Best French Door Refrigerator Reviews for 2017


10.Whirlpool WRX735SDBMFrench door refrigerators are some of the most popular types out there, which is why there are a lot of models available on the market. This is both good and bad. It’s good  because it means that there are more options, and so everyone can find a model that works absolutely perfectly for them. However, it’s bad because it’s very easy to get lost in all the available options and to end up with a refrigerator that’s less than ideal.

In order to make sure that this won’t happen you should have a basic understanding of what sort of features the best French door refrigerator for you will have. You gain this understanding by doing some research.

Then, you’re ready to dive in the world of refrigerators. However, it might still take a while before you’ll be able to find the one, and this is why we decided to help out by searching for the top 10 French door refrigerators and bringing them to you. If you want, you can narrow the list down to your personal top 5, and then come back later and select from there.


Bosch B22CT80SNS


1.Bosch B22CT80SNSThis one’s one of the top rated French door refrigerators out there, and it’s very easy to see why. First of all, it comes with an external ice dispenser, which is absolutely perfect for those who live in warm climates, or where the summer tends to get unbelievably hot, because you’ll always have your own supply of ice.

In addition, it has a shallow design, which its users spoke very highly of, simply because it means that you get to see what you have in the fridge much better.

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2.Samsung RF31FMESBSRIf you have a large family, then this is the product for you, because it has an ultra high capacity of 31 cubic feet. In addition, it has an amazing cooling system, in which there are separate airflows for the fridge and for the freezer. As such, the air in the fridge is kept at a higher humidity, in order to keep perishable fruits and vegetables from spoiling.

Finally, it has an amazing flexzone drawer, which allows you to create adjustable compartments with 4 different temperatures.

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3.GE Profile PFE28RSHSSThis model is great for households with children in them, as it comes with a child lock, which means that it’s perfectly safe for the little one. Not only this, but when you’re getting this model, you can rest assured that you won’t be bringing noise into your home, because it’s incredibly silent. As many reviews noted, there were no problems with noise made by this particular model. Finally, you can rest assured that your food will be safe inside, because this refrigerator provides a very consistent temperature for it.

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5.LG LFX28968STThis model is constantly being recommended by both its users and sales associates in stores. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons for this. For instance, it’s a very quiet appliance; as a matter of fact, you won’t be hearing it at all. In addition, the ice maker works perfectly well, and the dispenser gives it quite readily. Finally, you won’t be harming the environment as much as you would have with other fridges, because this model has a very small footprint.

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6.Samsung RF31FMEDBSRIf you like having parties and barbeques, this refrigerator will be your best friend. That’s because it can make up to 10 pounds of ice each day, and it can store up to 4.2 pounds of it. Not only this, but it’s intelligent design was created especially to save space, leaving more room for party platters.

Finally, this fridge comes with incredibly efficient LED lighting, which will help you see every single corner inside, so that you’ll have a very easy time seeing what’s in there.

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7.SAMSUNG RF25HMEDBSRIf you’ve got a small family, or if you simply don’t have enough space for large refrigerators, then this model is the one you’re looking for. Indeed, it has 24.7 cubic feet, making it small enough to fit most spaces, yet large enough to fit lots and lots of food inside.

With it, you’ll get the same features you would have gotten with the model above, such as the twin cooling plus system, which creates different temperatures and a different humidity for the fridge and for the freezer.

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Frigidaire FFHB2740PS


8.Frigidaire FFHB2740PSIf you’d like something that’s just slightly bigger, then this is your best bet. It comes with an external ice and water dispenser, which is so appreciated nowadays by everyone. Also, you’ll find inside shelves that are made with spill safe glass, as well as a full width drawer and a water filter.

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LG LFX31945


9.LG LFX31945Now we’re going back to the large fridges, so if you need something for a really big family, this is what you should get, as it fits 31 cubic feet inside.  Many reviewers were very pleased with the fact that it’s very well organized, helping you keep your food in order, which will help you lead a healthier life, because you’ll be able to see the foods you’ve prepared, and be more tempted to consume them, as opposed to eating out.





4.LG LFX29945STOnce again, this model comes with the added benefit of having increased humidity in the fridge, so that your perishable items will stay fresh for longer. People talked about how this model has more than enough room for them (one of the reviewers was a member of a family of  5). Other talked about how happy they were with the little door that gives access to some items in the fridge without making them open the whole thing.



Whirlpool WRX735SDBM


10.Whirlpool WRX735SDBMAgain, if you really want an ice maker, then you can rest assured that this model has it, and it works really well. In addition, it comes with amazing LED lighting, which will help you see every little detail inside, whether it’s during the day or during the night. It’s also very quiet, though one reviewer mentioned that it makes a bit of noise when the ice maker works.