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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best futon money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of info about the best futons out there by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, as well as the sales figures. Out of all the products we have analyzed, the DHP Emily is the best as it is relatively affordable and makes for the perfect present for a college student or homeowner. Since it is easily adjustable, the sofa has garnered an impressive number of favorable reviews, with owners speaking highly about how comfortable the unit is whether they’re watching TV or sitting back, lounging, or even taking a nap. In a nutshell, the DHP Emily is worth considering if you’re not looking for a pull out bed and want to get a unit that goes well with the rest of your modern-looking living room. If the DHP Emily is unavailable, you could consider the second best choice, the DHP Paris.



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Because the market is overflowing with alternatives, sometimes it might be really difficult to get the best futon frame and mattress. Here’s where we come in and give you a helping hand. We’ve created a concise buying guide that can hopefully assist you when it comes to making the right decision as we’ve included some of the crucial factors to consider if you’d like to spend your money wisely. Just remember that it’s never too late to make an informed decision, particularly when selecting one product over the next.

DHP Emily Convertible Futon


It’s a good idea to start with a plan when trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. One of the first questions you ought to ask yourself is whether your futon will be used as a sleeping space rather frequently. The more the chances of guests coming in and sleeping on the futon on a regular basis, the higher the need for a well-built product.

Besides, if the unit isn’t primarily utilized as a sleeping bed, perhaps you might be interested in getting a mobile alternative that you’re able to move from one room to the next, depending on your momentary needs. On the other hand, if you have a separate guest room where you intend to place the model and leave it be, perhaps its weight doesn’t matter that much. In addition to all of these questions, you also have to take into account the rest of your furniture just to check if the product you want to spend your money on will go along nicely with the room.




The mattress appears to be the most important part in your futon because its quality should be correlated with the frequency of use. If you would like to offer your guests the same degree of comfort they might experience when sleeping in their beds at home, you ought to choose a model that comes with an innerspring mattress. Others are extremely convenient and somewhat less heavy compared to innerspring alternatives, so you might want to consider getting a unit with memory foam. There are also various models featuring cotton batting, but they are usually recommended for short-term use as they might not last over a decade or even less if they’re regularly utilized.

Another factor you ought to pay attention to is the toughness of the frame. Wood has its advantages because it can take a lot of abuse and put up with much weight but it also has a drawback, in that it’s very hard and should be utilized with a thick mattress. This makes it possible for the person sleeping on the futon to benefit from a restful sleep. Nowadays, various units can even come without a frame that’s lightweight yet resistant, having been constructed out of a combination of metals.

It goes without saying that the dimensions of the frame have to be correlated with the mattress sizes you might be considering. If you plan to put together a futon on your own, without buying it pre-built from a manufacturing brand, you ought to find out all the details regarding compatibility beforehand. This practice will allow you to avoid all sorts of issues concerning mishaps such as returning the item and others.

DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils


While bifold options have become more and more popular over the years, trifold frames are still available. In a sense, trifold alternatives are cumbersome, heavier, and usually sit on the floor. By contrast, bifold frames are easy to use and even simpler to convert from a sofa to a bed and the other way around. They typically come with arms or legs.

The frame material also has to be considered before making the final choice. While wood units are harder, heavier, and more traditional, they may be more durable when compared to modern materials. However, since they’re somewhat expensive, people usually prefer steel or metal frames, because they’re reasonably long-lasting and affordable and often make for an excellent choice for a modern design. Of all the materials we’ve analyzed, particleboard frames seem to be the least durable.


Some of the best futons are showcased below. They are available for sale online, so be sure to pay extreme attention to details such as the dimension and factors regarding the frame. Also, it would not hurt if you chose to spend your money on a product manufactured by a well-known brand, as it’s likely to offer good customer support.



