Best Gaming PC Speakers reviews

Top gaming PC speakers in 2018


Millions of people around the world, men and women, love to play video games and enjoy themselves in front of their PC. Still, having a cool game running in the background is not enough. You need to have an advanced monitor with sharp and vibrant pictures and also a set of PC speakers in order to enhance the whole gaming experience. Reading some of the latest best gaming PC speakers reviews, written by thousands of professional gamers and also beginners, will help you identify the most efficient model, suited to your gaming desires. With a great pair of gaming PC speakers attached you will be able to enhance the whole gaming experience.


Logitech Z130


Logitech is well-known around the world for their quality products, designed to enhance the gaming experience. To this end, seeing Z130 among the current top rated gaming PC speakers. These modern and advanced stereo speakers, makes it very easy for you to enjoy all the moments of the adventure. The speakers come with convenient controls that allow the user to enjoy clear sounds. The model offers an impressive 5 watts RMS power, letting you hear beautiful music whenever you desire. It’s very easy to set out, due to the 3.5 mm jack audio output, always ready to be connected with laptop or tablet.

“For the best gaming ambiance possible I needed to invest in some quality speakers. I found the best ones in the Logitech Z130 speakers which produce some top quality sounds, especially helpful when I play some shooters online with my friends.” – Frank Williams

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Creative D100


A growing number of the present best gaming PC speakers reviews underline the efficiency of Creative D100, a model which seems to impress through its high quality design and great audio clarity. These wireless Bluetooth speakers maintain a range of 10 meters, which allows you to wirelessly stream music from virtually any Bluetooth design. The gaming experience will be heightened, letting music be streamed with no problems. Compatible with IPod Touch, IPad and other Bluetooth devices, these gaming PC speakers can last by up to 25 hours of continuous music due to the AA batteries, thus creating the perfect audio environment wherever you go.

“The reviews pointed out these PC speakers were among the best I could buy for gaming.  At the same time they are among the most popular speakers in the US. After buying them I understood even more why they are held in such high regard, producing top quality sound.” – Jack Lawrence

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Are you searching for a great pair of speakers for your computer? Well, get to know Artic S111, PC speakers, designed to improve audio experiences coming from games, movies and music. The speakers can be powered via USB which allows you to use them virtually anywhere. All you need to do is connect them to a notebook or USB wall charger thus creating the right context for a clear and pleasurable audio experience. The speakers are very easy to transport, due to the relative small size of 3 x 3 x 3, allowing you to take along wherever you want. It delivers stunning audio clarity and powerful bass that outperforms other models from the market.

“These gaming speakers look cool and sound really well making me enjoy my gaming time even more. I like fact that they can be powered via USB connection as well. For me they are perfect and based on their excellent sound performance I recommend them.” – Mike Turnbul

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Bose Companion


If you want to install a pair of high quality PC speakers and enjoy their crystal clear sounds then you need to meet Bose Companion, a model with thousands of satisfied fans all over the world. Designed for high performance, these speakers delight with their audio clarity, even at high volume. You can use the auxiliary input in order to connect them with another audio source, such as tablets or smartphones. Easy to control and generally manage, the speakers represent a great investment to any home, setting the proper gaming context and delighting the audio senses without any lapses.

“The Bose Companion gaming PC speakers have been in my possession for a long time now and I am still very satisfied with their sound quality. For gaming they are ideal and make me be aware of everything that is going around in the game I’m playing.” – Dan Vaughn

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Harman Kardon SoundSticks


With a modern design and an elegant outlook, Harman Kardon SoundSticks received high marks from the current best gaming PC speakers reviews. The speakers have integrated Bluetooth technology which enhances the audio pleasure during any movie, game or concert. The 6-inc subwoofer will deliver that deep bass that people simply adore, whenever you want. You have the possibility to control the speakers, using the stylish touch controls, easy and without any problems whatsoever. Once thing is certain: the futuristic design of the speakers will attract the eyes of anyone seeing them, besides enjoying the clear sounds and powerful bass.

“For gaming I knew these were among the most popular speakers money can buy. But also the strange design also attracted me to them. They perform at vey high standars and overall I am very happy with my investment, making may game time even better than before.” – Luke Michaels

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