Best Flashlight with Laser Pointer Reviews

If you’re here just to find the best flashlight with laser pointer and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have been through a lot of expert review sites and and have checked out numerous owner feedback in order to gather as much information as possible on the best flashlight with laser pointer on the market. Out of all the products we have looked, the Sunlite 51003-SU is the best because of its powerful red laser that illuminates up to 450 yards, which is perfect for those who would prefer to see what lies before them during especially difficult conditions where safety and security are not ensured. With its four lighting modes, this flashlight offers versatility for any condition. The 110,000 lamp hour maximizes the best that LED technology has to offer. If the Sunlite 51003-SU is unavailable, we recommend the second best option, the SAMLITE- LED.



How to Buy a New Flashlight with Laser Pointer


It is wise for any homeowner to have at least one tactical flashlight with laser pointer in these times when anything could happen. It is not just the law enforcer or military person who is able to make the most of this type of equipment because the environment has certainly become uncertain. In order to ensure that your flashlight is not just any other ordinary flashlight, here’s what to really look at in a modern torch.

best flashlight with laser pointer


Light Output

Primarily, light output is an element that is considered in standard Lumens. This is pretty much what most people consider as a measure of light output. However, if you are to be truly technical about it, light output is also influenced by beam distance as well as temperature. The color of light is what determines temperature. Measured in degrees kelvin, light color temperature varies from warm white light to neutral white light and further on to cool white light.

Warm white light is the one at the lowest end of the spectrum at 2600 to 3500 kelvin, characterized by yellowish light such as what an incandescent light bulb would generate. Neutral white light offers a middle ground, where neither blue or yellow colors are dominant. Cool white light, rated at 5000 kelvin and higher, is mostly white light distinct for a bluish tint.

How far the flashlight projects its illumination is denoted as its beam distance. This tells you how far ahead you should be able to see before you with the flashlight. Preferences can vary. Where some people would want beam distance to be as big as possible, others would just want a flashlight that offers a wider area of illumination for coverage.


Power Source

Another vital aspect is the flashlight’s power source. You will find batteries that deliver greater power, while others provide a longer life. Some batteries are easily available at a corner grocery store, while others are only sold in specialty tactical equipment stores.

Disposable alkaline batteries are standard size fuel cells, available in triple A, double A, C and D sizes. There’s not much power that can be expected from these types of batteries compared to other types, but easy availability is their selling point. Expect a shelf life of two years with disposable alkalines.
Disposable lithium batteries are virtually the same as alkaline ones, but the level of power output is higher and with more power at the onset, they are designed to be longer lasting as well. With a shelf life of about a decade, lithium batteries are ideal for bushwhacking, preppers and survivalists. The high selling price of lithium fuel cells can be prohibitive, though. They are not to be confused with lithium ion batteries.




The primary purpose of the flashlight should be considered carefully when deciding on the best size for you. There has to be a good balance between power and size to suit your needs, so whether you want a pocket flashlight with laser pointer or a much bigger one depends on your principal application for the implement. Small flashlights are 10 to 12cm long. Medium flashlights are between 12 and 16cm long, with most running on two batteries. Large models measure more than 16cm long and can be backed with multiple settings and LEDs.



Top Flashlights with laser Pointer in 2017


There are so many tactical flashlights with laser pointers on the market. This can make shopping quite overwhelming, but the buying guide above should help you make an easier choice. We recommend getting any one of the best products showcased below.




Sunlite 51003-SU


1.Sunlite 51003-SU AAAThe Sunlite 51003-SU with red laser pointer offers the rigidity and toughness of a tactical flashlight in an easily pocketable configuration. This water resistant flashlight comes with a remarkable 110,000 lamp hours, which is much longer than what LED home lighting can offer. It offers four lighting modes so you can be prepared for any situation. The light comprises 10 bright LEDs for use as one solid light source or for strobe illumination. The 5 green LEDs can provide a softer and more subdued light source.

The red laser projects to a maximum of 450 yards so nothing can jump at you from ahead to extremely surprise you. This tool uses easily available triple-A batteries, which are included in the package for out-of-the-box functionality. The flashlight body is made of anodized high-strength aluminum to ensure toughness in any condition. The anti-roll design provides easy and problem-free handling in the roughest situations.


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1.Sunlite 51003-SU AAAThe SAMLITE- LED flashlight with laser pointer is designed with a green light for hiking, camping and nighttime use. This flashlight comes with five brightness modes to suit every setting and purpose. It has a LED white light for solid illumination, a green light for less demanding applications, and a UV blacklight for fraud and counterfeit detection, human waste and pet stain detection, and document verification and identification. There is very little that can get past this flashlight.

The flashlight delivers super bright illumination thanks to its dependable LEDs that provide extreme functionality for a variety of lighting applications. You can confidently use this tool in the outdoors and in the home to ensure safety and readiness for any eventuality. The magnetized base offers all-purpose hands-free use so handling is easy no matter what the situation may be. The flashlight has a rainproof design with an anticorrosion layer to ensure adequate toughness for the most demanding situations.


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Performance Tool W2444


3.Performance Tool W2444The perfect flashlight for a variety of applications, the Performance Tool W2444 boasts an extra-bright CREE XM-L2 lifetime LED bulb that delivers breakthrough efficacy and lumen output. Operating on 9 double-A zinc batteries, which are included in the package, the flashlight is ready for use right out of the package. Equipped with a heavy-duty aluminum housing, the flashlight has a black tactical design that makes it suitable for the toughest, most demanding outdoor applications and indoor purposes. It boasts a special Pro-Focus design that enables adjustment from flood to spot configuration for long distance lighting. This tool offers versatility in use as a flashlight and a spotlight, with ability to change from one use to another easily.

This model features a safe mode for 25 percent running, a full mode for 100 percent use of power and a strobe mode. The sleek, black tactical design makes it an ideal implement for the most demanding situations. It has the ability to cover a large area thanks to its 1000 lumens capacity.


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