Top Futons in 2018


It is difficult to sift through the best futon reviews just so you can get a great product that’s more than just a makeshift mattress. Nowadays, lots of furniture makers have come out with their versions of the futon that can be broken down to a sturdy frame and a good quality mattress. A comfortable mattress should come with your futon, not the lumpy kind that bears no resemblance to being half a bed and half a sofa. A futon should be a great alternative to a heavy sleeper sofa, with the price and functionality that you will surely love. Here are five brands that we consider best buys.



DHP Emily


1.DHP Emily Convertible Futon Vanilla

The DHP Emily is one of the most critically acclaimed options out there, seeing how it has garnered the appreciation of over one thousand satisfied customers. The model features chrome metal legs and a mattress covered in faux leather, which makes it easy to clean and an excellent addition to your guest space or living room. The neat folding system in this alternative allows owners to benefit from all the positions they might feel like trying, whether they want to take a nap, lounge, or sit upright. Even though it might not be the most important factor in your decision-making process, the vanilla color tone featured by the faux leather is breathtakingly beautiful and goes well with any type of furniture.



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DHP Paris


2.DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils Grey

If you have been looking for a somewhat more traditional futon, but you wish to pick an easy to use alternative, perhaps you’d benefit from giving a chance to the DHP Paris. In spite of the fact that it is not as affordable as other products in the line, the model is definitely worth every penny as it has been designed with top-notch materials. The frame of this alternative has been constructed out of wood, which means that it’s slightly harder when compared to its metal counterparts. Even so, the polyester and foam filling makes it comfortable enough for most users.



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Andover Full Size Suede


The honey oak wood frame on the Andover Futon makes it the best futon in 2018. The 8-inch tufted mattress is built tough, with a microfiber cover that resists stains easily and premium-quality foam on the inside. The innerspring mattress means the futon is comfortable yet stays firm with the passage of time. This futon carries smart styling and versatile functionality in its sturdy hardwood frame. The side-loaded technology used on the Andover futon lets you convert it from a great-looking sofa to a comfortable full-size bed.



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King’s Brand Klik-Klak


Best Futon ReviewsAmong the many top rated futons in 2018, the King’s Brand Klik-Klak futon can be your ultimate sofa-bed. The black fabric it is built with is of 100% cotton canvas, and gives the futon a sharp and sleek look. The modern design of the King’s Brand futon is built for the completely contemporary home. A small living space is not a hindrance to having this sharp-looking furniture, thanks to its 2-position transformability and conversion from a sitting fixture to a furnishing for sleeping and lounging. The futon has screw-on metal chrome legs built to last.




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Dorel Home Products Kebo


The microfiber cover can guarantee that the Kebo futon from Dorel Home Products is hypoallergenic and will not create problems for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Moreover, the Kebo futon is made to be a low-set sofa sleeper that tweens and teens can use. It can work great when you have a child who enjoys having their friend during a sleepover on weekends. Your child’s chums can hang out or catch some sleep on the comfortable Kebo futon. It can convert easily from a stylish sofa to a bed, needing no assembly or tools to screw in the sturdy legs, which makes this the top choice in the best futon reviews.



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Dorel Home Products Julia


The Julia futon from Dorel Home Products is an incredible fusion of class and comfort that never goes out of style. This is easily the best futon in 2018 thanks to the stylish drink holder by the manufacturer. The upholstery is of gray faux leather material, so the futon always looks sharp and clean. The cushions on the DHP Julia futon are as soft as a pillow. You can easily open and close the Julia futon with a simple push or pull. You can also choose to set the back to any level, thanks to its multi-positioning adjustment.



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Coaster Metal Furnishings Futon Frame


This smart-looking futon from Coaster Metal Furnishings packs a modern look that can go with your living room décor. Thanks to legs that extend far towards the rear, the futon does not have to be pulled out from the wall in order for you to open it up. The Coaster Metal Furnishings futon has a silver metal finish so it looks really strong and sturdy. You can easily convert it from a lounging couch to a sleeper bed. The armless style means you have more space for sitting. The futon is substantially built for long term use yet comes with an inexpensive price.



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