Best Gaming Mice reviews


Top gaming mice in 2018


Is your mouse cramping up your godlike playing skills? Do you hate how the mouse doesn’t respond and you have to raise the mouse just to make the cursor move? Even though you’re a hard core gamer or just a simpleton who wants an efficient mouse which is present in many of the best gaming mice reviews, you should definitely check out these reviews.


Logitech G9X


Coming from the trusted and recommended in terms of mouse and computer accessories manufacturing, Logitech presents its Logitech G9X gaming mouse. For a very much affordable price, the G9X model can adapt to your style and personal preference with its customizable top to bottom feature. Designed to have an interchangeable grip, Logitech G9X lets you have the choice to fit and feel the mouse suited to your needs. What’s more is that, the optical laser is so precise that speed of the hand speed is like a walk in the park, and it feels light also; giving you the advantage in the game.

“A top rated gaming mouse can make all the difference when you are playing games on your PC. For this reason I invested in the Logitech G9X and with it I definitely managed to improve my game. This is truly a gamer`s delight.” – Bryan Gray

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Razer Deathadder 3500


This next bad boy has a right handed design with a scroll wheel that is able to perform 24 individual click positions which gives the player wide options for control over the character. This Razer is equipped with 3500 dpi and a steady 3.5G infrared sensor that gives ultra- precision when playing a game. Not only that, because of the Razer Deathadder 3500’s gaming mouse ultra-polling technology, the mouse has a 1000Hz response time which gives you the advantage to be able to adjust to any of the game’s changes as you badly needed it. How quick is that!

“The Razor Deathadder 3500 gaming mouse was chosen by me because it had some excellent reviews. This gaming mouse was exactly what I wanted and it performs great just like the reviews described it to me. The response time is excellent so I have the technological upperhand when I’m playing different online games.” – Sam Parker

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Logitech MX518


Another Logitech prodigy is the Logitech MX518 gaming mouse, it is one of the most popular model in all best gaming mice reviews. Knowing that it is Logitech, and knowing that it could have so much to offer, nobody could say no to this. With its 400-1600 Dpi, very precise accuracy, targeting and the main of it all, is the high speed handling; MX518 could also glide over almost any surface imaginable without any hassle or any speed and sensor problems. This mouse model also has the capability to allow you to control the cursor speed with an efficient response time.

“An excellent design, some top features and an astonishting response time made me buy the Logitech MX518 gaming mouse. I was good at shooters before but now I’m even better and my secret is this gaming mouse.” – Richard Reid

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Logitech G500


Although Logitech has made many heroes of gaming capabilities, it still does not stop. Another again from Logitech is the Logitech G500 programmable gaming mouse. As it is programmable, the mouse came with 5700 Dpi and 10 programmable buttons that suits all your in-game needs, such as the macros and keys. But aside from its very handy features and efficiency, G500 is still affordable which could let most gamers experience a gaming hype that unleashes their skills and potential in game. Oh, and don’t worry about the problems and issue, as there is much assurance that no issues nor problems shall arise. No one could truly miss this!

“I have played with this gaming mouse from Logitech for a long time now and it hasn’t let me down to this point. I am very happy that I managed to get this high quality mouse for a very affordable price. Also the 10 programmable buttons really help me with my macros.” – Will Stoner

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Steel Series Xai


Enough of the Logitech awesomeness! Another awesome gaming mouse out in the market, that is considered as one of the stars in many of the best gaming mice reviews is the Steel Series Xai High Performance Laser Gaming Mouse. Sailing alongside with the kings, this top item is a state of the art gaming mouse with 12.000 frames per second processing and 150 inches per second movement speed that surely gamers would love to hold on to. You can’t blame the mouse anymore for this. Xai’s Steel Series aims on one objective: strengthen the user’s basic performance. Want to prove if the objective really works? Then go get some!

“I am really satisfied with the Steel Series Xai  gaming mouse which lets me enjoy my gaming time even more. Its solid performances made my gaming even better than before, pleasing me and surprising my friends who seem to lose more often now to me.” – Mike James

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