Best gaming mice under $50


Top rated cheap gaming mice


When it comes to games, there are a few individuals that can teach you some things on the best ways to enhance your winning streak. It is important to have all the necessary tools in order to play without restrictions whatsoever. You need a reliable keyboard, high quality monitor and accurate gaming mouse that can help you control better all the phases of the game. It can be difficult to find the most efficient product since there are so many products on the market. Still, once you start reading a few of the latest best gaming mice reviews you will be able to simplify the selection process.


Logitech G500 gaming mouse


Best gaming mice under $50In the world of computer accessories, speakers, monitors and mice one brand is known for their high quality products: Logitech. To this end seeing Logitech G500 among the current best gaming mice under $50 comes natural, considering the thousands of satisfied users. The model includes gaming grade laser that permits you to enjoy heightened precision every time and at any speed. The device weighs only 27 grams, letting you feel the gaming pulse right in the center of your hand. It comes with dual mode scroll wheel that delivers accurate click-to-click and even hyper-fast scrolling whenever you need to.

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Razer 3500 gaming mouse


Do you want to use a reliable gaming mouse, with fast response time and precision during each phase of a game? Well, if you do, then it’s time to learn more things about a great model from Razer: DeathAdder 3500. As one of the best gaming mice under $50, the device has an ergonomic design suite for right-handed people. This particular model incorporates 3500dpi Razer precision 3.5G infrared sensor for precise actions and tight control during any game. You should also know that this mouse from Razer comes equipped with 1000Hz ultra polling system. Having the mouse on your desk, you will be able experience heightened results.

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Anker 8000 gaming mouse


It can be pretty difficult to find the right gaming mouse without the proper information on the top rated models. Upon reviewing some of the latest top gaming mice we recommend you use without reservations Anker Precision 8000. This particular device was designed with specific gaming features such as: 8000 dpi, 1000 Hz polling rate, 12000 FPS, 100-150in/s cursor speed and also 30G accelerations. You will be able to have complete control over your gaming world. In addition, Anker comes with Omron micro switches that deliver firm and crisp clicks every time you need to. Your gaming world will get a major boost with this device!

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E-3LUE Mazer EMS140 gaming mouse


If you are looking for an affordable and reliable gaming mouse capable of helping you control better all the phases of a game, then you should consider using with confidence E-3LUE Mazer EMS140 mouse. Considered by thousands of people as one of the best gaming mice under $25, this model has a futuristic design which will impress anyone. The device includes 6 buttons with a precise scroll wheel, letting you control with more efficiency every part of the action during a game. It also includes Avago 5090 chipset, 4000FPS frames per second and it also includes a switch life of 8 million cycles.

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SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse


When it comes to gaming devices, you need reliable and high quality products on your desk. This is where SteelSeries Sensei Laser gaming mouse which will significantly improve the gaming experience. The gaming mouse delivers precision every time you need to, eliminating moments of discomfort or distress. Furthermore this particular model comes in 2 available textures: rubberized anti-sweat and also glossy smooth. It comes with a scalable pointer that maintains speeds from 90 to 5670 in increments of 90. You won’t regret using this advanced gaming mouse any moment of day or night. In addition, the mouse lights up the wheel and SteelSeries logo.

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