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If you’re here just to find the best fruit reamer and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best fruit reamers on the market by looking at what customers and experts have to say, in online reviews or social media comments. Out of the products we have looked at, the OXO Good Grips is the best you can currently find. Made of beech wood, this fruit reamer feels solid in your hand. The comfortable grip will not put a strain on your wrist, and the oil finish is all natural. If the OXO Good Grips is unavailable or out of stock, we strongly recommend considering the Norpro Bamboo as a solid second option.



How to Choose a New Fruit Reamer


A fruit reamer is indispensable in the kitchen, and a utensil that greatly contributes to having a healthy diet. Citrus fruits are best to use with a fruit reamer, and it is easy to get all the tasty juice out with minimum effort. While it may seem that all fruits reamers are alike, there are certain differences and knowing them will help you get a fruit reamer of superior quality. For more information on how to choose a good and reliable fruit reamer, read the following buying guide.

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First of all, you should check what kind of material is used for the fruit reamer. Usually, these manual citrus juicers are made of wood, but here they can different, since various wood materials can be used by manufacturers. Preferably, the juice reamer should be made of a single solid piece and from a type of wood that does not splinter easily. Of course, a good model will be properly polished so that no such things happen. Stainless steel fruit reamers are also available, but wood is still preferred offer this metal.




The classic look of a fruit reamer remains the best choice when it comes to fruit reamers. The best fruit reamer reviews all agree that the classic shape with a pointy tip that goes right into the heart of the citrus fruit and squeeze all the nutritious juice with very little effort is the best one can find. Some manufacturers have come up with all kinds of new shapes for fruit reamers, but such models are nothing but the result of passing fads, so it would not be a good idea to get a fruit reamer that does look sleek and modern, but cannot get the juice out of a citrus fruit.




Do not forget that a good fruit reamer should have a solid grip. The handle is usually ergonomically designed, so there is no slippage. Again, the classic design remains a winner since so many cooks have used it with great results. Search for a model that fits well in your hand, as this will be the best choice for you. A larger model is a better choice for someone with larger hands, while going for a sleeker one is a more suitable decision for a home cook with smaller hands.



Top Fruit Reamers in 2018


Get ready to meet the best fruit reamer in 2018. One of the following models may be right up your alley, with its classic design and great features.



OXO Good Grips


1.OXO Good Grips Wooden ReamerIf you ever search for a great citrus reamer on Amazon, the OXO Good Grips will appear as one of the best choices. Praised by users and sporting the classic unassuming look of old fashioned fruit reamers, this model is a must have for any home cook. First of all, it is made of beech wood and it looks and feels solid in your hand. You will experience no problems when you want to squeeze all the juice from your fruits.

The shape of the fruit reamer makes it very comfortable and when you hold it in your hand, you will be able to tell right away that it would be pretty difficult to have it slip. The natural oil finish contributes to the appeal of this specific model, which is loved by hundreds of people who have cared to leave raving reviews on seller websites.


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Norpro Bamboo


2.Norpro Bamboo Citrus ReamerIn case you want your fruit reamer to feel really light in your hand, the Norpro is a truly fine choice. Made of bamboo, this fruit reamer is lightweight and easy to manipulate. Anyone who enjoys having freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast will love this simple tool that makes healthy eating easy and fun. Measuring 5.5 inches, the Norpro can be used by anyone and it is a really handy tool for your kitchen. Whenever you are in the mood for some citrus fruit juice, you only have to grab the fruit reamer and put it to work.

It is recommended to wash this kitchen utensil by hand. Since wood of any type can swell up when in contact with water for prolonged periods of time, or become frailer, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in regards to cleaning.


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Culinary Elements


3.Culinary Elements Citrus ReamerAlthough not made of wood as the above two fruit reamers, this one has its qualities. Made of melamine, this model can help you squeeze all the juice from various fruits, such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges or limes. The design is classic, with a pointed tip that makes sure that no seeds will get into your juice. For your kitchen at home or for a bar where adding freshly squeezed juice in cocktails is the norm, this is one great tool to have around.

Because the ribs on the juicer will penetrate the fruit fresh deeper than other models, you will get the most possible juice from various fruit. You will also appreciate the ergonomic handle that makes sure that the fruit reamer will not slip from your hand when you are squeezing juice. Unlike fruit reamers made of wood that need manual washing, this one can be washed in a dishwasher without any troubles.


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