Best front load washing machines under $1500


Top rated cheap front load washing machines


The time where laundry rooms represent a suite way to clean clothes is over, especially now when there are such powerful washers. With a professional washing machine people do their choirs in the comfort of their home without anyone watching. This is the why thousands of people are now trying to find an advanced front load washing machine, with the capacity to clean a lot of clothes without any problems whatsoever. Once you manage to consult some of the current best front load washing machines reviews, you will be able to find a suitable model, perfect for your daily cleaning needs.


LG WM2650HRA front load washing machine


When it comes to cleaning clothes it is important to use a washer that won’t scramble your clothes. You have the possibility to use one of the best front load washing machines under $1500, LG WM2650HRA, a model that has a 3.6 cu. Ft. large capacity which is more than enough to place your clothes. The washer is equipped with neverRust stainless steel drum it is powered by Direct Drive Motor, taking care of shirts, pants, socks and any other piece of clothing you need washing. It has an impressive 1200 rpm power, 9 washing programs and also 5 temperature settings, thus keeping the fabric intact.

“LG have really outdone themselves with the creation of this front load washer, which not only has excellent cycles and options for my clothes, but also a very nice design. The whole thing in my opinion doesn’t even cost that much.” – Samantha Griffin

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LG WM3455HW front load washing machine


You can’t dispute that LG quality and precision is top notch. If you are looking for a high quality front load washing machine, capable of washing clothes with ease then you should start using LG 2.7 CF. This model has 2.7 cu. Feet capacity which is more than enough to clean a lot of clothes within a short period of time. The washing machine has 9 wash cycles for different types of clothes and also 6 dry cycles. In addition, LG 2.7 comes with 1300 RPM spin cycles speed, maintaining a cleaning operation without making noise, due to LoDecibel Quiet system.

“The front load capacity was what made me buy it in the 1st place, because I have a large family and I want to clean all the clothes in a few turns. I find it very easy to use and at the same time I find it to be very reliable, cleaning all the clothes in a proper way.” – Ruby Johnson

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GE GFWH1400DWW Front Load Washer


For a very affordable price you can purchase this top washing machine from GE which has a very impressive set of features. It has multiple washing cycles that are excellent for removing tough stains from clothes made out of different kinds of fabrics. This way you can also protect the fabrics and make your clothes last for longer periods.  The 4 cu. ft. of front load capacity make it perfect for large households. But even though it has top performances it still is energy efficient and will not add too much on your bills.

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Panda Portable dryer


In the present, more and more people are trying to find a high quality dryer with the capacity to dry fast clothes of any type. Panda portable device is a exactly what you need in order to deal with all of your cleaning projects. Seen by thousands of people as one of the best dryers under $300, this compact cloth dryer apartment size model has a roomy 8.8 lbs and also a solid 2.65 cu. Feet and also a 120 V which allows plugging it anywhere. This model is made out a stainless steel tub and comes with 4 dryer precise temperature selections, in order to accommodate to any type of cloths characteristics.

“This great little washer is ideal for my little apartment, not taking up room at all. My clothes are well taken care of and really I don’t have one negative aspect to say about it. Also this is very affordable, excellent for students in dormrooms or small apartments.” – Will Sandres

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Maytag MHW6000XG front load washing machine


Best front load washing machines under $1500It can pretty difficult to find a professional washer, given the wide array of models available on the market. Yet, there some models like Maytag MHW6000XG front load washer bring out the best in quality washing. Regarded as one of the best front load washing machine under $750 from the ones available on the market, this 27” model has an impressive 4.3 cu. Ft. capacity. This pro washing machine includes 11 washing cycles and also 2 powerful cycles like PowerWash and Allergen Cycle. You should also know that the washer is Energy Star CEE Tier III qualified which means you will save money at the end of the month.

“Keeping my clothes looking great and clean is very important to me because it gives me more selfconfidence. This front load washer with a very futuristic design and some excellent high tech features manages to do just that, making me proud of my choice for a washer.” – Laura Scott


LG WM3455HS front load washing machine


Well, if you are looking for quality while you wash, precision and fabric protection then you should get to know more things about LG WM3455HS front load washing machine. Seen as one of the best front load washing machines under $1500, this 24” compact model is an all-in-one washer and dryer. It is a great piece of machine, suitable for people that want to do their laundry in the comfort of their home with no restrictions whatsoever. The particularities of this washing machine recommend it for people that own homes, business, vacations houses and also apartments and want to clean with ease.

“This washer from LG was to my liking and for the time I have been using it, failure to clean properly my clothes has never been an issue. The front laod capacity is more than enough for my needs and also it operates very quietly, so I don’t bother anyone while using it.” – Alice Collins