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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best flashlight? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. A tactical flashlight is a great choice if you are looking for durability and brighter light than what you can usually find in a household model. Since we know that there are many features to keep in mind when trying to get the best tactical flashlight out there, we decided to run a thorough research and see which models consistently rank high in consumers’ preferences and experts’ opinions. This is what we found. The Streamlight 88040 ProTAC is the most recommended choice, because it packs 750 lumens, which is the brightest you can find in the ProTAC series. Besides really bright light, this model offers other advantages, such as selectable programs for users. The pocket clip and holster are welcome additions, as they allow you to carry your tactical flashlight everywhere you go and you are in need of having enough light to see what you are doing. For those who cannot purchase this model because it is no longer available, another good recommendation is represented by the VoidHawk. This is considered by many owners the best rechargeable flashlight, and the best news is that it offers the same great performance without overcharging you. The high quality lithium-ion batteries used are the most important selling point of this model.



Comparison table:


ProductBatteriesLengthPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Streamlight ProTAC 88040 High-Lumen Tactical Light
Best Flashlight Reviews
2 CR123A Lithium5.25 inches$$$$A+amazon
VoidHawk Flashlights Brightest Rechargeable LED Flashlight
2 Lithium ion8 inches$$$$$B+amazon
Streamlight Protac 88031 Black Tactical Flashlight
2 CR123A Lithium4.72 inches$$$Aamazon
MagLite ST3D016 BlackLED Flashlight
3 D-cell12.34 inches$$Bamazon
Dorcy 41-4750 High-Flux LED Flashlight
4 AA-cell7.5 inches$$Bamazon



Buying guide


Flashlights remain a solid choice for anyone who wants to be able to cast a beam of light in order to guide themselves through the dark or whenever the need for some powerful light is needed. Due to the advances in LED technology, nowadays there are many compact, ergonomic and long lasting flashlights that can be used in a wide array of circumstances. The following guide will help you with information on the brightest flashlight you can find right now and what to look for when you are shopping for one.1.Streamlight ProTAC 88040 High-Lumen Tactical Light

Light output

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when you are shopping for a flashlight is light output. You will definitely want a flashlight capable of powerful light, so you can clearly see in the dark when you are using it.

Light output is measured in something called lumens. The number of lumens a flashlight is capable of shows you information about the light intensity as it is provided by the flashlight. Things are not exactly simple when talking about the light output of a certain flashlight, and there are several aspects that come into play.

For instance, beam distance is related to light output, in the sense that beam distance shows you information on how far the light will reach. This is something strongly related to the overall performance of a flashlight, so it is worthy of taking into consideration.

You will also want to learn a bit about the bulb type in order to understand how powerful your flashlight will be. While incandescent bulbs can still be found on certain models, the LED technology has pretty much taken over, so you will not have to worry that you will not be able to find one that works for you. The best LED flashlight has high energy efficient ratings, and great light output so you can use it for a large variety of tasks.

The beam type is related to how the light output will be delivered. The fixed type offers a single beam width, and it is a good choice for general tasks, such as going camping and lighting up the way when you are walking through darker areas. The spot type of beam is, as the name indicates, more focused, and it is a good choice when you need a source of light to penetrate through darkness at a long distance. If you want a flashlight capable of doing both, you may go for a model with adjustable beam, so you can use your flashlight for just about any situation you may find yourself in.



Battery lifespan

There are basically two types of batteries you should care about: disposable and rechargeable. Besides the obvious advantages of the latter, as you will not have to have replacements in your backpack all the time, and you will not have to spend money just to keep your flashlight going, there is a certain appeal to having a rechargeable LED flashlight. Lithium ion batteries are very reliable and they reduce waste, which is a great thing in case you are environmentally conscious. They are easy to recharge from any type of outlet, via a USB port, and they are made to last a long time, so there will be no need for you to replace them. Keep in mind that you will have to pay a bit more for flashlights that come with built-in batteries, but you will save money on the long run, since you will not have to pay for disposable batteries.2.VoidHawk Flashlights Brightest Rechargeable LED Flashlight



If you plan on using your flashlight in many different situations, you will need a sturdy model. Search for one that comes with great impact resistance. This means that even if you drop your flashlight from a higher distance, the light will remain functional. Many models are tested for impact resistance nowadays, so it is not very difficult to find one that is highly reliable. Some flashlights are not tested only for accidental drops, but also for being run over by vehicles, or struck with heavy objects.

