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Top rated cheap garage door openers


Garages play an important role in keeping cars, motorcycles and other items which don’t have a place in the house. As a carefully designed extension of the house, garages need to be installed with opening and closing system that doesn’t take too much effort and time. This is where a professional garage door can add a touch of practicality when you come home from work or when you are in a hurry. Reading some of the current best garage door openers reviews can help you find the most efficient model, suited to your home’s characteristics and implicitly become an integrant part of the general appearance.


Chamberlain WD962KEV garage door opener


Best garage door opener under $300Today, Chamberlain is a well-respected garage door opener brand which designs high quality products. In accordance with the popular sentiment from thousands of people, WD962KEV is considered one of the best garage door opener models currently available on the market. It has a 3/4 HPS Belt drive which is strong as a drive-train timing belt and maintains a quiet opening system every time you use it. The model comes equipped with MyQ Home Activation technology which represents an exclusive communications platform for point to point. It also comes with a timer to close, which automatically closes the garage for 1, 5 and 10 minutes.

“I upgraded my garage with this door opener from Chamberlain, which wasn’t even that expensive and up to this point I am very pleased with how it works. The remotes are reliable as well and overall I know I have made a top choice.” – James Foley

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Chamberlain PD210D garage door opener


There are thousands of American families that have installed in their garages Chamberlain PD210D, a model that is durable and precise. Considered one of the best garage door openers under $150, the model has industrial-strength chain-drive and the capacity to open with ease the door of any garage. The model maintains an easy garage door operation while also increasing the security of the insides. The garage door opener includes a solid protector system and added security while you are away. The system comes with a single-button remote control which permits you to control the garage door with greater ease.

“I found this garage door opener to be very easy to install and its operation in the time I have had it has been flawless without any unnecessary complications. I was surprised also with the low level of noise it makes when it openes the door to my garage.” – John Cooper

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Direct Drive 3/4 HP garage door opener


In the present millions of garages need a reliable door opener that won’t impose too much effort. Well, according to the present statistics it seems that one of the best garage door openers under $300 is Direct Drive. It comes with an inclined rail for 7 feet to 8 feet door height and comes with a full installation kit, which makes it very easy for you to install it. The model has an extremely quiet operation system with no vibrations whatsoever. It includes a secure rolling code technology of 310 MHz and 2 x 2 button transmitters and one secure interior wall station.

“The Direct Drive ¾ HP door opener for garages is really something and I say this after I have been using it for over a year. It was extremely simple to install and at the same time the operation is very easy to figure out for anyone.” – Adam Hubert

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Chamberlain PD752D garage door opener


It is important to install in your garage a professional door opener that can be used with ease day after day. Today, one of the best garage door openers under $300 is Chamberlain PD752D, a model that has a ¾ horsepower chain drive. The drive is strong enough to safely lift of even the heaviest of garage doors with ease. Easy to install due to the 5 piece rail system and easy to manage, this powerful garage door opener will open any doors with ease and no problems whatsoever. You won’t regret using this advanced system, which is accompanied by a reliable Protector System.

“The Chamberlain PD752D has proven in the time I had it installed in my garage that it has excellent quality. The garage door opens everytime I want it, quickly and with as less noise as possible. The price for is is very low as well.” – Jim White

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Chamberlain PD212D garage door opener


When it comes to the protection of the garage, and its mobility you have to have installed a reliable door opener. One of the best garage door openers under $200 is Chamberlain PD212D, a model with 2 single button remotes which permits you to control with greater ease the whole structure. This garage door opener comes with a ½ HP chain drive and a multi-functional control panel. The model has 100 watt light bulb that fills up the garage with light, so you can precisely see what is inside. Furthermore PD212D from Chamberlain has a solid 6 year motor warranty.

“After consulting many garage door openers I finally went for this model which to me seemed the best choice when I thought of the quality to price ratio. I was absolutely right because it functions smoothly opening the door to my garage without any problems, day in day out.” – Robert Cole

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