Best Four Wheeler Reviews for 2018


If you want to purchase a four wheeler, there is no shortage of options on the market. However, an ATV also counts for a small investment, so you need to make sure that you are picking the right model for your needs. The following top 10 four wheelers were selected based on customers’ feedback and performance, and we hope that you will find among them the exact model that fits all your requirements. Details like good suspension, durability and power, as well as the fun factor, have all been taken into consideration when creating this list.


TAOTAO Ara-125d Atv


1.TAOTAO Atv 125cc Fully Automatic with ReverseThe TAOTAO Atv 125cc Fully Automatic with Reverse is the best four wheeler you can purchase at the moment for many different reasons. For starters, it is a very inexpensive model, so, in case you are thinking about getting an ATV for your kids, then this is a great pick. Also, putting it together is a breeze and the remote kill switch with alarm is handy to avoid any accidents from happening. A battery charger is included with the rest of the package, so you basically have everything you need in this model.

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TAO atv-250d Atv 


2.TAO Full Size Atv 250cc 4 Gears with ReverseThis full size ATV can successfully be used by adults and it can easily handle heavier users. The performance is really good, and the model is capable of hitting 50 mph, which is quite incredible for an ATV in this price range. Used for farming and hunting, the TAO Full Size Atv 250cc 4 Gears with Reverse is worth every penny. Putting it together is easy and, overall, this ATV is sturdily built so you will be able to use it for a long time without any mechanical problems.

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3.MOUNTOPZ 110cc Four WheelersAnother inexpensive option worthy of being included in our list with the top 5 models, the MOUNTOPZ ATV is a solid choice. You will definitely enjoy your ride in this model that comes equipped with both front and rear suspension and a highly dependable motor. If your kids want to use it, you will not be disappointed with its safety features, either. The foot brake, the remote control, the automatic transmission and the electric start make this model easy to control, in order to avoid any mishaps from ruining your ride.

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TAOTAO  Ata-125f1 Atv


4.TAOTAO Full Size Atv 125cc Semi Auto with Reverse Ata-125f1A speed limiter and dual brakes are installed on this model from TAOTAO, one of the most popular ATV manufacturers at the moment. Although there are more expensive brands on the market, you will not regret purchasing this particular ATV, because of its dependability, ease of use, and fun factor. In case you do not want to end up spending quite a lot on an ATV, consider the Ata-125f1 model from TAOTAO, because it will provide you with great satisfaction for only a fraction of the price other models demand.

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5.MOUNTOPZ 125cc Four WheelersOne of the top rated four wheelers you can find at the moment, the MOUNTOPZ 125cc Four Wheelers is exactly what you are looking for, and even a bit more. Powered by a dependable motor, this ATV from MOUNTOPZ is a mini vehicle that can be used by kids and smaller adults alike. You will be surprised to see how lightweight yet durable this model is. Ideal for driving around the yard or larger farm grounds, this four wheeler is a lot of fun and is sold for an incredibly low price.

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MotoTec 24v Mini Quad v2


6.MotoTec 24v Mini Quad v2A model created for kids, the MotoTec 24v Mini Quad v2 cannot accommodate riders weighing more than 100 lbs. A lot of fun for children, the MotoTec ATV presented here can handle all the bumps on dirt trails, making for a great means of transportation when out in the woods or the countryside. The motor does not reach more than 10 mph, so you do not have to worry about your kids going too fast. A battery charger is included, and a full battery recharge lasts for 6 hours.

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Razor Dirt 25143060 Quad Electric Off-Road Vehicle


7.Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road VehicleThis off road quad is a miniature vehicle that your kids will absolutely love. The high torque gear ratio makes it a fine choice for any climbing needs. The rear suspension is carefully designed so that your kids’ ride is smooth and fun, no matter how bumpy the road ahead is. The all weather powder coated frame is great at facing any kinds of splashes, so maintaining this ATV in top shape is not hard at all. Another thing worth mentioning is that the frame allows for vertical storage, to take little space in your garage.

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Fisher-Price X6641 Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX


8.Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFXYou will probably feel hard pressed to find another toy for kids better than the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX. Small kids can use it in your backyard, enjoying the true feel of a real ATV, even if this is only a miniature model. Two speeds are available – 3 mph and 6 mph – so you don’t have to be afraid that your kids will start turning your yard into veritable racing grounds. Rough terrain is handled wonderfully by this ATV, and your children can enjoy a great thrilling adventure.

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Peg Perego IGOR0045 Polaris Outlaw


9.Peg Perego Polaris OutlawThis ATV has great traction on any kind of terrain, from wet grass to gravel and dirt. With two available speeds and an accelerator pedal with brakes, it is the ideal toy for your kids. Riders must have up to 85 lbs, so it is especially designed for children. So, in case you were wondering what amazing toy to buy for your four year or six year old this year, rest assured that you will not go wrong with the Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw. Your kid’s adventures are about to begin!

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Fisher-Price Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad


10.Fisher-Price Power Wheels Camo Lil' QuadSporting a badass camo paint, the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad will have your toddler embarked on a great adventure right away. Ideal for smaller kids, with a maximum speed of 2 mph on grass or harder surfaces, the model is very toddler friendly and it is a great choice if you have young kids. The built in footrests make it comfortable and the cargo rack on the back is a nice fun addition. Sturdy and reliable, the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad is your best choice for a gift.

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