Best French door refrigerators under $2500

If you’re here just  to find the best French door refrigerators under 2500 and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best French door refrigerators under 2500 on the market by looking at reviews written by users and experts, overall brand quality and pricing, and the value for the money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Samsung RF26J7500SR came out on top because of its outstanding features. Its stylish stainless steel housing will make it a fine addition to your kitchen, while, at the same time, it will be really easy to keep it clean. The ice and water dispenser is very handy and it helps you save some energy, while still being able to keep cool when the temperatures outside are going beyond comfortable levels. The CoolSelect pantry feature keeps things cool and fresh, so you can enjoy the best and tastiest food all the time. In case the Samsung RF26J7500SR is no longer available or out of stock, you can go for the LG LFXS29626S, which is a solid second choice.



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It is very important to know what you are dealing with, when you choose a new refrigerator for your kitchen. If you already have a designated space for the refrigerator, take out the measuring type and see how wide, tall and deep you need the new model to be. French door refrigerators are very stylish and they are usually slimmer than others, but that doesn’t mean that you should not take a look at the dimensions written in the specs by the manufacturer. This will surely save you a lot of headache in the end, because you will not have to change your entire kitchen layout to accommodate the new appliance. For small spaces, for instance, you will have to get a slimmer model. Be aware that the total capacity of the refrigerator may suffer, as a result, so be ready to make a suitable compromise, so you can enjoy your refrigerator, have it easily accessible and capable of holding as much food as you need it to store.

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French door refrigerators that are currently available for sale are clearly more convenient than refrigerators that come with a single door. By placing the items you need to have quick access to behind the two swing doors, you will no longer experience the common frustration of not being able to find the yogurt you know very well you bought yesterday. A nice thing about French door refrigerators is that they usually come with plenty of shelves and door bins, so finding something in your fridge will really become easy and convenient. Some models even come with an extra drawer at the bottom, in which you can keep the foods you need to be cooler, but not as cool as the ones that must be kept at freezing temperatures. There are plenty of conveniences readily offered by these models, and if you can find one at a decent price, you will be able to enjoy them all.

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A refrigerator is today much more than a cool place for storing food. Manufacturers are battling among themselves to conquer consumers by offering extras, features and functions. Some even appeal to simple changes in style, such as using the black color instead the usual grey of steel, but this is just something concerning appearance and nothing much. More important is to get a refrigerator that comes with extra functions you can use for your convenience. For instance, there are models that come with internal water dispenser, while others with external water dispenser. The compartments inside the refrigerator can benefit from individual treatment in regards to temperature and humidity, which is something that can come in handy when you want to keep your food fresh and tasty. Efficient lighting in the form of LED lights is among the functions expected in a good quality French door refrigerator.

More than anything, though, generous storage options can make or break a unit. You will surely need at least several shelves, on which you can store plenty of food items. Then you will need enough door bins for milk and other drinks, so they are easy to reach. You already know that French door refrigerators come with bottom freezer, but it is a good thing that there are models that offer extra drawers. This is where you can store certain food that you need kept in certain conditions of humidity and temperature.



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Find showcased below the best models that you can currently purchase from the market. They are great units, sold for decent prices that will help you keep your food fresh and tasty, while offering you all the other conveniences associated with French door refrigerators.



Samsung RF26J7500SR


1.Samsung RF26J7500SR

A great product mentioned by many of the reviews of French door refrigerators is the Samsung RF26J7500SR. This model is very popular with users because it offers good compartmentalization and it saves plenty of energy, being Energy Star certified. As any other French door refrigerator, this one is much more convenient to use, since you will be able to access fast the contents of your fridge, by storing all your food and drink items in an orderly fashion.

The Samsung RF26J7500SR is quite a looker, which adds to its appeal. There are many advantages associated with this particular model. The glass shelves are spill proof, so you will not have to work hard to keep the fridge in pristine condition. The door bins are plenty, allowing you to organize your fridge fast and easy, so you can reach for any item you want with zero headaches. What is more important, your fruits and veggies will be fresh and tasty all the time, due to the CoolSelect Pantry feature that this model comes equipped with. An external ice and water dispenser makes this refrigerator even more convenient, because you will not have to open the doors to get water or some ice cubes.


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The second model on our list is the LG LFXS29626S. This French door refrigerator is on the larger side, with a capacity of 29 cu feet. You can rest assured that you will be able to store all your groceries inside the fridge, since there is plenty of space to go around. While being so spacious on the inside, this LG refrigerator still manages to have a low impact on your kitchen layout. Due to its Slim SpacePlus system, it is sleeker on the outside than what you may expect from a model with superior capacity.

The stainless steel housing contributes to its appeal, and it also makes it easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth and you will wipe away all the dirt and grime that may accumulate fast and without putting in extra effort. On the inside the refrigerator is equally easy to clean. The glass shelves are spill protected, so you will not have to worry about them getting awfully dirty. Another great plus of this particular model is the ice and water dispenser that allows you to save some more on energy consumption, since you will not have to open and close the refrigerator each time you want to have a glass of water.


