Best Gaming Monitor Buying Guide


Tips on buying the best gaming monitor in 2017


Computer gaming has never been more exciting and challenging than it is today. With all the high technology gadgets and devices, you can enjoy any online or offline game you want. One of the most important gaming accessories is the gaming monitor. With all the great manufacturers of this unit on the market, it can be really hard to pick the one that suits all your specific gaming requirements. I also fund it really hard to compare and contrast different brands as I was looking for the best gaming monitor. Good thing there are top rated gaming monitors reviews that served as my guide as I browse through one product after the other. After a long while, I was able to narrow down the list into five great units. Here are what you should consider when you choose a gaming monitor.





Every monitor serves a unique purpose. The 120Hz monitors are particularly designed for FPS and RTS. You should also consider buying a really good graphics card along with it for it to fill the frames with images in real time. It is recommended to choose high-end video cards such as HD 7870 or better. Or you can also try the GTX 660 Ti or better. These are suggestions from the top rated gaming monitors reviews.


Since the market is filled mostly with 1080p resolution monitors, you must think that this is actually what you need for a great gaming experience. Actually, according to the best gaming monitor buying guide, 1200p monitors offer better ratio for productivity. The difference between a 1920 x 1080 and 1920 x 1200 is basically its ratio.


Aside from ratios and resolutions, there is also the issue of backlighting technology. According to most of the best gaming monitor buying guides, LED backlighting is the most superior feature which is designed for reliability and contrast. LED gaming monitors produce very realistic images, making your experience more exciting and fun. In terms of contrast, you should look for a monitor that provides NATIVE contrast properties.


Response time is also one of the very important aspects in choosing a gaming monitor. 2 ms is the ideal response time for great gaming monitors. You should look for the GTG response time specification in the product description and not Black-to-white which is actually the longest shift. Panel types must also be considered in choosing the best monitor. The best gaming monitors in 2017 uses IPS panels which offer superior color fidelity. TN Panels are also great for gaming purposes. It allows the images to appear to flow as smoothly as possible, giving the game a more immersive feeling. Although in terms of graphics and video editing, as well as video-watching, the IPS monitors are better.


You have to consider a lot of things when you decide to purchase a monitor that has a specific gaming purpose. There are a lot of great products out there and you should choose the best feature for gaming monitors. Aside from quality, you must also consider the price as well as the reputation of the manufacturer.