Best Gaming Speakers Under 100


How to Find the Best Gaming Speakers under 100


Let’s face it: gaming is all about the experience.  Sure, having a great game is very important because the game will determine a large portion of the experience.  However, if you don’t have proper equipment, even then best game that will leave you very frustrated.

One of the things that is very important, is having a great set of speakers.  Nevertheless, you might have noticed that most speakers out there tend to be very expensive.  The good news is that as long as you do your research, you will be able to find the best gaming speakers under 100.

Best Gaming Speakers Under 100

Stereo, 2.1, or Surround Sound?

The first thing you’ll have to decide is what kind of speakers will work best for you.  If you like having a very deep and complete audio experience, then you should either get a 2.1 or surround sound set of speakers.  That’s because both of these kinds comes with a subwoofer, which takes the sound to a whole other level.  On the other hand, if you get a great set of stereo speakers, you won’t need any of that, because their woofers will be perfectly able to handle the bass response.



Another thing you should be careful about is the power of the speakers.  Of course, the higher the power, the better your speakers will work.  With this in mind, try to look for models that have around 40 W or more.



Don’t worry about being a little vain.  If you’re going to get a certain set of speakers, then you better make sure that they look exactly the way you want them to.  After all, they’re going to be in your room for quite awhile and this means that they should blend in with the rest of the room or stand out, in exactly the way you want to.


Top Rated Gaming Speakers under 100


Don’t worry if you have been having a hard time finding the best gaming speakers under 100.  There are a lot of models out there, and most of them tend to be quite expensive.  This is why we looked until we found the best gaming speakers, and chose the cheapest ones.


Genius SW-G2.1 2000 Gaming Speaker System


1.Genius SW-G2.1 2000First, let’s talk about the obvious thing: these speakers look absolutely stunning!  If you want to make an impression, then this is the set for you.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s have a look of the specifics.  First of all, the total output of power for these bad boys is 45 W, which is plenty enough.

In addition, the subwoofer is within a wooden cabinet that is made from ultra rigid MDF.  This means that you will have it for a very long time.  In addition, the presence of a bass ensures that you will have an amazing acoustic experience.

Another thing we’re sure you’ll love is the fact that you can use these speakers not just for your gaming devices, but also for your TV, PC, and DVD.

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Accesory Power GOgroove BassPULSE Computer Stereo Speaker System


2.GOgroove BassPULSEThis is yet another model that will get a “wow!” from your guests.  Indeed, the speakers were designed with bold led lights, which offers a very modern look.  Not only this, but you can also press a button which makes them and the subwoofer glow.

Perhaps the look alone is reason enough to purchase this model.  However, it is certainly not the only reason.  First of all, it has 40 W of peak power, giving you plenty enough to hear the sounds of your games exactly as they were meant to be heard.  Of course, having the bass feature also helps a lot in this regard.

Another thing most people fall in love with is the fact that you can connect these speakers to pretty much any device you have at home, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, an MP3 player or a laptop.

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Arion Legacy AR504LR-BK Speaker System


3.Arion Legacy AR504LR-BKThis model is yet another one that was made to impress.  That’s because it comes with a display, which, once activated, shows bars that move up and down to the rhythm of the music.  This enables you to both see and hear the music you’re playing, for the sound coming from your game.

Another thing we’re sure you’ll appreciate is the fact that it is incredibly powerful, peaking at 70 W of power.  This means that you can rest assured that it will always give the highest accuracy possible.  In fact, the speakers were created especially to produce as little distortion as possible.  In other words, you’ll be hearing the sounds exactly as they were meant to be heard.

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