Best gaming headphones under $100


Top rated cheap gaming headphones


Every gamer understands the importance of having a professional set of headphones during games. The market is packed with tones of headphones models, designed to enhance the quality of any game. With a professional set of headphones you will be able to control better the progress during games. You will coordinate better with your friends and thus win games or gather experience. If you decide to take a pair of headphones you need to get informed. Read a few of the latest best gaming headphones reviews and identify the product suited to your daily gaming needs, day or night.


Logitech G930 gaming headphones


Best gaming headphones under $100As you probably know, Logitech products are made to last and deliver audio performance. To this end, we are not surprised to see Logitech G930 gaming headphones as the primary choice for thousands of pro gamers. This pair of gaming wireless headphone deliver an impressive lag-free performance with 40 feet of range. The model includes advanced Dolby technology that manages to maintain a superb positional enhanced audio experience free of disturbance and or distortions. In addition, the headphones come with 3 programmable G-keys which allow you to chat with friends, voice morphing and command various actions during the game.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force XLa gaming headphones


Are you searching for a professional set of gaming headphones that will enhance the quality of your game? If you are then you should consider using Turtle Beach XLa gaming headphones, a pair that simply enhances the quality of the game. It comes equipped with amplified audio that progressively increases the game sounds thus creating a complete audio experience. Regarded as one of the best gaming headphones under $50, the model includes bass boost due to the built-in bass boost that adds depth and precise realism during the game’s progress. This pair of headphones is USB powered and it needs no battery.

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Plantronics GameCom gaming headphones


Today, you have the possibility to choose one of the best gaming headphones under $100 from Plantronics: GameCom 780. This advanced model delivers an impressive Dolby audio experience which is completed by Pro Logic IIx technology. It includes immersive and maintains stereo sound with deep bass due to the presence of the 40 mm speakers. In addition to the unique design, this pair of gaming headphones incorporates spin-joints that let the earpods lay flat, for easy storage when you are ready to take a break. One thing is certain: you won’t regret using the headphones when you start playing a game.

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TekNmotion TM-YB100A gaming headphones


Are you searching for an affordable but also reliable pair of gaming headphones? Well, if you are then you should learn more things about TekNmotion TM-YB100A gaming headphones, very popular in the US. Considered by many as one of the best gaming headphones under $20, the model comfortably places over the year, due to the padded headband. It is very easy to install due to the 2 3.5 mm connector jacks. Furthermore the pair of headphones comes with in-line volume control and also microphone mute button when you need to. The quality of the audio experience will be high.

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Corsair Vengeance CA-9011112-WW gaming headphones


It is important to have at your immediate disposal a pair of advanced pair of headphones when you start playing. This is why upon reviewing some of the latest top rated models we recommend you use Corsair Vengeance CA-9011112-WW. Regarded as one of the best gaming headphones under $100, this pair of headphones is certainly a great addition to any pro gamer. It comes with 50 mm simulated surround sound audio drives and also a high sensitivity noise cancelling microphone. The model comes with a special voice communication system with your friends while playing any game. That is why, this model is consider one of the top headphones in 2018.

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