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According to the latest statistics there are millions of gamers around the world that want to excel and accomplish every mission or win game after game. Still, due to latest technological development, it can be pretty difficult to enjoy the comfort of a great game if you have to worry about lag or frames. In order to safely ensure that your game will run smoothly, you have to install on your PC a powerful motherboard. Getting reliable info from the current best gaming motherboards reviews represents a significant step in identifying the most efficient model in direct compliance with your PC.


Asus P8Z77-V LX gaming motherboard


Best Gaming Motherboards under $150One of the best gaming motherboards under $150, according to the latest user reviews and technical reports, is P8Z77-V LLX from Asus, a model with confidence by gamers on their computers. The motherboard features Intel Z77 chipset that safely supports Intel LGA 1155 3rd and 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 processors making their operating system run smoothly. It comes with full digital voltage regulation system, which maintains real-time power control. You will enjoy fluid stability and an accurate power delivery in the existing mainstream platform. The model also conserves energy because it moderates power and the load needs any time.

“I really invested in my gaming PC to up my gaming experience, so I only bought top pieces of hardware. Among the was the Asus P8Z77-V LX gaming motherboard which was chosen by me because it had the best supporting features for my other PC components.” – Eddy Harper

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MSI Computer Corp. MicroATX gaming motherboard


Are you searching for a reliable gaming motherboard which is both affordable and efficient? Today’s top rated user testimonials and technical reports underline the efficiency of MicroATX motherboard from MSI Computer Corp. Considered the best gaming motherboards under $75, this model has a socket FM2, a powerful AMD A75 chipset and reliable connectivity inputs such as: 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 DVI, 2 PCI-E x 1, 1 PCI-E and also a 1 PCI which allows you connect it to other devices without any problems whatsoever. This is the gaming motherboard you need in order to enjoy quality games whenever you want.

“I am really satisfied with the way this motherboard has worked for my PC, making me believe I made a great choice when I bought it. Also the price I paid for this quality motherboard was very decent. In the end I recommend it as a very viable solution.” – Nick Raymond

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Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 gaming motherboard


It’s time to equip your PC with a powerful and advanced gaming motherboard in order to fluidize your operating system and clarity during games. A great model, considered the best gaming motherboards under $150, is GA-990FXA-UD3 from Gigabyte which is used by thousands of people. It was designed to offer a high-speed platform that delivers amazingly fast data transfer through the Gigabyte 333 on board acceleration system. The motherboard features USB 3.0 controller that delivers 10x faster data transfer than the regular USB 2.0. It is also uses the Serial ATA Revision 3.0, AMD SB950 chipset maintaining the data fluidity flowing.

“For the ultimate gaming PC which I was trying to build for myself I needed the best fundation and I managed to have just that when I came across the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3. The SATA 6Gb/s support really makes all the difference.” – Mark Boyd

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MSI Computer Corp. LGA1155/Intel gaming motherboard


Without a high quality motherboard you will have to endure the presence of various problems on your personal computer during various activities. This is the reason you should use LGA1155/Intel motherboard from MSI Computer Corp., a model which impresses through its CPU LGA155 and the powerful chipset Intel B75. The motherboard comes with a solid memory output of 4 x DDR3-2400 (OC), 2200 (OC), 2000 (OC), 1800(OC), 1600/1333/1066 DIMM slots. It is also completed by a max capacity of 32 GB regarding memory specs. You won’t go wrong with this gaming motherboard, always ready to improve your PC’s functionality.

“After using this motherboard for some time I can’t think of one complain about its features. Everything runs just fine with it, it supports my 3rd generation Intel processor really well, allowing my games to run smoothly even at the highest resolution.” – Jack Terry

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Gigabyte LGA 1155 gaming motherboard


As one of the best gaming motherboards under $75, LGA 1155 motherboard from Gigabyte will upgrade the functionality of the computer, allowing you to enjoy smooth “sails” through any game or application. With a new design and a great tech framing, this model supports 3rd Gen. Intel 22nm CPUs and also 2nd Gen. Intel Core CPUs. The model has Dual UEFI BIOS protection with also a powerful 3 TB+HDD boot up capability and also PCI Express Gen 3.0 support. It is a great addition to your computer, improving its functionality and operating system, every time you turn it on.

“The GigaByte GA-B75M- D3H gaming motherboard is cheap and really effective from the way I look at it. So far there has been nothing wrong with it in the months I have been using it and everything about it seems to work just great.” – Dan Thompson

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