Water resistance is also something you may want to have in your flashlight. There is a special rating system that will help you figure out how resistant to water the model of your choosing is. The IPX4 rating means that your flashlight can handle some splashes, a rating of IPX7 indicates that your flashlight can be immersed in water for half an hour, and the IPX8 rating is the highest, indicating that you can keep your flashlight under water for several hours.



Top Flashlights in 2018


I have gone through many best flashlight reviews to find out what the best brand have to offer. Let me tell you now that it is better to just gather product information directly from the manufacturers in order to get complete data. LEDs flashlights are popular thanks to the brighter illumination, longer life span and consistently efficient use of battery power. Flashlights with aluminum bodies have greater durability, and are really made for years of use. The intensity of the beam or the flashlight’s light output has to be strong. Based on the research I’ve done, here are five brands I consider highly recommendable.



Streamlight ProTAC 88040 High-Lumen Tactical Light


Best Flashlight ReviewsThe Streamlight 88040 provides 600 lumens of illuminating power and when you take this figure along with the beam distance of 253 meters, you have a winner for the best flashlight in 2018. The ProTAC HL offers the most recent development in LED technology. The relatively compact size of this ProTAC Tactical light makes it the best flashlight to carry around. The holster and removable pocket clip make it easy to tuck the flashlight into a pocket or a bag. This flashlight is practical for the field of law enforcement, emergency medical services, security, sports, and for typical household use.



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VoidHawk Flashlights Brightest Rechargeable LED


The Void Hawk LED flashlight has dual channel charger. It comes with two units of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. This flashlight has a zoom function, making it probably the best flashlight in 2018. This means you can adjust the beam of the flashlight from a wide circle and narrow that down to a small tight square. That’s all thanks to the CREE technology used in the VoidHawk flashlight. A Smart Battery Charger comes in the package so you can be constantly sure the flashlight is on full power. Furthermore, The VoidHawk flashlight has 5 modes ranging from High to Low and with Fast Strobe and SOS signal functionality.



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Streamlight Protac 88031 Black Tactical


Utilizing powerful and highly illuminating white LED light technology, the Streamlight 88031 is honestly one of the top flashlights in 2018. The package includes two pieces of CR123A batteries, so you’ll always have a spare. The flashlight operates on three selectable modes so you’ll always have the right amount of light for whatever purpose there may be. A tail switch allows one-handed operation and easy transition from one mode to another. Don’t be misled by the small size of the Streamlight 88031, for it is a practical illuminating tool that law enforcers and other trade professionals consider indispensable.



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MagLite ST3D016 BlackLED


The MagLite ST3D016 LED Flashlight is a popular choice in the best flashlight reviews. Employing more efficient LED bulb, the ST3D016 LED flashlight runs on three units of D-type batteries. The batteries won’t easily get run down thanks to the flashlight’s Intelligent Energy Source Management, which allows the lighting product to balance high brightness with battery life use. Made of sturdy aluminum alloy, the case is also anodized on both the interior and exterior surface, giving the flashlight unbelievable shock resilience and water resistance. Water is kept away from the batteries due to the premium quality O rings found at both ends of the flashlight.



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Dorcy 41-4750 High-Flux LED


For functional 190-lumens light output, the Dorcy 41-4750 is a practical lighting tool to have in the house. The beam of light reaches up to 1000 feet, thanks to this flashlight’s True Spot Reflector System. The high-flux LED bulb won’t run out of power for a maximum of five hours of continuous run time. Due to the durable material, the Dorcy LED flashlight won’t get damaged easily when it is dropped from a maximum height of 8 feet. There is also a rubber grip on the body so you can hold the flashlight firmly in your hand.



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