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What to Consider When Buying a Comfortable Foot Rest


Sitting in front of a desk for hours on end easily takes its toll on your back and legs. Bad posture is the main culprit for lower back pains and other discomforts, and how and where you keep your feet plays a major role in this. A good foot rest can help you sit more comfortably and improve your posture. This way, you will be able to combat chronic pains and leg and back problems, and enhance your productivity when you sit at your desk. The following guide is focused on providing you with reliable information on how to pick a great foot rest for your needs.

Best Foot Rest

Cushioned, non skid surface

When your feet rest well against a surface, your back spine can easily achieve proper alignment. This means that you will no longer experience the nasty pains associated with spending long hours at your workstation. The best foot rest reviews recommend purchasing a foot rest with cushioned surface, so you can sit comfortably for a long time. Also the surface should be non skid, so you do not feel like your feet are sliding on it all the time. This will eliminate any tension in your soles and calves, and the quality of the time spent at the desk will be improved. Also, a skidless model will not move from its place, so you will not create tension in your muscles to keep the foot rest where you need it to be.


Adjustable height

In order for a foot rest to be a good fit for you, it should come with adjustable height. As you well know, people are not created equal and they have different heights. A foot rest may be a good choice for your friend, but not a good pick for you, in case you are much taller. Go for a foot rest with adjustable height, because it will allow you to customize it until you sit in perfect comfort.


Adjustable tilt angle

Another important consideration for your comfort is an adjustable tilt angle. The top rated foot rests 2018 come with an adjustable tilt angle up to 35 degrees, which allows you to pick the perfect configuration for your feet.


Top Foot Rests in 2018


Are you tired of continuous back pains after spending just a few hours at your desk? Consider purchasing any of the following foot rest models that are greatly appreciated by consumers at the moment. Ideal for providing the comfort you are after, these foot rests are very popular and great at what they do.


3M Adjustable


1.3M Adjustable Foot RestIf you are looking for the best foot rest 2018, the 3M Adjustable Foot Rest is simply a great choice. Great for reducing the discomfort and strain usually experienced when sitting at a desk, this model comes with all the features you need in a great product.

The platform is made of durable steel, and the tilt angle is adjustable to up to 30 degrees. You can also adjust the height of the foot rest, so you can achieve perfect comfort. Because this model is so adjustable, many appreciate it as being the perfect fit for them. A foot rest endorsed by important organizations, such as the American Physical Therapy Association, it is highly recommended if you experience pains and fatigue in your back, legs and neck on a constant basis.

Because the manufacturer is convinced of the great quality of this foot rest, they offer a 5 year warranty with your purchase, so you can change a faulty product, or ask for a refund in case it breaks.

Another great plus of this foot rest is its slip resistant surface that doesn’t allow it to move around. Providing you with enough room to place both your feet on it, the 3M Adjustable Foot Rest will greatly enhance your comfort while working.

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Kensington K56144US Solemate Comfort


2.Kensington Solemate Comfort FootrestComfort is of the essence when it comes to foot rests. This particular model is praised by the best foot rest reviews for the superior comfort it provides to its users. The surface on which you rest your feet is made of high quality foam, so you will feel great relief from the moment you will set foot on it. As you may well know, there are several pressure points located on the soles that, when strained, cause discomfort in the entire body. Due to the outstanding comfort offered, your feet and, along with them, your back and neck, will suffer less even when you have to spend long hours in front of a computer.

You can adjust the angle of the foot rest, using nothing but your feet. The lock can be operated by foot, so you don’t have to bend and adjust the foot rest with your hands. The height can also be adjusted up to 5 inches, which is considered ideal for most people.

Using the SmartFit system this foot rest comes equipped with, you can quickly find the most comfortable position for your feet. You will feel much better when working and your productivity will increase.

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Safco 92311 Foot Cushion


3.Safco Foot CushionNot everyone is after a complex foot rest, and they prefer a cheaper option like the Safco Foot Cushion. This foot rest has the shape of a half cylinder and it offers you the possibility to adjust the position of your feet without actually adjusting the foot rest.

Made of medical grade foam, this model offers great comfort for your feet. The foam is hypo-allergenic and it supports the weight of your feet without a problem, so you can experience total comfort. The cover is made of nylon and its non-slip thread makes sure your feet will not slide from the foot rest, causing tension in your legs. A great plus of this model is that you can remove the cover and wash it in your washing machine, for easy maintenance.

When you sit on a chair for many hours, your legs and feet will start feeling tension. This can be alleviated by choosing a good quality foot rest, like this one. Because of its curved shape, the Safco Foot Cushion offers the ability to adjust the position of your feet with ease. The foam construction distributes the weight of your feet evenly, so you will not feel any discomfort.

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