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If you’re hard-pressed for time and you cannot afford to read all the information gathered by our researchers on finding the best games for toddlers, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. Based on customer ratings, reviews, expert opinions, and social media comments, the Skoolzy Peg Board Set sits head and shoulders above the competition. The set includes color matching and color recognition elements that will help your kid develop learning abilities. Due to their size, the pegs are easy to grab by small hands, so your little one will have a lot of fun playing with them. The various games included will help babies develop much-needed skills, including computing. If the Skoolzy Peg Board Set is no longer available, the second recommendation we want to make is The Learning Journey Match It!, another set that offers a plethora of excellent games for your kid.



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Toddlers are brimming with energy, and they are always on a quest to conquer the world around them. As a parent, you want to guide this energy towards learning good skills and new things, and that means that, in this process, you need all the help you can get. We want to help you identify the best toddler games on the market, which is why we recommend reading the following guide.


Before going deeper into what games for toddlers should have among their features, let’s take a moment to talk a little about safety and why it matters. Toddlers are inquisitive by nature, and that means that they will not hesitate to try stuffing things into their mouth or poking all kinds of nooks and crannies with their little fingers.

Since you’re in charge, you need to make sure that all this curiosity doesn’t lead to unwanted accidents. That being said, you should pick only good games for toddlers that ensure this aspect most and foremost. For instance, the pieces that make the games should not be small enough to be swallowed.

Also, it is preferable that they are made from BPA-free plastic, to avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals from an early age. Taking the necessary precautions will help you create a safe environment for your child, and you will have peace of mind, as well.


Physical activity matters

Bear in mind that your kid needs to use their energy even when playing indoors. That is why it is recommended to choose games that develop motor skills. Games that come with large chunky pieces, blocks, pegs, and other pieces, will allow your kid to make their first attempts at building something.

Even simple operations like tucking in bed their favorite stuffed animals will help them develop physical skills. Through fun activities, like playing, they will advance in their abilities, and you will enjoy watching them grow, as well.

Such games help developing muscle control. Even for kids who have difficulties with motor skills, these games can be an excellent choice. It is highly recommended to focus on such aspects for the healthy development of your child.


Learning how to communicate

Besides motor skills, your toddler is at that stage in life when they find out how to communicate with others. Board games are a fun choice, as they give your kids information on rules, how to wait for others’ turn and so on. During these games, they will learn to communicate, another important skill that matters in their development as small human beings.

Don’t hesitate to bend the rules when you’re dealing with kids with short attention span or some learning difficulties. Keep the games you play with them fun, and help them understand why it is important to socialize with others.

Toddlers discover the world, and, along with it, they start finding new friends. You can stimulate these skills even before your toddler has to go to kindergarten, where they will spend time with other kids. From all the toddler games for sale available, choose the ones that are capable of developing such skills in your child.



Top Games for Toddlers in 2018


These are the most important features you should look for in a game designed for toddlers. Now let’s see together what games are available on the market, and why they are so popular among parents and kids alike.



Skoolzy Peg Board Set


This set contains a broad range of sorting and stacking toys, which means that your child will have plenty of toys to use their energy on. Designed for both boys and girls, the Skoolzy Peg Board Set is a combination of learning resources that will help your kid develop critical skills.

The 30 pegs available come in 6 different colors, and they are made to stimulate color matching and color recognition. Your kid will have to find the right place for the pegs on the colored board, and that will put their little muscles to work. The pegs are quite large, so you don’t have to worry that your baby might swallow them by accident.

Also, their little hands will be able to grab them and manipulate them, which helps a lot with muscle development. The set is created to stimulate the development of motor skills, and your baby will benefit from it a great deal. Even for kids with special needs, this game will prove to be a good option.

Many of the toddler games reviews praise this set. You can use it to help them develop a plethora of skills needed for further advancement. And, when you travel, you only need to grab the bag provided with your purchase and stuff everything inside.

Buy from Amazon for ($19.97)




The Learning Journey Match It!


On your quest to find cheap toddler games that are worth the money, don’t forget about The Learning Journey Match It!. This great memory game will help your child develop cognitive skills. The game is quite challenging, which means that it will stimulate your toddler’s brain to solve problems and find matching pairs for completing the equations shown.

An important aspect of any game for toddlers is the fun factor. In this case, the colorful illustrations will keep your child’s attention up, so they can learn how to add and subtract before going to school. The set contains 30 matching pairs your kid will love playing with. Bear in mind that this game is designed for children aged 3 or more.

Along with the matching pair, the buyer will receive 60 game cards. The game will help your kid understand some basic math skills, and also how to solve problems, which is essential for any child’s growth.

Another important aspect is that your child will learn how to cooperate, as well, which means that the game will also focus on social skills, too. For its low price, the game provides many hours of fun, and the best part is that your kid will learn many valuable skills in the process.

Buy from Amazon for ($6.09)




Etyhf Jumbo Nuts & Bolts Set


You can use the Etyhf Jumbo Nuts & Bolts Set to help your kid build important motor skills, hand to eye coordination, visual perception, problem-solving, and many others. The manufacturer of this particular game focused on created excellent ways for toddlers to have fun and learn at the same time.

The Etyhf Jumbo Nuts & Bolts Set is a starter kit to help your kid learn how to recognize colors, shapes, and develop overall visual perception. Plus, since your little one will have to get to match them, and they will be involved in this process of taking pieces and placing them somewhere else, they will develop good motor skills, as well.

The game is not only for toddlers. Preschoolers can use it to advance through new learning stages, as well. Twisting and screwing each nut into its respective bolt will take some skill, and that is exactly what the game is designed to do.

As building with blocks is an important part of any learning process, you will have the pleasant surprise to see how enthusiastic your kid will get while playing this way. Both cognitive and motor skills are developed with the help of this game.

Buy from Amazon for ($12.79)