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3.GE GNS23GSHSS 22.7

For those who want a lower capacity model, the GE GNS23GSHSS is just right. With a capacity of 22.7 cu feet, this stylish French door refrigerator is ideal for people who want to save up space in the kitchen. Because of its low profile, this model does not take up a lot of room, so it will be easy for you to accommodate it in your home. The glass shelves are handy as they are adjustable, so you will be able to customize, at least to some degree, how the interior of the fridge is organized. This model comes with a quick freeze shelf, which is quite handy, when you get home with food purchases that need to get cool right away. Also, for the times when you want to make homemade ice cream or other frozen desserts, this shelf will help you obtain the best results.

The GE GNS23GSHSS also comes with an internal water dispenser, so you can have fresh tasty water anytime you want. The dual level interior lighting saves a bit on energy consumption and it will help you reach all the items you need for a recipe or for consuming on the spot, even when you do not want to turn on the light in the room.


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Samsung RF4287


Best French door refrigerators under $2500It’s important to have in your home an advanced refrigerator that can add a touch of elegance in your kitchen. One of the best French door refrigerators under $2500 is Samsung RF4287, a model with an impressive 28 cu. Ft. capacity more than enough to place all of your food, vegetables and drinks. The model has a thin-wall insulated technology which delivers more space, which makes it very easy for easy storage and clean organisation with no problems at all. This refrigerator is ENERGY Star compliant letting you save a lot of money when the energy bill comes in at the end of the month.

“ A central piece of any kitchen is the refrigerator where all the food and dinks are stored. For me I wanted something with a modern design as well besides its top features and the perfect model for me was the fabulous Samsung RF4287 with its french door style.” – Linda Danielson


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KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS


One of the best French door refrigerators under $2500 can be yours, KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS. The model features an advanced refrigerated drawer; completed by 5 adjustable compartments that permit you to customize it to fit anything you want, starting from small treats to large party trays. The refrigerator incorporates ExtendFresh temperature management system in order to fully keep the food fresh. This particular model uses sensors in order to freeze with precision, thus ensuring that all the ingredients remain to the right temperature in order to maintain the optimum taste and food texture. In addition, the refrigerator comes with a reliable Ice and Water dispenser.

“The KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS french door refrigerator has really proven to be a top quality kitchen essential which I recommend to anyone who can afford it. It has a compartment for any type of food and they are always kept at the ideal temperature by it, like a top fridge should do.” – Samantha Scott


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Whirlpool WRX735SDBM


Easy to install and manage, Whirlpool WRX735SDBM is an affordable but powerful alternative to other more expensive French door refrigerators. Thousands of Americans recommend this model because it’s reliable and can be used with confidence day after day in order to keep food safe and under the optimal temperature. You won’t regret installing this advanced refrigerator in your home. It is a monochromatic stainless steel device, which resists to other harmful agents that endanger its integrity. With a modern design, this French door refrigerator has a roomy 25. cu feet which is more than enough to store vegetables, fish, meat, milk and anything else you might want.

“Reading reviews really helped me make the right choice when it came to a refrigerator and this was the Whirlpool WRX735SDBM. I like most about it the excellent set of features, the beautiful desing and also last but not least the Energy Star capability.” – Laura Martens


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Samsung RFG237


There thousands of American families that have in their kitchens Samsung RFG237 French door refrigerator, a model that impresses through its high quality design and great operating system. The model comes with twin cooling plus systems and also a Surround Air Flow that keeps everything inside fresh and under the right temperature. The device incorporates Power Freeze and Power Cool in order to safely provide the right temperature to the content of the fridge. In addition to its solid structure, the French door refrigerator from Samsung comes with a precise cool select pantry and also cool tight doors.

“I am really glad I managed to get this refrigerator from Samsung for my home because it had everything I desired from one. It has different compartments for different types of food. Also I bought it because it was Energy Star certified, meaning it doesn’t consume as much energy as other refrigerators.” – Mike Johnson



KitchenAid KBFS25EWMS


It’s time to install in your kitchen a high quality French door refrigerator that will help you take better care of the food you want to eat. You have the possibility to get one of the best French door refrigerators under $2000: KitchenAid KBFS25EWMS, a model that has an impressive 248 cu. Ft. which is more than enough to store any type of food. This refrigerator comes with an adjustable Spillproof glass shelves where you can place bottles of milk, juice or anything else you might want. You should also know that the device comes with precise humidity controlled crispers and also reliable ice maker.

“This french door refrigerator looks and performs wonderfully in my kitchen. The huge capacity lets me keep a wide variety of foods and drinks in it, which I couldn’t normally keep in a regular sized fridge. The controls are all digital which are a nice touch to an already excellent refrigerator.” – Gregg Lawrence