding your sleeping habits. The battery life is amazing, lasting for more than a year.



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Polar Loop


People who have been using this product say it is the best fitness tracker in 2018. It has a great, subtle design and can be worn around the clock regardless of your outfit. It is constantly giving you feedback when it comes to calories, steps taken and even sleeping patterns. It will record your improvements and all data gathered during the day and it will provide you that information via a dedicated app called Polar Flow. It is designed to resist water infiltration meaning you will be able to use it 24 hours a day including during the swimming sessions. The battery is rechargeable and will last for 5 whole days of constant use.



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Basis Health Tracker for Fitness


This is not only considered the best fitness tracker in 2018 but it is also considered one of the best trackers of the past 5 years or so. It is very easy to use despite the incredibly complex mechanisms it incorporates. It will record all the data you need to improve your health and your lifestyle. It will track heart rate, calories, steps and even things like skin temperature and perspiration which is not something you see with most similar gadgets. It is very intuitive managing to automatically register information while running, biking or sleeping. It works with both Android and iOS devices and it is built with waterproof parts.



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