Best Gaming Headphones reviews


Top gaming headphones in 2018


Let’s admit it, it is nice to see something; but it is lovelier if you also get to hear it. For over years now, background music has helped gamers get in to the funk with their virtual world. And over the years, gaming has advanced from the monotonous to a more realistic and interactive experience. That’s why the best gaming headphones reviews are here for you to get in the groove with.


ASTRO Gaming A40 system


Best Gaming Headphones reviewsASTRO has always been known for their quality headsets; actually they even dominate the charts with their developed products. ASTRO Gaming A40 audio system has been approved and recommended, as professional tournament contestants use these headphones during competitions. Not also that this model is the official headset of the MLG. The A40 headset allows you to tweak the model according to your own preference with the help of the Mix Amp feature. This proves to produce surround sound for computers and other consoles. This is the reason why these stunning headphones are considered as one of the prime models in many best gaming headphones reviews.

“For the ultimate gaming experience these headphone are perfect for providing an excellent sound. The microphone which comes with them is solid as well and overall I think for gamers this is a great and reliable investment.” – Rick Johnson

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Logitech G930


From the trusted and recommended manufacturer of computer accessories, Logitech G930 headset caters their product to the hardcore gamers. With its longest range of 40 feet wireless connection allows the gamer to do other things aside from gaming while still talking to their colleagues. The battery charge lasts up to 10 hours and can be recharged via the USB to the PC fully for 2 hours. G930 also comes with 3 buttons at the side which is programmed to customize the settings fitted for your needs; not only that, these headsets also come with a voice morphing feature.

“I like playing video games on my PC a lot and most of my spare time is spent playing them. So I am aware of everything when I am in a game I invested in a top video system and also in a top gaming headphone and this is the Logitech G930.” Erick Moyse

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Steel Series Siberia V2


If you are looking for a great acoustic performance, superb sound quality with high quality microphone, then Steel Series full gaming headset is what you need. With its 50 mm drivers, or commonly known as the rich base system, the Steel Series SiberiaV2 headset can give the user the freedom to use a professional device while playing games. For many people has taken down gaming headsets to another level because of its top of the line performance and quality. The headset has a 2 meter extension cord that allows ample movement during the game.

“The Steel Series Siberia V2 headphones are a gamer`s dream and this is exactly why I purchased them. The sound quality is so clear that I hear everything that is going on around me when I’m playing different games. I recommend them as really realiable hadphones.”  – Thomas O’Donnell

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Razer Megalodon gaming


One of the best gaming headsets for sale is the Razer Megalodon 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset, not just all words, but this brand has put innovation in the field of gaming headsets. The surround headset brings a great quality using the Razer Maelstrom audio engine, giving the users a special experience. Next generation HRTF technologies meet DSP with HQ of processing power; anybody would certainly get a piece of that! Because of its state- of- the- art structure, Megalodon can have the ability to bring out the surround sound in every soundstage games you play.  Two thumbs up for the functionality and general efficiency of the Megalodon!

“The reviews said there were quality headphones and I thought I would give them a try because I like to play online games when I have a bit of time off from work. The sound quality they provide is very pleasing to the ear which makes me think I invested in the right kind of headphones.” – Andrew Hughes

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Sennheiser PC 360


If you want to keep it real and natural, one of the top brands in gaming headsets has made it to the top of many best gaming headphones reviews. The Sennheiser PC 360 headset for pro gaming has been an old- timer but nevertheless one of the best. The HQ performance on this one gives you a natural sound that makes it a more or less realistic experience to any soundstage you could play. The open accosting design enables the user to play longer sessions because of its deep access on sound definitions. As it is very much important for gamers to hear sounds of the game, this item will give you the satisfaction and reality a gamer could need.

“The Sennheiser PC 360 headphones have been in my possession for more than 4 months and I am completely satisfied with the way it has helped me with my gaming. I hear all the sounds clearly even the most faintest so I am always aware of what is going on around me in the gaming world.” – Nick Larkin

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