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If you’re here just to find the best four wheeler and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. Mini size ATVs are kids’ favorites and for all the right reasons. Whenever they want to play, kids will often say that they want to be behind a wheel, and these miniature ATVs offer the perfect opportunity for your kids to hone their skills as drivers from an early age. Seeing that there are quite a few available models on the market, we decided to gather information so we can identify the best 4 wheeler you can find right now. After wading through thousands of consumers’ reviews and experts’ opinions, we identified two particular models that are worth spending money on. The Mountopz ATV-3050C is the best kids ATV you can find right now, according to the overwhelming number of positive reviews from buyers. The durable built of this model highly recommends it, and the overall design is thought to offer a high quality experience to those climbing behind the wheel. Parents are also more than pleasantly surprised with the decent pricing and warmly recommend it to others who want to offer their children the perfect gift. The Razor Dirt is the second choice that resulted from our searches. If you cannot get your hands on the Mountopz model, this one is just as good and offers great climbing features for the more adventurous.



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ATVs are a lot of fun and not only kids love them. The best part about them is that they are really easy to use, since you basically only have to climb on one and start driving. For many, riding an ATV is like a childhood dream come true and there is no wonder so many people are passionate about them. The next following guide is focused on providing you with clear information on what aspects matter most when you go shopping for an ATV.1.Mountopz 110cc Four Wheelers



A very important aspect to consider when you plan on purchasing an ATV is to get the right type for your needs. Next, you will find the most important types of ATVs that are sold now on the market.

Youth ATVs or ATVs for kids are, as their name indicates, the best choice for younger drivers. They are made by manufacturers with the driver in mind, so their engines are not very powerful and they are also more lightweight and less expensive than models for adults. Do not let yourself fooled by the name, though; some competitive models for kids do exist and these ones can pack quite a punch under the hood. For family fun, stick with models that are not difficult to control and are equipped with less powerful engines.

Entry level models are designed for people who like trail riding. Especially if you are new to the world of off road vehicles, you will find such models to be quite friendly for beginners. Some come with automatic transmissions, while others just require shifting. For a casual ride off the beaten path, these ATVs are a fine choice.

Utility models are great for performing various tasks, such as hauling cargo, or for farming tasks. Hunters, fishermen and campers constantly use them and they are often considered the best 4×4 quad option by many people. Great traction and some nice accessories make them very popular.

Last, but not least, sport ATVs are the last type we are talking about, although there are many different sub-types you can find on the market. These ATVs are built with performance in mind, and you should be an advanced user in order to be safe on them and take advantage of their perks to the maximum. They come with full transmission and manual clutch, so they require more skill to drive, but they are the ones scoring highest on the fun scale.




If you are really into ATVs, you will need to learn about engines. Engine size is one of the first specs you will read about ATVs, and knowing more will help you make a better decision faster. Engines up to 70cc are designed for youth ATVs, and they do not yield enough power to be dangerous. Older children, aged 12 to 15, can use an engine of 70cc to 90cc, while engines of 125cc to 250cc, are a great choice for older teens and young adults. Also, if you are the type of casual rider and not very fond of the idea of driving a very powerful model, you will find this engine size exactly what you need. Intermediates and experts will be able to choose from models with engines of 250cc and up.

Take this information as simple guidelines. Experienced young teens with plenty of years of riding ATVs behind will be able to rein in a more powerful engine, without having to worry that they are going too fast. As a more experienced rider, you will find a less powerful engine quite boring, and since ATVs are all about fun, it would be a shame to settle for a model whose engine you outgrew.2.Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road vehicle


When you are shopping for an ATV, you may feel tempted to look more into the best ATV accessories these models come equipped with. You should, however, focus first on the most important aspects. The type of transmission used can be a deal breaker for you, so pay heed to the following information.

Automatic transmissions are a fixture on the ATVs sold today. They make driving an ATV really easy, and there are manufacturers that create really complex automatic transmissions with gear driven systems. Keep in mind that the latter can be pretty expensive, so you will not find them in just about any model.

Manual transmissions are less common and they are mostly used for racing ATVs that require more experience to master.



Top four wheelers in 2017


There are many Americans that want to find the best four wheeler motor, an ideal means of transportation for traveling from one place to another in style. There are many manufacturers which claim that they make the best four wheelers and the average buyer needs to do loads of research before actually buying a model which fits their needs well. The best way of getting the information you need regarding a certain model is to go through the best four wheeler reviews. These will point out which four wheelers come with reliable motors, durable wheels, extra features and creature comforts. The following list highlights the capabilities of five models that we believe are the best on the market.



Mountopz 110cc


Best four wheeler reviewsSearching for the best four wheeler in 2017 can be pretty challenging. Well, we can tell you that one of the best models that you can purchase is the Mountopz 110cc. This tough mini-size ATV is powered by a reliable 4 stroke 110cc motor which ensures a smooth ride and plenty of grunt. It includes a durable double A-arm, front Suspension, drum and disc brakes, and a superb single rear suspension system that keeps every ride smooth. This wheeler reunites advanced safety and utility features (foot brake, electric start, remote control) that keep vehicle operation simple and allow you to focus on the driving.



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Razor Dirt Quad Electric


The current best four wheeler reviews emphasize on the smooth functionality of the Razor Dirt Quad Electric vehicle. This powerful miniature ATV has a compact and sturdy design which can handle up to 120 pounds. You should also know that the vehicle has authentic dirt quad frame geometry and a lot of torque that delivers great climbing possibilities. Even the toughest terrains can’t match the power of this Off-Road vehicle! In addition to the solid construction, this vehicle uses advanced terrain-tracing droop-travel rear suspension which ensures smooth rides. It is powered by a reliable 250 watt electric motor which should be able to handle every day tasks with ease.



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Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw


If you are on the market for a powerful mini wheeler, designed especially for children, then consider investing in the Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw. This top four wheeler in 2017 offers a smooth driving experience, irrespective of the terrain conditions. Designed with durable materials and special riding features, this model offers 2 speeds of 2-1/2 and 5 mph. This powerful wheeler comes equipped with all terrain wheels which give it the ability to ride on dirt, grass, pavement and gravel. It includes a SmartPedal accelerator and automatic brakes which give better stability during each trip, whether long or short.



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Mountopz 150cc Four Wheelers


Today you could opt for the best four wheeler in 2017 from Mountopz, the ATV-3150DX-2 150cc. Why should you opt for this mini ATV? Well, this high quality wheeler is powered by a powerful 150cc engine which helps you master even the toughest terrains. This advanced utility ATV is comes with hydraulic disc brakes for the rear axle and is powered through an automatic transmission with reverse gear. It also gets a fast electric starter. It has everything you need in order to experience off-road fun and it can also do a bit of work if you use it on a farm.



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Coolster 125cc Sports


Time to drive the best ARV money can buy: the Coolster 125cc Sports ATV! This ATV was designed to provide a smooth riding experience. It is powered by 125cc 4-stroke engine which can help you reach an impressive 70km/h. The motor will provide a smooth riding experience, irrespective of the terrain conditions (dirt, sand, mud or pavement). This powerful ATV has a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs. You have complete control over the whole riding experience, thanks to the precise front and rear brake system. In addition to the solid construction, this ATV has an electric starter which comes in handy when you’re in a hurry.



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